Replica Bags Quality Guide: Don’t Waste Your Money.

Are you a fan of replica designer handbags? Are you an authentic-or-nothing girl? Or do you have mixed feelings about your priority? I own authentic handbags. At first, I was uncertain that the details of the imitation designer bags could be so accurately replicated. So I literally discerned the authenticity with a microscope. (OK, I was being careful.) Replica handbags nowadays are so accurate versus a decade ago and believe me, in my blog, you will read all the dos and don’ts of ordering replica designer products. I will simplify my experience to make everything easier for you to understand and guide you to get your coveted items with your money well spent. 

Sit back and get ready for a long read! If you’ve already known some of the information listed below and hope to save yourself some time, please go to the part you gravitate to the most:

Replica Quality Difference Between Now And Past

How Convincing and Superb Replica Bags Can be Nowadays

Comparison Between Authentic And High Quality Replica Handbags

How To Choose Among Different Types of “Best” Quality Replica Handbags

My Opinions On Authentic and Replica Quality

If you are already acquainted with some must-know about replicas and want to inquire about specific items/models/anything else concerning replicas, please leave your questions here

Group photo of my luxury bags collection

Ten years ago, you might sniff at a fake designer handbag. That was the truth. Those knock-off bags were made with low-tier materials and some even have loose threads hanging beside the poorly done stitches. Surely, there was nothing chic about those totes. At that time, only low-paid workers would buy those fake bags.

However, as technology develops over the years, many factories that manufactured replica designer bags have produced a good many high quality replica designer bags that look identical to their authentic counterparts.

Instead of selling their items to those who pay less attention to or care less about quality, the sellers nowadays aim their target audience at hypercritical fashionistas and higher-income communities who equipped with a better fashion sense and style.

Dramatic change has taken place in the replica world over the years, and if you’re still ignorant about knockoff bags, it may take you by surprise that many rich ladies also enjoy shopping for fake designer handbags, yes, sounds crazy right? That’s how fabulous their quality is now!

Are you still skeptical about it? No worries, hear me out when I continue with this story – or a previous piece of news to be exact – I’m about to share.

How Good Is The Quality of Replica Handbags Nowadays?

How good is the quality of replica designer bags? Well, it might give you a snapshot into it that the famous English media personality and businesswoman Gemma Collins also buys knock-off designer products on ‘counterfeit street’ in Manchester, UK.

For those of you who are eager to get your first replica experience, you might be desperate to know the quality of those knock off bags. I understand that no matter how many times I tell you about the incredible quality of counterfeits, you will always remain dubious before you order or receive one.

As the saying goes, to see is to believe. As for me or any other replica lovers, it’s more like to see, feel, smell, and compare. LOL.

Anyway, there is this widely-spread story (a fact) about a Thai woman. She was accused of defrauding department stores of hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years by purchasing authentic purses from designer houses and boutiques and then returning replica handbags to TJ Maxx and Neiman Marcus with refunds (cash) paid. The staff at the stores put those counterfeits back on the shelf for sale as genuine and nobody at the stores seemed to suspect that the bags were fakes.

That’s it. High quality replica handbags are so identical to authentic versions that they can delude the eyes of TJ Maxx employees and lots of sales associate s at the boutiques.

Girls, that’s how high-quality designer replica handbags are nowadays. That’s pretty impressive, right? Well, not that I root for the Thai lady’s maneuvering. It’s dishonest and illegitimate to defraud others. We should purchase replica handbags merely for our own use or pleasure or as gifts for others.

OK, so now you may be itching to know more about the differences between high quality replica designer handbags and their genuine versions? Good! Your curiosity will be of great help on your way to finding your best replica bag.

So let’s move on to the comparison between authentic and high-quality designer replica handbags.

Comparing Review of Authentic and High Quality Replica Handbags

A quick question: Which of the following Chanel is genuine and which one is a knockoff?

I will reveal the answer later.

For me, knock off handbags are mostly aesthetic-oriented. I like fashion and change my mind easily. (Women are so fickle, you know what I mean!) Although I can afford genuine purses, I discovered that things are so much easier with replicas. If I don’t use the fake bag very often after a few months, I don’t feel guilty about my previous impulse purchase.

The interlocking Cs looks beautiful.The stitches are even and beautifully done.Alignment appears similar to the authentic.

The size of the knockoff bag looks correct.

The chains look great and feel sturdy with a good weight with no twisted chains and they match the genuine version.

The leather is good, I know it because it feels and smells the same as some of my authentic bags. The color of the hardware looks the same as the authentic ones. The shape of the bottom and the flap both look correct and well-shaped to me. Zippers open and close smoothly.

