Replica Bags Quality Guide: Don’t Waste Your Money.

Are you a fan of replica designer handbags? Are you an authentic-or-nothing girl? Or do you have mixed feelings about your priority? I own authentic handbags. At first, I was uncertain that the details of the imitation designer bags could be so accurately replicated. So I literally discerned the authenticity with a microscope. (OK, I was being careful.) Replica handbags nowadays are so accurate versus a decade ago and believe me, in my blog, you will read all the dos and don’ts of ordering replica designer products. I will simplify my experience to make everything easier for you to understand and guide you to get your coveted items with your money well spent. 

Sit back and get ready for a long read! If you’ve already known some of the information listed below and hope to save yourself some time, please go to the part you gravitate to the most:

Replica Quality Difference Between Now And Past

How Convincing and Superb Replica Bags Can be Nowadays

Comparison Between Authentic And High Quality Replica Handbags

How To Choose Among Different Types of “Best” Quality Replica Handbags

My Opinions On Authentic and Replica Quality

If you are already acquainted with some must-know about replicas and want to inquire about specific items/models/anything else concerning replicas, please leave your questions here

Group photo of my luxury bags collection

Ten years ago, you might sniff at a fake designer handbag. That was the truth. Those knock-off bags were made with low-tier materials and some even have loose threads hanging beside the poorly done stitches. Surely, there was nothing chic about those totes. At that time, only low-paid workers would buy those fake bags.

However, as technology develops over the years, many factories that manufactured replica designer bags have produced a good many high quality replica designer bags that look identical to their authentic counterparts.

Instead of selling their items to those who pay less attention to or care less about quality, the sellers nowadays aim their target audience at hypercritical fashionistas and higher-income communities who equipped with a better fashion sense and style.

Dramatic change has taken place in the replica world over the years, and if you’re still ignorant about knockoff bags, it may take you by surprise that many rich ladies also enjoy shopping for fake designer handbags, yes, sounds crazy right? That’s how fabulous their quality is now!

Are you still skeptical about it? No worries, hear me out when I continue with this story – or a previous piece of news to be exact – I’m about to share.

How Good Is The Quality of Replica Handbags Nowadays?

How good is the quality of replica designer bags? Well, it might give you a snapshot into it that the famous English media personality and businesswoman Gemma Collins also buys knock-off designer products on ‘counterfeit street’ in Manchester, UK.

For those of you who are eager to get your first replica experience, you might be desperate to know the quality of those knock off bags. I understand that no matter how many times I tell you about the incredible quality of counterfeits, you will always remain dubious before you order or receive one.

As the saying goes, to see is to believe. As for me or any other replica lovers, it’s more like to see, feel, smell, and compare. LOL.

Anyway, there is this widely-spread story (a fact) about a Thai woman. She was accused of defrauding department stores of hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years by purchasing authentic purses from designer houses and boutiques and then returning replica handbags to TJ Maxx and Neiman Marcus with refunds (cash) paid. The staff at the stores put those counterfeits back on the shelf for sale as genuine and nobody at the stores seemed to suspect that the bags were fakes.

That’s it. High quality replica handbags are so identical to authentic versions that they can delude the eyes of TJ Maxx employees and lots of sales associate s at the boutiques.

Girls, that’s how high-quality designer replica handbags are nowadays. That’s pretty impressive, right? Well, not that I root for the Thai lady’s maneuvering. It’s dishonest and illegitimate to defraud others. We should purchase replica handbags merely for our own use or pleasure or as gifts for others.

OK, so now you may be itching to know more about the differences between high quality replica designer handbags and their genuine versions? Good! Your curiosity will be of great help on your way to finding your best replica bag.

So let’s move on to the comparison between authentic and high-quality designer replica handbags.

Comparing Review of Authentic and High Quality Replica Handbags

A quick question: Which of the following Chanel is genuine and which one is a knockoff?

I will reveal the answer later.

For me, knock off handbags are mostly aesthetic-oriented. I like fashion and change my mind easily. (Women are so fickle, you know what I mean!) Although I can afford genuine purses, I discovered that things are so much easier with replicas. If I don’t use the fake bag very often after a few months, I don’t feel guilty about my previous impulse purchase.

The interlocking Cs looks beautiful.The stitches are even and beautifully done.Alignment appears similar to the authentic.

The size of the knockoff bag looks correct.

The chains look great and feel sturdy with a good weight with no twisted chains and they match the genuine version.

