Think Twice Before You Buy Replica Bags from Dhgate!

Sometimes I think I got good luck to buy good quality replicas online.
I did met awful replica sellers before(Click here to see) . But the truth is that so far, I have finally been able to build a long term business relationship with the best replica sellers—Twin purse. I have belief in their quality and service.
That is why I am able to continue purchasing replica bags without hesitation.

Journey of my replica sellers exploration has stopped.
But today I receive a letter from one of my blog reader about her frustrating experience with Dhgate. I feel sad for that and I hope if some of us want to buy from them in the future, think twice!

Attached what he said below:

The bag costs 100 USD. An average price that you will not think too much before you went directly for it. But it turns out that the bag was really cheap. The leather was smelly and it is so thin and flimsy that it can barely keep its shape well. What they claim to make the bag with real leather is totally nonsense.

You can see from the pic here. The worse flaw is their Louis Vuittion Stamp. They printed the stamp carelessly. You can see from your first sight that the letters are heaped blurring.. This is so obvious and I do not have the courage to open the bag in front of people.

In fact, I do not think I will carry it out. Take a look at the tag inside the bag. We all know that the authentic one comes with gold LV stamp while this fake Louis Vuitton don’t. This is unacceptable.
In addition, Its chain has no weight at all…

I really like the pictures they send to me. It looks real according to the pics. However, you will never know what behind the pics until you finally touch the bag in person. Frankly, it was my fault not to consider the price set by them. Because You can not ask for more if a replica LV bag costs 100 USD…

BTW, I did contact their customer service for my complaints. But they can not do anything to remedy the bag as this is what their knockoff level stands for.
I wish I had known you and read your blog before I purchased from Dhgate. Anyway, thank you for reading my letter. (if you got time and chance to read it). I just hope my personal experience won’t happen to any other girls. That is it.

Replica Louis Vuitton bags has always been my favorite brand. It is sad to know the story of my blog reader. But my reader also hope us learn something from that. That is, never try to buy a Replica bag that costs moderately. Why?

Your psychological gap is huge as you thought that you have paid enough money (that is what you think). But the fake goods does not live up to your expectation at all.

The point here is that we should be fully aware that what exactly are the standard of replica bags we want. Secondly, you are readily willing to pay for what you have thought and dreamed of. Just try to ask yourself about these questions.

Thanks for reading! You are very welcome to post your views about replica bags shopping.

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