Besides the color, I can’t tell any difference between the two. So have you figured out which one is a knockoff? Ready for the answer?

OK, I Can’t wait! The red one is the replica handbag I got from Twinspurse. What a great piece of work! How can any girl resist such a gorgeous and affordable bag! Well, I can’t. And the black one is authentic (It was a gift from my husband, thank you, my dear!). Did you get it right?

But after the amazing quality of replica bags blew my mind, I kind of regretted spending so much money on luxury handbags and felt guilty for buying items out of pleasure, not as a life necessity. I could have traveled overseas with my kids for the money I spent on one real bag. Or I could have received the same item for a tenth of the price of an authentic purse.

As someone who owns both, I’m happy to share my high-quality replicas with you. To be honest, I don’t feel any better when carrying authentic items. My water bottle had once leaked a small amount of water in my authentic bag and this resulted in a low resale price later. If I could get the same look and feel from knock off designer handbags, I would go for duplicates.

Nevertheless, I will only carry super replica handbags of the highest quality. These replicas are the mirror of the original. But not every bag is lucky enough to become the best quality replica bag. In this case, I rather stick to authentic bags because I don’t want anything to be called out.

I think there is nothing wrong with mixing designer knockoff handbags with authentic ones.

There are replica bags which quality is on a par with the real thing. These manufacturers produce their products with a careful eye for detail. So if you’re lucky enough to come across any of these sellers, remember to hold on to them. Their products are good value for money indeed!

Knockoff bags are made so much better than ten years ago. If you’re not an obsessive nitpicker, I think you’ll find it comfortable to carry a high-quality designer replica handbag in most cases.

Now, you have a general picture of the difference between authentic and fake designer bags and get a glimpse into the crazy accuracy of high quality replica bags. But do you know that there are differences between various fake bags? Particularly, we often see sellers promoting their fake handbags claiming A/AAA/Mirror 1: 1 Counter quality and so on. Why the difference? Which one is the best? How do you know that this one is better than the other?

Types of “Best” Quality Replica Handbags And Their Differences From Each Other

So after the demonstration I presented above, we’ve known the quality difference between real and high-quality replica handbags, you may have some insights into designer bags. But what you may not know is that the quality of imitation designer bags varies in different grades.

Yes, there are fake designer bags of different quality levels in the chaotic market. If you want to buy a mirror image replica designer bag that snobby SAs at the department store won’t spot any difference, you’d better read the following guide.

Spoiler alert! Trust me, counterfeits with such high quality do exist! Every replica girl wants to find something that can convincingly deceive people’s eyes. I am pretty sure you want that too. No one wants to carry an embarrassing and obvious fake.

Some sellers keep bragging about how great China’s counterfeiting technology is now. But as I dealt with more sellers, I came to realize that there are no 100% identical replica products.

But China’s high quality replica handbags can achieve 95% similarity to the real deal. I think it is more than enough for most people since the majority of us are not authenticators. The luxury feel and appearance of the beautiful high quality replica designer bags sure can deceive most people’s eyes.

BTW, I am quite content with the materials and craftsmanship of every replica handbag I received from TW so far. I am not asking for a 100% identical bag to the genuine one. 95% is quite impressive and enough for me already.

I talk too much. I must have bored you with my nagging. LOL. Without further ado, allow me to explain the categories of designer replica handbags.

Priced from low to high, these three categories stand for the “best” products: A, AAA, and Mirror 1: 1 Counter Quality.


LV hardware of different quality

One of the most representative replicas – Neverfull – has the same size of leather around the interior pocket zipper as the authentic version.

The leather around the zipper is too big with the wrong shape.

Example of high-quality craftsmanship: The thread is of light yellow color with even needle holes.


On the contrary, the color of the lower-tier thread looks more yellow with outrageously big needle holes. What’s even worse, the handle shape looks way too fatty.

  • A: This is not strictly a highly identical replica bag with poorer craftsmanship. It looks a bit low-tier at a glance or touch.
  • AAA: This is the bag with standard replica quality.  It is what comes to mind when most consumers picture a replica bag. It usually uses ordinary sheepskin, cowhide, and other materials. The materials are soaring and affordable. And the price can only ensure that the appearance is close to the authentic product.
  • Mirror 1: 1 Counter quality: This is considered as the best stuff since those bags are so good that they can be placed next to an authentic purse on the counter of the department store.

Obviously, they are good enough. Many sellers claim that they can mix the spurious with the genuine. Different names are the sales strategies of different sellers in the replica market.

Their craftsmanship and materials strictly follow the details of the genuine versions. They detach the hardware from each part of the authentic to open the mold.

A high quality replica designer handbag should look the same in appearance. But it is also important to withstand the test of the details in aspects of the thickness of the leather, texture, sizes of hardware, weight, gluing, and sewing skills, etc.

