Replica Louis Vuitton Egg Bag Review

Hey my friends!I am going to review the Louis vuitton egg bag replica from LV 2019 Spring & Summer Show. I must say the first impression I got when I see the bag is it is a super cute handbag. We can figure that the design of LV is getting bolder and bolder. And, of course, I have seen mixed reviews of this peculiar bag. Please keep reading my post.

The LV bags I am obsessed with recently

Which one do you prefer between this 2 Louis Vuitton bag? Personally I think the LV egg bag and the LV UFO bag is quite unique while some one else will consider it weird. Like my mom. Maybe it is just because she is getting older and it is hard for her to appreciate such little cuties. LOL.

Anyway, I put these 2 bags into my replica designer bags list. They are of the same price:320 USD. After discount, it is 576 USD.

However, when I was about to send the money, my boyfriend stopped me from buying both of them. He suggest me buying one of them first in case I find it inappropriate upon receipt and then throw the strange things to him. LOL. Okay, fine! I am a thoughtful girlfriend.

In fact, this egg bag will become nothing like LV if the classic monogram are removed from the bag. The structured and firm shape of the bag, along with the bi-color design on the back and front make it looks more dynamics. There are several colors options. I decided to go with the safest one—the black one.

Besides, the original Louis Vuittion also comes with exotic leather like ostrich and crocodile leather. But replica LV egg bag does not produce these expensive leather. Frankly, an egg bag without monagram is a very common handbag.

And with LV monogram, it just looks like each pieces of the bag are covered with money. Besides the double handles, it also comes with a thin and long chain strap. You can freely choose to wear the bag on your shoulder or carry it with hand.


Details description:double zipper, you can pull it back and forth easily. The bag is not big but due to the oval shape, the interior is roomy enough. Moreover, you can open the bag with the zipper largely and freely, which is convenient for you to pick up or put back your stuff.

Replica handbags satisfy girls’s all kinds of matching fancy. Some people think the egg bag weird and ugly while some think it super cute. What do you think?

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    • In my personal opinion and according to my years of replica shopping experience, I actually do not have the courage to carry a designer replicas costing below 100 USD. I mean, I tried to buy cheap replicas before. But they were just cheap and fake replicas. I asked too much but I spent too less for what I wanted. I think if you figure out what quality you are after, you will know which price range you fit the best. Everyone has their own standard. If you are able to wear a replicas bag with full confidence and do not need to spend any time arguing with the seller about obvious flaws they have made, that would be worthwhile.

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