Yves Saint Laurent Medium Chain Fake Bag Review

Well, when you see the title,you must know that I’m gonna make a review of YSL Medium kate tassel chain bag. I ever said, I love YSL designer bags. I have to say that this is one of the best mirror duplicate YSL bag I ever bought. Because everything of the bag is stunning and I really love it!

Here are the Photos:

Are you fall in love the bag when you see it? You can’t move your eyes off this replica bag. Just like the bag has magic.

If you have read my previous reviews, you would know that I have purchased the same style knockoff YSL bag online from a different replica site. The site only sold quite good copies. I was quite satisfied. However, it’s a pity that the site has shut down. So I couldn’t contact them (You can click here to see my first purchase).

Thank god, I have Twinspurse right now. Otherwise, it will drive me crazy.
This designer replica bag is made of two different leathers. This grained leather is more durable. It’s scratch resistant. Even if it’s scratched, the scratch won’t be obvious.So I used it a lot.

I purchased the one with smooth leather before. But it’s almost idle in the corner of the closet. (Huh,women will abandon the original after getting new.lol) I have a wish to collect more different bags.Like the same style but in different colors OR different leathers, these are also still attractive.Also the YSL bags are so great, so I can’t help loving the YSL bags!

Bag Details:

The light shining on the bag will make it more shiny, gorgeous and fantastic. It’s suitable for day-to-day shopping.It’s easy to cross body.

What’s more, as you can see that the hardware is exquisite and logo is clear. Also, the chain is so substantial. The YSL was delicately packed and it make the bag more advanced and pretty! It’s a perfect alternative for a real YSL bag.

In addition, it’s also a bright spot for parties. If you often put much stuff, then I don’t suggest you to buy this bag since it can’t be loaded too much.I like its tassel pendant,it’s delicate. All of these make this bag look authentic one.

I saw a girl carrying the same bag before. But the tassels look less. It’s noticeable as a fake item at the first glance.I don’t know how the girl feels. Perhaps she just likes the design and doesn’t care about the imitativeness .

Alright, what I meant is if I buy a replica bag, I will buy the high quality designer counterfeit handbags which looks like authentic.Just personal opinion, if I buy a replica that people can tell it’s fake easily, then I wouldn’t buy it, it’s totally a waste.

small details images&chain pictures

The details of the YSL bag make me impressive and surprised. They sell the great copy bags online. You definitely deserve this knockoff YSL bag.The designer fake handbag is a good choice if the YSL bag is on your
bag list.

What do you think of it? I have to say i have quite a few bad replica bag shopping experience before but the truth is that sometimes the bag will be much more gorgeous when you carry it than you see it from all those stunning pics. So go get them and you will finally know if they belongs to you!

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