High quality fake designer handbags should have the following characteristics:

  • Good quality leather
  • Neat stitching
  • High-tier hardware, zippers
  • Matching construction and dimension (the sizes or tiny discrepancy)
  • Perfection in details.

My View On The Quality of Authentic And Replica Designer Bags

As someone who has both, I no longer have mixed feelings about buying either of them. Before my first purchase of a replica bag, I had always been dubious and worried about the quality of counterfeits.

I purchased the authentic bags because they never went wrong and I certainly got what I paid for. With replica handbags, it was more like gambling. Although the price is much lower, I couldn’t bear the disappointment that comes from lousy quality.

After several months of hesitation, I pulled the trigger and ordered my first replica Gucci wallet. You know what, I was literally head-over-heels in love with it and used it quite often. I can still recall the day when I first carried it around and my colleagues were like, “Wow! Dhana! When did you get this gorgeous and lovely wallet?” I was basking in their compliment and that really was a profound first impression.

Since then, I no longer purchase genuine designer bags as often as before. I have turned to the replica world happily ever after.

I’ve benefited a lot from the money I’ve saved with fake handbags. You might have read about it in some of my other blog posts. Yes, I get to enjoy my life more and who wouldn’t like such a delightful alternative.

So, knock off designer bags or authentic bags? Keep your options open. It’s your money so it’s totally up to you. But if you feel like buying replicas, I am your girl. Check out my other posts and they might shed some light on you. Have fun!

627 thoughts on “Replica Bags Quality Guide: Don’t Waste Your Money.

  1. Sylvie Michaelson says:

    I don’t drop my money on the authentics anymore because of several dreadful reasons. I just can’t take out a loan just to fulfill the lust for my unjustified extravagant purchases anymore. What is the most identical knockoff bag to start my replica journey?

  2. Erin says:

    Hi! Have you ever considered reselling your replica bags? They appear to be in very good condition. I would love to buy some of your replica bags.

    • Dhana says:

      Hello, Erin. This thought never crosses my mind. I just like to buy and collect nice replicas. They looked brand-new because I took the photos when first arrived. But they are still looking good!

    • Adrienne says:

      I’ve been using replica bags since my first replica purchase 4 months ago when I discovered here. I personally have never been called out. I only carry my top tier bags out in front of my friends (who only carry auth) and they have no clue. I mention the word “patina” on an LV bag or a stitch count on a Chanel bag and they all look at me like a buffoon with two heads. I honestly believe, from my experience, those who carry authentics are clueless and those who carry replicas know the details.

      • Courtney says:

        I agree. Anyone who can tell its a replica probably buys replicas themselves! I used to only buy authentic Chanels and I had zero ideas about stitching, pocket alignment. I can tell u my mini coco handle (authentic) has a very misaligned back pocket! Lmao. I believe that unless you buy replicas you will not know how to tell. I can’t even tell the difference between the upper-tier Chanel knockoffs from my own authentic ones!! Unless of course, you buy one of those super ugly fakes that you can see from miles away.. of course, having to carry it with confidence is another thing lol.

  3. Johnna says:

    Hi tһere, can you tell me anything about this site Some of the stuff they got look pretty decent.

    • Dhana says:

      Hi, Johnna! I don’t have any experience working with them. Maybe you can do your own research and see if this site is trustworthy or not. Always be cautious about making any payment!

  4. Lennon says:

    These high quality replicas are really making me think about selling my authentic bags to make way for replicas.

    • Katelyn says:

      I’ve definitely considered it; especially with my trendier pieces. I would never consider selling my classic auth Chanel bags; but I’ve sold my Celine mini luggage to fund more rep bags and I’ve also sold my auth. Gucci loafers to buy rep Gucci slides.

    • Dahlia Sebastian says:

      Keep the ones you adore, sell the ones you don’t love. If your collection is large, this is a great compromise. I am also thinking of selling my authentic. I had an extensive authentic collection consisting of Chanel, Bottega Veneta, LV, and Celine. I want to keep 1 jumbo Classic Flap bag, and my nano luggage tote. The rest, I can sell with no regrets. With that money, I will gain a bunch more replicas (with money left over!).

  5. Itzel says:

    are there any perfectly slouchy replica bags out there? I don’t like structured bags. but slouchy bags seem difficult to replicate.