The leather is good, I know it because it feels and smells the same as some of my authentic bags. The color of the hardware looks the same as the authentic ones. The shape of the bottom and the flap both look correct and well-shaped to me. Zippers open and close smoothly.

Besides the color, I can’t tell any difference between the two. So have you figured out which one is a knockoff? Ready for the answer?

OK, I Can’t wait! The red one is the replica handbag I got from Twinspurse. What a great piece of work! How can any girl resist such a gorgeous and affordable bag! Well, I can’t. And the black one is authentic (It was a gift from my husband, thank you, my dear!). Did you get it right?

But after the amazing quality of replica bags blew my mind, I kind of regretted spending so much money on luxury handbags and felt guilty for buying items out of pleasure, not as a life necessity. I could have traveled overseas with my kids for the money I spent on one real bag. Or I could have received the same item for a tenth of the price of an authentic purse.

As someone who owns both, I’m happy to share my high-quality replicas with you. To be honest, I don’t feel any better when carrying authentic items. My water bottle had once leaked a small amount of water in my authentic bag and this resulted in a low resale price later. If I could get the same look and feel from knock off designer handbags, I would go for duplicates.

Nevertheless, I will only carry super replica handbags of the highest quality. These replicas are the mirror of the original. But not every bag is lucky enough to become the best quality replica bag. In this case, I rather stick to authentic bags because I don’t want anything to be called out.

I think there is nothing wrong with mixing designer knockoff handbags with authentic ones.

There are replica bags which quality is on a par with the real thing. These manufacturers produce their products with a careful eye for detail. So if you’re lucky enough to come across any of these sellers, remember to hold on to them. Their products are good value for money indeed!

Knockoff bags are made so much better than ten years ago. If you’re not an obsessive nitpicker, I think you’ll find it comfortable to carry a high-quality designer replica handbag in most cases.

Now, you have a general picture of the difference between authentic and fake designer bags and get a glimpse into the crazy accuracy of high quality replica bags. But do you know that there are differences between various fake bags? Particularly, we often see sellers promoting their fake handbags claiming A/AAA/Mirror 1: 1 Counter quality and so on. Why the difference? Which one is the best? How do you know that this one is better than the other?

Types of “Best” Quality Replica Handbags And Their Differences From Each Other

So after the demonstration I presented above, we’ve known the quality difference between real and high-quality replica handbags, you may have some insights into designer bags. But what you may not know is that the quality of imitation designer bags varies in different grades.

Yes, there are fake designer bags of different quality levels in the chaotic market. If you want to buy a mirror image replica designer bag that snobby SAs at the department store won’t spot any difference, you’d better read the following guide.

Spoiler alert! Trust me, counterfeits with such high quality do exist! Every replica girl wants to find something that can convincingly deceive people’s eyes. I am pretty sure you want that too. No one wants to carry an embarrassing and obvious fake.

Some sellers keep bragging about how great China’s counterfeiting technology is now. But as I dealt with more sellers, I came to realize that there are no 100% identical replica products.

But China’s high quality replica handbags can achieve 95% similarity to the real deal. I think it is more than enough for most people since the majority of us are not authenticators. The luxury feel and appearance of the beautiful high quality replica designer bags sure can deceive most people’s eyes.

BTW, I am quite content with the materials and craftsmanship of every replica handbag I received from TW so far. I am not asking for a 100% identical bag to the genuine one. 95% is quite impressive and enough for me already.

I talk too much. I must have bored you with my nagging. LOL. Without further ado, allow me to explain the categories of designer replica handbags.

Priced from low to high, these three categories stand for the “best” products: A, AAA, and Mirror 1: 1 Counter Quality.


LV hardware of different quality

One of the most representative replicas – Neverfull – has the same size of leather around the interior pocket zipper as the authentic version.

The leather around the zipper is too big with the wrong shape.

Example of high-quality craftsmanship: The thread is of light yellow color with even needle holes.


On the contrary, the color of the lower-tier thread looks more yellow with outrageously big needle holes. What’s even worse, the handle shape looks way too fatty.

  • A: This is not strictly a highly identical replica bag with poorer craftsmanship. It looks a bit low-tier at a glance or touch.
  • AAA: This is the bag with standard replica quality.  It is what comes to mind when most consumers picture a replica bag. It usually uses ordinary sheepskin, cowhide, and other materials. The materials are soaring and affordable. And the price can only ensure that the appearance is close to the authentic product.
  • Mirror 1: 1 Counter quality: This is considered as the best stuff since those bags are so good that they can be placed next to an authentic purse on the counter of the department store.

