Replica Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 After-Use Reviews

Hi!My Friends!
Do anyone has any idea that I bought a fake LV Damier Azur Speedy 25 3 years ago? Please check the link: Purse Valley’s Speedy
As you can see from my posts. There are many noticeable flaws of the bag. So I have been reluctant to further purchase any LV speedy bag in the past few years.

However, considering I will be on and off for business trip in the coming few months, I need a bag that I can bring on the plane. So the knockoff bag I bought this time is a Speedy 30 Monagram. But I was not going to do the review right away upon receipt due to my last bad experience with Purse Valley. I decided to share the bag after use cause this is much more convincing to you and to myself.

In the first place, I was debating between a luggage bag or maybe a bigger handbag. As mentioned, I will be on and off for business trip in the coming few months, I need a bag that I can bring on the plane. It is much more convenient if it can contains all the stuff I might use on the plane.

The point is: It must be a bag with long strap also so that I can free my hands from the heavy burden. Anyway, Speedy 30 meets all my requirements. And I have faith in LV replica handbags.

I love Damier Azur Canvas and Monagram version. But I ended up choosing the monagram knockoff Speedy 30. Just because I personally prefer the nice patina the vegetable tan leather got due to regular use on the Monagram bag. With time, the color difference is not so distinct on the Monagram than that on the Damier Azur Canvas. That is why.

How the bag turns after use?

You can see clearly from the photos I attached. The slight and natural color change after use looks stunning over times.The size is 30. Fairly large enough for me to upload the stuff I need on the plane like ipad, cosmetic case, little blanket etc.

There is no messy glazing around the handle and the straps. The cherry red finishing glazing, along with the light sheen reflected from the Monagram surface make the bag look stunning.

Perfect Stitching work makes it impeccable.

Here comes the hardware of the bag. All of the gold hardware on this bag have a brushed brass look instead of shinny. You can see the matte metal on the zipper, snap hook. Speaking of the hook, we can see the number 30 hidden below the leather. Same as the authentic one.

The zipper and the hook is sturdy and weighty. As a luggage bag, the practicability matters! Besides the leather, the hardware must be as sturdy and durable as possible. Anyway, we will see after use.

If we pay attention to the stitching of the bag, we can see they have completed the bag with really perfect stitching work. Holes between each stitch are even and not too big. I have seen some fake designer bags manufacturer put less care on the stitch of their bags.

Besides, the holes are huge between stitches. It seems like they are dragging each other strongly and the next second, the leather will crack. No exaggeration to say.

In addition, threads on the handle connector leather are not crooked but quilted in line along the shape.

I am really in love with the bag. And I believe from the photos I attach, you have known everything of the bag. The only thing I would like to say is that you always get what you paid for. This is truth. And it make perfect sense in replica industry.

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