    • Baylee Ninkelman says:

      My favorite bags are structured bags. To me, it helps me keep my items organized. But I have been known to dabble in unstructured bags from time to time. I love my balenciaga bag…its one of my faves…

    • Alejandra says:

      I don’t know about the difficulty of making structured vs unstructured replicas but personally I think there’s more wiggle room with unstructured replicas because even the authentics’ shape might vary from bag to bag and it’s harder to call out, whereas with a structured replica – the shape is either right or wrong. This is quite unfortunate though as I’m someone who loves structured bags and uses a bag organizer in a Goyard tote so it looks less shapeless

      • Danna Carter says:

        that’s true- the dimensions have to be exactly right if it’s structured. I wonder how easy or difficult that is for factories to replicate. With unstructured, it seems like the type of leather may be the factor that allows bags to slouch as per the original or not.

      • Aubrie Whites says:

        I second this! I do love structured bags because it’s more clean-cut looking however as a rep, structured bags are easier to notice if any slight mistake, it’ll show. So for structural bags that’s when I get high-tier reps. As for the unstructured ones, I can get away with mid-tier because of the way they look sometimes are passable for the untrained eyes.

    • Emelia says:

      I think my fave thing about unstructured bags is the smoothness and lusciousness of the leather! I think for that you’d just have to make sure you’re sourcing the right replica. Obviously there’s a lot of plasticky replicas and dupes out there.

    • Shiloh says:

      I usually like structured bags, replicas or otherwise. But yeah, unstructured may be harder to rep because of the material. I like the Gucci Soho Disco, but that bag is hard to find 1:1 replica

  6. ANGIE says:

    im new to this and would like to start looking trendy.
    my question: what designer bags are in style these days?

    • Reyna Grimaud says:

      In NY you see all kinds of bags, but Neverfulls are everywhere. I use it as a work bag so I don’t really mind, but one time during my commuting days I got off the train and literally saw like 4-5 people with one lol…LV, in general, has become super common everywhere; I grew up in a small town in the south and there were times when the only designer bags you saw were like a Coach and Michael kors, but in recent years I started seeing more LV and Gucci.

  7. Amiya Lorenzo says:

    I wanna know how do the quality of mid-tier replicas of high-tier brands compare to mid-tier brands such as Kate Spade, Michael Kors, etc.?

    • Angelica says:

      I worked a while for Michael Kors at a lifestyle mall store. I never bought a bag. They touted fancy leathers but they’re really the same thing as other brands just treated differently. Saffiano leather for Michael and other mid-tiers is like the worst leather you can get that is treated with a plastic coating to get an even grain (FYI). I always look at the money, if a bag can start at $495, but after discounts and sales and like 2 months, end up at $168-$198, how much did it really cost to make and how good is the quality? If production cost is like 5%, that’s a $188 profit(don’t consider overhead, personnel, etc).

      • Amiya Lorenzo says:

        Thanks for the info! Good to hear from someone who worked with the brands 🙂
        Do you have any replicas you could compare them to?

        • Angelica says:

          Acutally, I do have 1 to go off of. I purchased this fake Gucci disco before quarantine in March and I LOVE it! I say it’s probably ranked above a mid-tier brand crossbody, but there are a lot of things to consider. It’s pebbled leather- so a mid-tier leather already ( the pebbling is uniform which means it’s man-made) but it’s supple and soft. I was surprised by how light it was compared to crossbodies of other brands, but with very little metal it makes sense. I will say that I have abused it- put it on the floor, gotten it wet, stuffed it, etc, and it looks the same as when I got it. Compared to other cross bodies of mid-tier brands, it’s held up so much better! I would def-ly order more replica bags after this qurantine.

    • Livia Watts says:

      I honestly dunno. Problem is besides a few brands, a lot of brands seem to be cheapening out on quality so I expect replicas to follow the same wear and tear as authentic (a few years) with the exception of certain brands that still have amazing reputations (Hermès, Loewe, Bottega)

      • Gracie Thomson says:

        This annoys me so much…. that their products declined so much in quality. I’d love to pay more for a bag and then have it for decades.

        • Pony says:

          It annoys me too!! Esp at the insane price increases. A Chanel bag back in the early 2000s was like 1-2k…it’s not at all in alignment with the inflation rate…it’s wild. Vintage bags in great condition are more of a treasure since you know it’ll last long.

          • Iris Koo says:

            Exactly! Don’t get me started on Chanel… The bags they sell now are insulting to the customers. I’m not interested in fast fashion because of ethical and environmental reasons as well. So that trusted brands cheap out makes me furious.

          • Edie Saunders says:

            I read that Chanel is heading towards Hermes’ style in selling – limit supply and only sell to those loyal to the brand and ask for premium prices. It’s crazy to think that they increase prices every year (at least twice I think).

            • Ava Ross says:

              But Hermes isn’t top of the game anymore either. My sister owned a belt and it looked so shit after like 2 years. She didn’t even wear it daily.

