Are you a fan of replica designer bags? Did you used to be an authentic-or-nothing girl? Or do you have mixed feelings about your priority? Replicas are so accurate nowadays versus a decade ago and believe me, you’ll benefit from both options. This is never a right-or-wrong discussion of which bag to buy. It all depends on your personal preference and you should make sure you make the best financial decision for yourself. However, assume that you have access to high- quality designer knockoff handbags, will you still buy authentic ones? In fact, a large number of authentic buyers shift their priorities when they realize the benefits they can derive from replicas.
Despite the sinking feeling in their first replica purchase, the thrill of the chase creeps in as they get much satisfaction out of fake designer bags. I love the thrill of the chase. It is an adrenaline rush for me to search, compare photos of different replica sellers, wait out the agony over whether the purse looks cheap, and look forward to the well-protected package to arrive at my doorstep.

I own authentic handbags. At first, I was not so sure that the details of a replica could be so accurately processed. So I literally discerned the authenticity with a microscope. I kind of regretted spending so much money on luxury handbags and felt guilty for buying items out of pleasure not as a life necessity. I could have traveled overseas with my kids for the money .I spent on one real bag. Or I could have received the same item for a tenth of the price of an authentic purse. I am aware of the moral dilemmas in this matter. But I’m still surprised by the size and professionalism of the replica world! I have successfully laid hands on the best replica handbags. That is definitely an excitement to hunt for designer replicas that closely resemble the authentic ones.
This is me: From my first haul of a replica Gucci as a rookie to the recently launched Louis Vuitton replica as a veteran, I’ve gained so much replica shopping experience to share with everyone. I hope no girls will be duped by the bad replica sellers and end up with tears. That is awful!

In my blog, you can read blog posts concerning information on the quality, ordering, shipping, and payment, etc. of fake designer purses. I will simplify my experience to make everything easier for you to understand and guide you to get your coveted items with your money well spent. As someone who owns both, I’m happy to share my high-quality replicas with you. To be honest, I don’t feel any better when carrying authentic items. If I could get the same look and feel from knock off designer handbags, I would go for duplicates. Nevertheless, I will only carry super replicas of the highest quality. These replicas are the mirror of the original. But not every bag is lucky enough to become the best quality replica bag. In this case, I rather stick to authentic bags because I don’t want anything to be called out. I think there is nothing wrong with mixing designer knockoff handbags with authentic ones.

A quick question: Which of the following Chanel is genuine and which one is a knockoff?

I will reveal the answer later.

For me, knock off handbags are mostly aesthetic-oriented. I like fashion and change my mind easily. (Women are so fickle, you know what I mean!) Although I can afford genuine purses, I discovered that things are so much easier with replicas. If I don’t use the fake bag very often after a few months, I don’t feel guilty about my previous impulse purchase.

The size of the knockoff bag looks correct. The chains look great and feel sturdy with a good weight with no twisted chains and they match the genuine version and the interlocking Cs is beautiful. The leather is good, I know it because it feels and smells the same as some of my authentic bags. The color of the hardware looks the same as the authentic ones. The shape of the bottom and the flap both look correct and well-shaped to me. Zippers open and close smoothly. The stitches are even and beautifully done. Alignment appears similar to the authentic. Besides the color, I can’t tell any difference between the two. So have you figured out which one is a knockoff? Ready for the answer? OK, I Can’t wait! The red one is the replica handbag I got from Twinspurse . What a great piece of work! How can any girl resist such a gorgeous and affordable bag! Well, I can’t. And the black one is authentic (It was a gift from my husband, thank you, my dear!). Did you get it right?

My Chanel replica is great. I love it because I don’t have to baby it as a real designer bag. Instead of guarding my bag with extra attention, I was really “using” the bag naturally with enjoyment. It is merely a BAG to contain things and it cost less. Life is but a span, you’ve got to do what makes you feel comfortable.

So, knock off designer bags or authentic bags? Keep your options open. It’s your money so it’s totally up to you. But if you feel like buying reps, I am your girl. Check out my other posts and they might shed some light on you. Have fun!