Hey girls! I’m Dhana, a marketing manager who enjoys baking, traveling, photography, fashion, and writing blog posts. In my spare time, I really enjoy helping replica lovers find their coveted replicas or simply having fun in my replica world. I am super hooked on fashionable items, especially designer bags. I have a collection of both genuine and replica bags in my wardrobe. I started this blog because I yearn to share everything I’ve learned about replicas and help you ladies cut corners. And trust me, my blog posts will help you save a lot of money! To save you some time, I have sorted out some of my most read blog posts that many readers find helpful. Feel free to check them out if you’re interested in the aspects listed below:

Don’t waste your money before you check out my must-read guide on  replica handbags quality and the dos and don’ts when ordering!

Is it worth buying a Gucci bag that sells for 300 dollars?What differentiate a replica Gucci bag worth $317 from the one worth $508?Why the huge difference in price?

Come and decide if my replica Louis Vuitton backpack that cost $315 looks identical to the real deal.

Why do so many people go for replica Louis Vuitton Neverfull? The most detailed information on Neverfull Bag.

Wear and tear review: How long can a replica Louis Vuitton wallet be used?


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  1. Natalia says:

    I loveeeeeeee ur posts! u know designer discreet? r they a trustworthy company to work with? Their price points r a bit high, the quality is superb tho.

    • Dhanabags says:

      Hi, Natalia! I’ve done my research on Designer Discreet! Their quality looks good, but I’ve never ordered anything from them yet. Because Twinspurse quoted me cheaper prices and the quality is great. I don’t have a better reason to choose Designer Discreet. Maybe I will give it a shot if they give discounts. 🙂

  2. Alison says:

    I discussed replica designer handbags with my friend the other day. She said she would rather save for authentic ones which can spare her from doubts and embarrassment. If I save harder I can buy an authentic bag too. But I was truly tempted by replicas.

    • Claire says:

      Before I found high quality replica bags, I felt the same. Because I always saw many young teenagers or elder women carrying obviously fake Louis Vuitton bags. Literally, they were everywhere. I never even thought of buying one of those ridiculously-looking replicas. Things changed when my sister got a gorgeous Gucci bag. I suddenly realized I missed all the good things! My excitement for the hypes of the designer brands is all gone now, especially when their quality continues to decline and the prices keep raising.

  3. Anthony says:

    ugh…Shame on you! I loathe everyone who uses fake bags! It is fakes that sabotage the boundary of social class and the spirit of the original. Do you have any idea what original is? Hide your fakes already.

    • Dhanabags says:

      Not everyone on this planet is lucky enough to have those ‘advantages’ you have! Try to keep that in mind when you feel like being a criticizer next time! If you hate it that much, I suggest you not read this kind of stuff at all! Thank you! Goodbye and good riddance!

  4. Vincent says:

    Hey, Dhana! Do you know if Yslreplicas.to is a legal site? I’ve been talking to a gal called Candy. She said they only take western union. I never use western union before. They’ve given me the instructions. But I am not so sure about whether to pay or not.

    • Dhanabags says:

      Hi, Vincent! I am not familiar with yslreplicas.to. If you’re determined to purchase from them, make sure you ask for pre-shipment photos. As a side note, paying your money to unfamiliar sellers through western union could be risky! Once the payment is made, you can’t get your money back! You can click here to read all the pros and cons of each payment method! Best of luck!

  5. Annie says:

    Hello! Dhana! May I know if you could shed me some light on replica clothing? I spent 3 hrs reading all your posts! Love your writing!

    • Dhanabags says:

      Hi, Annie! My research on apparel is not as profound as my research on handbags. However, those chic and elegant designer clothes start to enchant me. I think it won’t be long till I do my first review on replica designer clothes. Yea.

  6. Kate says:

    Hello, Dhana! I’ve got a question – I ordered a neverfull bag on Twinspurse yesterday and according to the website, it said it will send me a confirmation email. But I haven’t received the mail till now. I’ve sent them email but there’s no reply. Do you know what is the problem? Have you met with this before?

  7. stroni says:

    I am new to this and I am very glad that I found your blog. I learned a lot of important information on replica bags from your articles. I am so excited that I’m about to receive my first package from Twinspurse! I hope everything goes well! Thx 4 your information.

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