Saint Laurent Sac De Jour Souple Knockoff

I personally keep a close eye on Women’s work bags. Having a bag that take you from desk to dinner and fulfill easy transition from day to night can save us a lot of trouble when necessary because sometimes our identity will switch from work to travel, and life. And I believe career women have a deep understanding of this.

So I also bought many office style bags, like: Prada Saffiano , Prada Bibliotheque , Birkin 30 and so on. Black, simple, easy to carry, a certain capacity are the basic elements. If you don’t want to buy a Birkin, but want to choose a powerful work bag, Sac De Jour series is definitely your first choice.

In 2013, Saint Laurent Sac De Jour debuted with a very handsome and rebellious big bag. Because of its simple and powerful style, coupled with the organ design that is suitable for commuting, it had gradually become the favorite bag for women.

The newly-launched Sac De Jour is not only a large size, but also a “heavyweight players”. Many European and American stars are very fond of this design. We can see nearly all the superstars had at least one sdj!
The first generation SDJ was a sturdy bag: it was lined with suede lining and was very heavy. However, over the years, more sizes have been introduced (larger sizes have been phased out).

New Version & New Improvement

In addition, they add shoulder straps. And the suede lining has been completely removed (first replaced with fabric and then removed), giving it a large weight reduce. Many girls are discouraged after trying the weight of the old SDJ. I am also one of them. However, after several adjustments, the current organ bag is not too heavy, and the inside is better loaded.

The left side picture is the old version, the body is stiff. And the right picture is the updated version. New SDJ are more casual and lazy.

I like the structure of SDJ, but over the years, my enthusiasm for the strong structure of SDJ seems to be slowly fade. I prefer the later updated “souple” (the flexible) version (some retailers call it “soft” SDJ). SAC DE JOUR SOUPLE is the soft leather version of YSL ‘s symbolic series: SAC DE JOUR, followed by classic handbag design. Besides, they add functional details: zipper, safety padlock, metal nameplate and detachable shoulder strap. They all reflect the exquisite style of this handbag, ensuring that this weekend leisure bag also shows a relaxed and casual style, just like the spirit of SAINT LAURENT.

This version also comes with an adjustable shoulder strap. YSL SAC DE JOUR SOUPLE Small are also a very satisfactory replica bags I have recently purchased.

The unique detachable and adjustable shoulder strap is a highlight and an ergonomic design of this bag. It releases our hands and we are able to adjust the bag to meet various needs. Especially when we are traveling.

SJD SOUPLE has more hardware, and the adding of appropriate metal embellishments are still minimalistic . Whether you are at work or in a private setting, it fits perfectly well.

In addition to the large size suitable for commuting, this bag also has small and mini size.


The Knockoff YSL sac de jour souple I bought is small size: 12.5*9.8*6.4 inches. The size is very standard. And the workmanship is excellent. Moreover, the stitches have perfect symmetry. Although I think that even if it is an authentic one, it is difficult to achieve perfect symmetry for each bag. Good works that you make with your heart are doomed to be seen and recognized. The material used (calfskin) is still top-grade, soft but not collapsed. So it can hold the shape of the bag very well.

Among the four sizes, I think she is the most flexible size, which can help us to switch from work to life, travel freely. It is not suitable for most laptops.
But it can accommodate a small ipad. The bag has enough space to accommodate essentials and some personal items. Of course, if you have more capacity needs, medium size would be all good.

Sac de Jour Souple is, in my opinion, a bag that is very suitable for career women. It adds a sense of modernity and exudes the charm and confidence of women in the workplace. Of course, at any time our confidence should not come from the high-priced luxury bags. Self-confident people will accept themselves from the heart, accept their imperfections, allow themselves to do their best for a better life, and at the same time, allow them to spend the most worthwhile money when they see their favorite bags.

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