Replica Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis Bag Review

Louis Vuitton has a lot of designs bags are quite classic.Today I’m gonna show you my latest collection. That is a classic replica Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis, definitely a must-have LV goods lying in my knockoff Louis Vuitton collection lists!

I waited for a few days to buy this fake louis vuitton bag. When I was about to place an order, Twinspurse staffs told me that since this bag is the best seller, it’s out of stock right now. And it will take several days to finish the new production.What? Even if it’s a replica louis vuitton bag, you also have to wait, which shows the bag is really popular.

Fortunately, I waited for a couple of days for the bag. I received their notification that they have completed the new production .So I directly placed an order. A simple envelope flap design, the classic monogram patterns. It’s made from soft coated canvas.

The bag is popular because of its super practicality. If you used it,you will think the Pochette Metis is good.

The small shape emits elegance everywhere.The bag looks not big.Though the size is small, the capacity is quite good. That’s why people love it. You can basically put everything needed. And even if you put too much, it won’t be deformed.So there is no need to worry. The inside design is super great. It adopted double-layer design The internal space division is very reasonable. I don’t worry about that my lambskin wallet will be scratched by keys anymore.

The highlight is the zipper pocket behind the bag. But I won’t use it because the space inside can fully satisfy my needed. The zipper details are also well done. It has Louis Vuitton printed. I was worried that the zipper would not pull properly. But after using it, I felt the worry was superfluous.

The zipper is smooth. It is hard to imagine a replica bag comes with such fine zipper that you have nothing to worry about when you open the bag in the crowd. That assures me a lot. I believe most of you guys care about this too. In my case, it turns out to be good.

Double zip for secure closing

Its strap has a very large adjusting space. With holes on it, you can adjust strap length. Each keyhole has a metal rim,which is nice and also convenient to adjust. I have to admit that I’m in love with the bag. It’s probably the best and the best replica louis vuitton designed bag I ever had. You can put it on the top handle, cross body or single side carry. The width of strap is right. It’s comfortable to carry.

The strap is adjustable. It’s suitable for all sizes. You can make it longer or shorter.Or even take it off. Since the strap is detachable, you can match different straps as you want.

Pochette Metis can load much stuff. At the mean time, it’s durable and easy to match routine outfits. It gives dressing a straightforward feeling. Do you also like this feeling? Metis combines Louis Vuitton classic elements and British styles to become an classic handbag. I just considered it’s suitable for commuting and daily casual style when I was about to buy it.You can go to work with it or hang out, which is really suitable.

I strongly recommended this Knockoff louis vuitton bag .It makes my day every time I carry it.

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