          • Claudia Wellington says:

            My mom has some Gucci bags when she bought it when she was in her 30s and they look pretty nice in general. The metal is very durable with minimal scratches. Comparing this to Gucci bags now— they are definitely less durable and would have worn down over a period of 40 years. That’s why I want to go for replicas.

    • Pattie says:

      I expect them to last the same way an authentic bag would tbh. I want to buy mid-high tier replicas. Although only time will tell whether the metal will tarnish or not.

    • Karin says:

      I honestly don’t know how long replicas will last as I’m fairly new to the replica game but my authentic Chanel boy has been used less than 50 times and it already has scuffs on the corner and my authentic m/l flap has a dent on the base probably because my powerbank is too heavy and not to mention the corners don’t have perfect stitching (I don’t baby my bags but I’m not reckless either) and this stuff all happened this year and that’s the last straw for me. I paid almost $6k for each of them and this is the quality that I got. With my gucci, prada, I was more forgiving with the quality but I was expecting more from Chanel. I’m so done with authentic bags.
      At least with replicas, if it gets scratched or dented or whatever defect, hey at least I didn’t pay $5k on it.

  8. Barbra says:

    Thank you! I used to only buy authentic (and I love bags to an unhealthy degree), and only discovered this amazing replica game a few weeks ago after I stumbled upon here. I am eager to learn more about this exciting game.

  9. Hadley says:

    Has discovering the replica world changed your view of designer goods and your willingness to drop your hard earned thousands on a single piece?

    • Eloise Moss says:

      I probably will never buy authentics again simply because I grow tired of things very easily. The items I couldn’t wait to get that were on my wish list for so long get rarely used and now I have a whole new list of things I want. It’s a never-ending cycle with me so why pay full price. I honestly should sell all my authentic pieces

      • Rowan says:

        I’m absolutely this way too – I worry so much about dropping that much money on something I’ll be excited about for a few months at most.

    • Valeria Ephraim says:

      Honestly, by dipping my toes in the replica world, I’m beginning to realize what a rip off authentic bags/items can be. I own several authentic things and recently purchased the LV Nano speedy auth ($1180 retail before taxes LMAO…) and though I LOVE the nano speedy, the price definitely is not justified. There are very decent replicas of this at a fraction of the price.

      I think it’s ridiculous how a Hermes Birkin like 20 years ago was ~$4k, and now the base one is almost $10k retail. Same with Chanel / LV. Their price increases are insane. Makes me appreciate replicas more, and taking the time to do your due diligence to find the quality that you’re happy with.

      • Harmony says:

        Completely agree! Especially Chanel! The quality now is so bad and you are basically paying for their over the top fashion shows. So many brands are raising the prices and the quality is declining. It’s really sad actually.

    • Malia says:

      Nope, I’m done buying authentics!!! Even considering selling off some of them because I love the fact that I don’t have to be super anal about damaging them when I wear it. I tend to wear my auth Chanel and Hermès only on special occasions so the price per wear sucks ass.

    • Sloane says:

      I feel like buying replica is just a smarter thing to do. There are so many bags where you can not really see/feel the difference at all between the authentic and replica. I don’t mind paying for when I see quality but unfortunately, that is rare now.

      Also, I went to university with a girl whose mom was an executive at Chanel and she told me they actually make the bags (not sure what percentage) in China and then add the finishing touches in France or Italy so that they can claim it was made there. This is kinda what made me start wanting to buy replicas…

    • Noelle Turning says:

      I think replicas are a great way to test out a brand or style and see if you like it. I have been eyeing YSL and Givenchy for a while and this gives me an inexpensive (relatively speaking) way of trying these brands out.

      From the financial standpoint, at the end of the day, these are all just material goods and it makes sense to buy replicas as long as you’re not going on some mad shopping spree. I have considered selling some of my authentic collection (that I don’t love) and replacing with high tier replicas.

    • Kamila Lewis says:

      My perspective is if I can get as good quality in a replica as I would in an authentic piece, then I’m down to buy the replica. For me, I purchase based on quality and longevity.

      The reps I’m actively looking into are the 18k gold ones and the watch ones. A replica 18k gold piece is still gold. And gold stands the test of time when treated properly. Why would I spend $10k if I can get it for $1k for example? There’s no quality difference issue.

    • Makenna says:

      I think this depends upon why you buy bags. I collect bags, clothing, shoes, accessories, sometimes weird runway stuff that doesn’t have a huge purpose even when we’re not in the midst of a global pandemic, so the situation hasn’t really changed things for me.
      If you buy bags primarily for utility or social cache, you might not feel the need to do so right now and might focus on other areas that make more sense use-wise, but I don’t think that the notion of designer handbags as a purchasing category is going anywhere.

