My First Studded Bag – Valentino Garavani Lock Shoulder Bag Replica

Hey guys! Are you looking to get a Valentino bag replica? I’ve always been fond of Valentino bags and wanted to invest in a small Valentino bag. I was dead set on the classic Rockstud series. Rockstuds and chains were essential elements for me! So I chose the Valentino Garavani Lock Shoulder Bag replica. 

Valentino is very famous for its couture ad high-end bags. I am pretty sure you’ve seen their Rockstud shoes here and there. They are big hits. Since the Rockstud Lock Shoulder Bag came out, it has been sought after by the fashionable It girls. Its soft leather and warm color make it not too eye-catching yet still look chic. Even if it is decorated with robust rockstuds, it manages to maintain the brand’s feminine style. The Valentino Garavani Lock bag is perceived as one of the best examples of their studded products. 

Normally, I would think red is too much for me. But I do need a red bag to go with my red dinner dress. (I know, I know. It sounds boring to match my dress and bag in the same color. But I actually like consistency like this.) So I went for a red Valentino bag replica. More importantly, I am now madly in love with this replica game. You can read my other post about my replica collections.

I must have bored you. But don’t go just yet, as I will be showing how my Valentino bag replica looks.

Valentino Garavani Lock Shoulder Bag Replica Review

Price: $283

I was a bit hesitant about the studded style. So I didn’t want to go big. That way, I won’t lose too much money when I figured out studded style is after all not my thing.

The dimension of this bag is small: 21.5 x 16 x 7 cm (width x height x depth)


The quality of this Valentino bag is divine. My only regret is that I didn’t go for pebbled leather.  Why is that? Please read on as I will explain it in the end.

The leather is super soft and appears to be real calfskin.


The pyramid studs have the same dimensions and are spaced evenly.


The hardware and chain look great in gold color. It seems to be a good metal. Chain closure is also processed well.


The zipper inside the bag runs smoothly. 


The quality passes the test, so how accurate is this fake Valentino bag?

Authentic Valentino Garavani Lock Shoulder Bag


The color looks not as bright as the authentic Valentino shoulder bag, but I believe it’s because of the lighting. I don’t know if you guys notice that the pictures shown on the websites are always brighter than the actual thing. Many authentic bags that I purchased from the boutique also looked a bit duller than their retail pictures on the sites. However, the leather is genuine calfskin.



The stitching is neat and tight throughout the bag. I haven’t spotted any loose threads so far. The chain looks perfectly crafted and very sturdy for cross-body carry or shoulder carry after doubling the chain.

The lining of this imitation Valentino bag is cotton canvas as the real Valentino Garavani Lock Shoulder Bag. It has a serial number that consists of a 12 alpha-numeric sequence on the inside pocket just like the authentic Valentino shoulder bag. But it’s hard to see due to its placing. The inside pocket is thin though.

Authentic Valentino Garavani Lock Shoulder Bag Hardware and Engraving

The engraving on the hardware is comparable to the authentic ones. The depth seems correct. The font on the metal nameplate is accurate. But the metal square objects above the lock are not at the same level.

Authentic Valentino Garavani Lock Shoulder Bag Bottom

Authentic Valentino Garavani Lock Shoulder Bag Side

Knock-off Valentino Garavani Lock Shoulder Bag Side

I don’t know whether I am too nitpicking or not, but this fake Valentino bag looks not as thick as the real bag.

If you ask me how many scores I will rate this fake Valentino bag for its accuracy, I think I will probably give it a 8.5

How Do I Feel About This knock-off Valentino Bag?

To be honest, I don’t regret making this replica purchase. Although its quality is not as high-end as my other babies, I can’t complain much about it since it didn’t cost a lot. At first, I thought I was going to be out of love with it soon. However, it turned out I didn’t hate studs that much. 

Nevertheless, I did find something about this bag that’s a bit annoying. I think I should list them in case some of you are considering ordering this style.

  • The leather of this bag(authentic or replica) gets scratches EASILY! It is so delicate and fragile that it can even result in an indent when placed on a surface with anything protrudes out. So, this is why I regret not getting the pebbled leather one which is more practical for a reckless person like me with its better anti-scratch performance. However, I think smooth leather provides a more feminine charm. Sometimes it just gets super difficult to decide when it comes to bags. What’s even worse is that I’ve got two kittens that seem to have a strange fondness for this bag. They always like to lie back near my bag.  Gosh! What if they decide to ruin the bag one day? I can’t throw my bag around the house when I got home anymore. That sounds like a nightmare.
  • The protruding pyramid studs are pointed and can hurt any supple surface such as my arm and my thigh. I loved it but I also felt helpless when the rockstuds started stabbing me. LOL.
  • The bag has a limited room inside. Don’t even think this beauty will hold a lot. Because it doesn’t! I fit a small wallet and my phone in there and it’s almost full. Not enough room for my bulky keys. So if you really like this style, it is more functional to get a medium. But this bag goes so perfectly with my dinner dress. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. 

So this is the review of my Valentino Garavani Lock Shoulder Bag replica. When you struggle to decide on a bag, try to choose the one that suits you the most. What suits you the best tends to be the best option for you. Guys, stay tuned for another post! 


12 thoughts on “My First Studded Bag – Valentino Garavani Lock Shoulder Bag Replica

  1. PAULA says:

    any suggestions on hardware-heavy bags? I absolutely love the look of bags that get accentuated by hardware or metal accessories/attachments. Do you know any good replicas for this kind of bags?

    • Max says:

      Agreed! Unlike Gucci or Louis Vuitton, good Valentino bags replica are more difficult to find because they are not as prevalent as the first two brands.

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