Obviously, they are good enough. Many sellers claim that they can mix the spurious with the genuine. Different names are the sales strategies of different sellers in the replica market.

Their craftsmanship and materials strictly follow the details of the genuine versions. They detach the hardware from each part of the authentic to open the mold.

A high quality replica designer handbag should look the same in appearance. But it is also important to withstand the test of the details in aspects of the thickness of the leather, texture, sizes of hardware, weight, gluing, and sewing skills, etc.

High quality fake designer handbags should have the following characteristics:

  • Good quality leather
  • Neat stitching
  • High-tier hardware, zippers
  • Matching construction and dimension (the sizes or tiny discrepancy)
  • Perfection in details.

My View On The Quality of Authentic And Replica Designer Bags

As someone who has both, I no longer have mixed feelings about buying either of them. Before my first purchase of a replica bag, I had always been dubious and worried about the quality of counterfeits.

I purchased the authentic bags because they never went wrong and I certainly got what I paid for. With replica handbags, it was more like gambling. Although the price is much lower, I couldn’t bear the disappointment that comes from lousy quality.

After several months of hesitation, I pulled the trigger and ordered my first replica Gucci wallet. You know what, I was literally head-over-heels in love with it and used it quite often. I can still recall the day when I first carried it around and my colleagues were like, “Wow! Dhana! When did you get this gorgeous and lovely wallet?” I was basking in their compliment and that really was a profound first impression.

Since then, I no longer purchase genuine designer bags as often as before. I have turned to the replica world happily ever after.

I’ve benefited a lot from the money I’ve saved with fake handbags. You might have read about it in some of my other blog posts. Yes, I get to enjoy my life more and who wouldn’t like such a delightful alternative.

So, knock off designer bags or authentic bags? Keep your options open. It’s your money so it’s totally up to you. But if you feel like buying replicas, I am your girl. Check out my other posts and they might shed some light on you. Have fun!

627 thoughts on “Replica Bags Quality Guide: Don’t Waste Your Money.

  1. Adalynn Cox says:

    Hello. I want to feel more confident about wearing knockoffs before I place my first order. Do you ladies know of any influencers who proudly wear branded replica bags? I would love to follow them. And what do you think about influencers wearing replica handbags?

    • Ryleigh Gibson says:

      Honestly I think a lot of influencers and bloggers have replica bags but don’t tell anyone. They all have so many designer bags it’s almost not believable. Even the ones with smaller followings seem to have a million chanel bags

    • Reese Matthews says:

      My really close friend is an influencer and over half of her bags are knockoffs. I’m the one that put her on to the fakes because she was going broke buying authentic trying to keep up with other influencers not knowing that a lot of their stuff are fakes too.

    • Abby says:

      I don’t think they took those photos because I’ve seen them elsewhere. Actually, I saw those photos in a couple of websites. So I’m kind of confused now and dunno which website to believe.

    • Dhana says:

      Hello, Alice! If your order hasn’t been shipped or they haven’t sent the pre-shipment photos for you to confirm, I think you can ask them to change your order. Once confirmed, I think they won’t be able to change it for you because they have already handed the package over to the shipping company. That’s why it’s so important to double confirm your preferred styles or color before you even place an order.

    • Veronica says:

      To be honest, pricing is the main reason for me… I cannot afford everything, I.e.: bags, shoes, jewelry, travel, university fund for my child, and my retirement fund. Mother’s guilt is sooo real so I tend to sacrifice authentic purchases to have a great holiday… Bags, shoes and jewelry can be fake but not holidays/travel with family.

      • Kyla says:

        That is so true. Now that I am a mom, I feel guilty when I set my eyes on expensive things! Even when I am able to afford those, and our life would not be impacted by those purchases, I feel unnecessary. The fun time we could have and the fun toys he could enjoy for months have so much weight in my heart than my own interests. I’ll stick with replicas.

    • Maya Maddison says:

      Honestly, I cannot deal with the thought of an authentic product I spent a ton of money on gathering the inevitable wear and tear and destruction that goes along with use: scraped leather, raining on a suede bag, accidental ballpoint pen explosion, glitter (just, how does sparkly crap always end up in our purses, HOW?), chapstick tube opened up, etc.. Chaos follows me, I just know the moment I purchase an authentic catastrophe will strike LOL.