      • Phoenix says:

        Yep, my “purpose-bought” bags (my work bag, my gym bag) are the ones that aren’t getting any use right now. However, all my other bags; crossbody, totes, my Longchamp backpack are still getting a ton of use! I live in a big city though so I don’t feel silly dressing up a bit more to go on walks or run errands.

    • Chelsea Dickys says:

      Frankly, this is an even better reason to buy replicas! I’ve had no issue wiping down my brandless bags with Clorox wipes and or a thorough spray down with rubbing alcohol.
      But also I’ve recently noticed that research is pointing to the virus being much less viable when transferable from surfaces. it’s really in the air that you have to worry about it. Thankfully! I’ve stopped wiping every grocery item with Clorox and I’m still fine! I must be insane if I buy authentic designer bags during this time.

  10. Andrea says:

    I want to make a new purchase or two if need be for my upcoming holiday.
    I want to know what is the perfect beach/holiday bag?

    • Scarlet says:

      I used to purchase authentic only and then became increasingly disappointed by the quality vs the money spent on most of my pieces cough Chanel cough. Since I am always going to want these bags and shoes and I never plan on selling them, I think getting replicas is makes perfect sense to me.

    • Harper Thomas says:

      I stumbled into this exciting replica world by chance. Before finding replicas, many types of fashion were completely off-limits to me as a value-oriented person. I liked seeing coworkers’ Prada galleria totes, but would never consider dropping that sort of cash on something that fulfills the same function for sub $100. I liked the aesthetic of Kate Spade and Tory Burch but struggled to drop $300-400 on a purse that, once again, was not of great value. I had the cash to spend, but I didn’t want to waste it. Once I discovered these replica posts, I started noticing designer bags on the street and started opening up to the possibility of wearing bags that I would never have imagined.

    • Paisley says:

      I started buying replicas this year and think it’s safe to say I dove in real deep. I always loved luxury brands, maybe because I’m from a small town where there wasn’t much of that, I can’t say. I bought a Mulberry bag that I saved and saved for at 21 and it was my ONLY handbag for 5-6 years through Uni. I always preferred less but better items and maybe in recent years it also became conflated with wanting to signal financial status as I live in a very wealthy city. Who knows. I have always had a wishlist of handbags for as long as I can remember and bought an authentic Chanel years ago and while it was beautiful I also realized that it is LITERALLY just a handbag. I sold it and for years had a hate/love thing where I wanted a smaller one but couldn’t bring myself to pay the price. I had a whole list of bags I lusted after but felt it was so hit and miss whether I’d end up actually loving the items I bought.

      • Scarlet says:

        Exactly! Replica life has 10-doubled my spending power and I’m enjoying it. The fact that so many bags are flawless recreations shows you that the fashion industry is a bit of a scam in my opinion. I have spent an objectively large sum on reps so far but still way less than what I would have spent on buying just one authentic Chanel CF which was my planned purchase this year, but eventually, I think things will slow down for me as I tend to wear the same stuff over and over anyways.

    • Aria Edwards says:

      I might be the only one who thinks this way but I’ve always wanted designer things. But for some odd reason, once I buy something that I’ve been excited for a long time to even get it, I lose all the excitement and go ‘eh’ lol… it’s so bad. I rather just get a replica cus it’s a fraction of its price, still looks real, but I wouldn’t feel as bad spending that much on an authentic

      • Camila Clarke says:

        Agreed with this! I have no idea why either. People said to sit on it, I can sit on it for months, only to feel SUPER excited once I receive it, then, it kinda gets thrown around or used and abused. But I don’t have a habit of baby-ing my bags either…

      • Addison Finn says:

        I totally get what you mean. It’s the adrenaline rush, the excitement of thy hunt for the bag…then, once you have it, it loses all of its allure that was pulling you towards it for so long. I now want to buy replicas for that purpose, & because I’m just neutrally not very diligent about properly taking care of things like bags & shoes (just toss them in my closet & then every few months or so clean up & organize the pile of shoes, etc that’s accumulated there.)

  11. Amanda says:

    hi dhana!
    do you think they still ship to the US in this pandemic? I am afraid the shipping will take so long during this difficult time.

    • Jill says:

      Hey! Have you received your bag eventually? I just paid the money and now I am so nervous. Please tell me this is not a scam.

      • Gloria says:

        I dunno if that gal Mandy was fooling me or not. She said they have shipped ma bag and gave me a tracking number. But there is no update of any tracking info. God knows where ma bag is. I asked for a refund and she kept telling me to wait patiently. I just want ma money back.

    • Gabriela says:

      check out Madewell bags! I own the Transport tote in a few different sizes/styles, and right now they have a lightweight yet semistructured tote I bought and love called Sydney.

