Review:Kockoff YSL Classic Medium College Monogram Bag

Hi guys. Today I will share my latest collection: designer knockoff Classic Medium college Bag Monogram College bag. I mentioned my wish before, that is I wanna collect at least one bag of each brand.

YSL is my favorite brand because its purses are very beautiful. I love YSL. In fact, there is no one brand that I don’t like.

Since I found out Twinspurse which sells the AAA quality replica, I keep following and see if they publish new collections. They have a lot of replica designer duplicate handbags, such as BV、CHLOE、DIOR、FENDI、GIVENCHY and GUCCI…etc. It’s exhaustive and satisfy all my fantasies.

But YSL Classic College Bag Monogram College is the bag I dream of. It can be a shoulder bag or a handbag. But the shoulder strap chain of big size is a bit short. I think it’s only suitable for hand carrying. So I chose the medium size. Compared with the big size, the long chain shoulder strap of medium is longer, which can be carried on shoulder(cross-body) or by hand. (I prefer to release my hands).

There is a flexible buckle between shoulder strap chain and interface of the bag, it’s detachable and replaceable, but the strap is not adjustable. The bag is very textured because of it’s a large of metal accessories. Now, let’s have a look:

Bag details:

The knockoff bag is made from lambskin leather which is the same as the authentic. It feels soft and delicate. But it also has a certain toughness. I pressed the leather with my fingers, the leather will rebound to be flat.

Though it’s a replica, its material is the same as authentic. Then why do I have to buy an authentic one? Though its chain is made of metal, the top is leather stitching, it won’t hurt your shoulder. This detail is fabulous.

top ravishing replica handbag

In addition, this fake designer bag looks great. But you can only put slender stuffs. If stuffs are too wide, they can’t be loaded. There is side pocket on the back, a zippered compartment and an inner pocket inside. The daily use capacity is absolutely sufficient.

You can see the V-shaped relief of this bag from the back, it’s very uniform and the proportion is perfect .

front and back images

The color of the hardware is the same as the authentic which is in silver color. The hardware is in high quality.

The stamping letters are complete, there is no color drop. The materials are even. I went to boutique shop to compared the proportion of accessories logo, which are the same.

All the sewing parts are neat without any extra threads. It has the same details as authentic YSL bag.I always focus on details. I check it inside and outside carefully every time when i receive a bag. It’s pretty good.

vogue purse

There are many designs of YSL Monogram series. The College is the most classic one. It’s super. I will put it in the most obvious part of my wardrobe because this designer fake handbag is my favorite bag.

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