    • Nyla Oakman says:

      Longchamp le pliage is super light!! I have 3 auth, and they are worth it!! Buy it in Europe if you can- pretty sure one of mine was under 100 euro at the airport!! :). LV Alma BB is fairly light and pretty sure Gucci soho disco and Marmont camera bags are light too!! I love lighter bags!!

    • Juniper says:

      If you like bucket bags, mansur gavriel ones are my all-time favorite and they are super lightweight! I have an authentic in a mini size and a replica in the mini mini size and I absolutely love them!

    • Gracelyn says:

      I had a Givenchy Antigone before I pulled my sciatic nerve in my back, and I remember selling it right away because heavy bags that weren’t shoulder-friendly had to go. My favourite light bags are balenciaga city bags, the short shoulder strap is a godsend. I also really recommend the Goyard totes, they feel like air!

  12. Sia says:

    Before your reviews, I never paid attention to people’s bags since I didn’t know a Forever 21 bag from designer. Definitely hadn’t even heard brands like Goyard or even Celine. Thanks so much for introducing me to this wonderful fashion world!

    • Aaliyah Gilbertson says:

      I literally don’t care about authentic goods anymore I buy things because I like them, it’s just an added bonus that they might be made to mirror the look and quality of a high profile or expensive designer good.

    • Valentina says:

      Nope because if I traded them for an expensive authentic bag I’d probably never wear it out of fear that it may get damaged or scratched. If I dropped that much money on a bag at once I’d be way too scared to get much use out of it.

    • Mackenzie says:

      Nope. I still have 2 real bags and 2 replicas. I rarely reach for my authentic bags because I’m afraid of wear n tear. I don’t baby my replicas as much, and I think it would be a lot easier to replace replicas than an authentic item.

  13. Jacquline says:

    I have a sad story to tell: I can’t afford designer bags and I am still too broke to get even the cheapest replica designer item. But I love those pictures and reviews you’ve shared.

  14. CORNELIA says:

    Ooh I’ve been looking for a replica purse but couldn’t find much noise about them recently so thanks so much for writing these reviews. It’s super cute.

  15. Eve says:

    Where can I find the site where you got these from??? New to replica handbags but really want to take the plunge. ty!

  16. Catherine says:

    What do you think about replica jewelry with true gold and true diamonds? I mean is it worth buying? I saw some fine jewelry on jewellery-joy the other day, they look so real to me. But I didn’t buy any.

  17. Jackie says:

    After reading your posts, I couldn’t help but start to think differently about people’s bags and wonder if they are fakes as well?

    • Sarah Reid says:

      I did notice someone with an lv neverfull that was falling apart. I automatically thought it was a fake! I was thinking authentic lv would probably never wear down like that lol! But who knows, I dont own any louie, so I am unsure of their quality control lol.

      • Caroline Moss says:

        I have an authentic Neverfull from 2008 and granted I abuse that thing and use it as a beach bag but it’s definitely got loose threads, cracked piping, and the interior is actually FLAKING off if you can believe it. Seriously, I see no difference between authentic and replicas in terms of quality.

      • Stacey Carmen says:

        I see a lot of Neverfulls where I live but I always think they are authentic. I don’t really dwell too much on what people are wearing/carrying and don’t really quality check them. I just think “nice bag” and move on.

    • Mike says:

      I grew up in a very snotty part of Miami and I can actually tell you that even the most wealthy people have some mixture of replica and authentic items. With that said, I don’t think most people even care.

    • Kristina says:

      I actually don’t care much about the packaging. I just want my bag to reach me in pristine condition, even if it means having it thrown into a garbage bag for wetness protection, then bubble wrapped, then boxed.

  18. Anny says:

    Hello! Dhana! May I know if you could shed me some light on replica clothing? I spent 3 hrs reading all your posts! Love your writing!

    • Dhana says:

      Hi, Anny! My research on apparel is not as profound as my research on handbags. However, those chic and elegant designer clothes start to enchant me. I think it won’t be long till I do my first review on replica designer clothes. Yea.

  19. Tess Perry says:

    I found your review on a fluke, I had no idea fakes had gotten so insane. I typically buy auth but have been increasingly intrigued by the replicas reading here.

    • Katie Mitchell says:

      Yes. I use to buy authentic but over the years I felt the quality just wasn’t there. I ain’t pay that money for lousy quality. With replicas, I can buy way more than one bag for what I would spend on one! I would much rather spend my money on traveling, my mortgage and saving for retirement!

    • sarah collins says:

      I think if I can get the authentic for 2-4x the price of the replicas, I’d prob just go for the auth because of a couple of reasons. But that’s not gonna happen in my world.

    • Irene Fletcher says:

      As a person that likes to change bags often I prefer replicas to authentic because I don’t feel as guilty when I get tired of them and want something new. I also have children and let’s be honest they don’t care how expensive a bag is and will put all kinds of junk in there.

    • Mabel says:

      It would depend upon the bag. If it was something I had wanted for a long time, and I knew the authentic was better quality, I’d buy authentic. If just a trendy purchase or authentic quality was mediocre, I’d stick w/ the replica.

    • Lilian Elso says:

      no, mainly because I am hard on my bags and I’d rather spend big bucks on travel but I do buy auth bags when they’re dirt fucking cheap at TJ Maxx and Saks Off 5th

    • Abigial says:

      branded watches from Chanel, Dior and to an extent, Cartier, are merely costume jewellery of the watch world compared to the real deals like Rolex, Patek Phillip, IWC, etc.

      I love designer bags, but would never ever buy a watch from a designer brand. the prices don’t reflect the mastery of watchmaking from actual watch brands.

      • Martin says:

        You’re absolutely right! I have a nice collection of auth luxury watches and I’m in a circle of people who also appreciate a good watch, and pay attention to what you wear. When I tould my brother that I want to get a Chanel J12 (at that time I had no idea about the reps) he looked at me like I was crazy or something LOL None of my friends would know a thing about Chanel watch, when they want to buy a new watch they always end up with Rolex, Patek, Piguet etc.

      • Nina says:

        Yeah, that’s the sense I get! So I will just buy replica fashion watches on the assumption that real watch people will just be like ewwww Bvlgari lol

    • Pierre says:

      I live in france and I have friends working in fashion companies who can get most luxury brands (including ysl, balenciaga, LV, chanel etc …) for really cheap prices (twice a year because normally brands have bi-annual sale in france). So the price in Europe is already cheaper than buying in USA (for european companies) + extra discount. And I buy authentic bags but i still like to buy reps too because It’s still cheaper than getting extra discount on luxury brand bags. And because it’s cheap, i have no pressure on carrying around my bags worrying im going to somehow spill wine on them or lose then by getting stolen. And i like to buy rep just to compare the difference between authentic and rep to see how much i am getting ripped off from these brands LOL. And in the end, i end up using my reps more than my authentic so i guess i just like it

    • Nicola Vanning says:

      My collection is a mix of authentic and replicas. To me, authentic is only worth it if it is one of the classic timeless style. The trendy season bags generally are not worth the investment. Sure, you can sell them later on but it’s such a hassle and time-consuming process. You don’t get the same amount back either. There are bags sitting in my closet that I have been wanting to sell. But with such a big price difference, I rather bite my tongue and keep them. After discovering the replica world, I save sooo much when buying seasonal bags. Now I only buy authentic bags if they are good deal and have good resale value.

    • Jessica Wood says:

      My husband congratulated me when I told him I was selling my expensive purses to buy the replica versions and keep the money in the back.

    • Caroline Scarvo says:

      Completely new to this. Planning to buy my boyfriend a couple of belts and a wallet next, if all turns out well w/my 1st order.

    • Marian Wilkinson says:

      I don’t think my husband could survive the purchase of an authentic. So basically, he would have to love this idea if he doesn’t want our trip to Canada to fall through.

    • Mia Shaw says:

      I really have no secret at all with my hubby. Since the day I came across these posts about replicas, I told him and even we discussed which bag to buy as our 1st replica purchase. My hubby knows how much I love bags and totally support me to buy them. Ahahaha.

  20. Zoey says:

    why I didn’t stumble across your reviews sooner… I feel so sad that I’ve wasted so much on the originals.

      • Emily Hastings says:

        I have my real Goyard St. Louis GM. It fits everything you could possibly need. I also like its lack of organization and structure — I’m forced to only pack what I need (large items such as water bottles, gym shoes, etc.) and not a lot of small trinkets that get lost in the depths of the bag. I love this tote so much that I want to get a knockoff to alternate my real St. Louis.

    • Lydia Windsor says:

      I use an authentic Longchamp Le Pliage as my gym bag. It’s a bit wasteful to abuse it in the gym. So now I am considering ordering a replica for it.

    • Katherina says:

      I usually go straight to the gym after work, so my work bag has to do double duty. Currently, I am using my authentic Neverfull GM. I want an alternative. I am debating between Goyard and FLP Daily Battle tote. Which one is better?

  21. Annie says:

    hey, wat’s up?
    I’ve been lookin for Louis Vuitton Denim Pleaty Bag. It is so hard to find and I haven’t been lucky to find it. I want it so much. can anyone help me get it?

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