      • Kiara says:

        YES! I cannot fathom the thought of wear and tear or accidents happening on a bag I spent too much money on. I would not recover emotionally! I know I must sound dramatic, but I truly don’t know how I’d survive that. A new hairline scratch on my car bumper bothers me for months, and that’s about as inevitable as it gets. I’d be a mess babying my authentic bags 24/7!!!

    • Gia says:

      I own authentic pieces and I feel like I’m getting ripped off for a lot of things. The quality isn’t great and they don’t even try to pretend otherwise. I bought a Saint Laurent wallet for my fiance that felt disgusting after a few weeks, like sticky? Like the bonding of the leather was melting. The logo wore off and the edges revealed essentially cardboard.
      It annoys me that designers will charge thousands of dollars for fucking canvas. Get the hell out of here.
      And another thing! I LOVE the look of Chanel costume jewelry but it’s actual trash for several hundred to thousand or so dollars. No ma’am. That feels like a fuck you. My sweet fiance once went to Chanel and the sales attendant helped him pick out some earrings as a valentines day gift for me. He didn’t want anything too “old” looking and wasn’t sure which to pick. He came home with clear plastic buttons.

      • Ophelia Avery says:

        Haha. Hilarious! Luxury costume jewellery is a real rip-off tbh, they aren’t even real crystals and pearls for the price you’re paying for them which is ridiculous. I never buy these anymore. If I want jewellery I go to an established jeweller and get a nice delicate gold chain with a small diamond, or a pair of pearl studs.

    • Roberta Harries says:

      In a way isn’t everything just a replica of something else? Even before I knew replicas and I stuck to my price point I was still buying replicas without knowing it. Like everything at Forever 21 is inspired by other fashions. Even stuff at Walmart is copying a look.

      Before I knew about replicas I didn’t really follow designers. I have always loved fashion and thrift shopped some great pieces! But high-end purses for me used to mean outlet Kate Spade. But then I saw the Loewe Bunny bag and I love bunnies! I didn’t care if I got a rep I just liked the design. That’s still how I feel about many of my bags, I don’t need it to be 100% authentic, I just need to like it. For me, fashion is about me not other people, so if I like something and can’t afford the price point a replica is my go to!

    • Chelsea says:

      While the price is my #1 reason, the other reason is because of how I use my bags.

      I am the type of person who buys a bag and uses it for 6-12 months exclusively. I never change purses. Once I am tired of a bag and want a new one, the old one goes into my closet never to be seen again. I can’t justify spending thousands on a bag that I may use for a year, tops, and then never use again.

  2. Mavis says:

    hey, the quality of ur bags looks impressive. I’ve been hesitating to jump on a knockoff bag for over a year now. AHH I might just have to!


    Thank you for your honest reviews! I’ve been hesitant about buying replicas since I knew its existence. Now after reading your posts, I think I should give it a try.

  4. Piper Mcquinn says:

    Hello. I’m a reader of this blog for a while now and love reading your reviews but I have yet to proceed to purchase. Anyway, so lately I was looking at some secondhand websites and found a lot of great deals on bags like Dior, Prada, etc and a question came up to me. Which would be your choice between a preowned vs an authentic bag? Thank you.

    • Lilliana says:

      I used to buy pre-owned but I was scammed a couple of times so I changed to the rep-side. I also got a bunch of bags that were clearly abused but the pics were taken so that it didnt reflect the damage as much or had been treated or conditioned to make them look better.

      Ever since I changed to buying replicas I have been very happy and have saved a lot of money. I also dont baby or worry as much as I used to about my authentics. If you wanna save more money buy used replicas xD LOL

      • Norah says:

        I second this. Before reading these replica reviews, I used to think all replicas were super obvious and that I would never mistake a replica for an authentic. Boy, was I wrong… Now I’m more scared to buy a replica advertised as an authentic! I’ll stick to replicas 🙂

        • Reese says:

          100% agreed!!! Never knew there were so many awesome replicas before this. I had always thought fakes were downright bad haha

      • Adeline Mckenzie says:

        Omg SO TRUE – I’ve still not bit the bullet on any replicas or pre-owned, and had been monitoring the online preowned market closely for a few months now (since I got into luxury) and now I’m terrified all the preowned stuff at good prices are just high-quality replicas.

    • Presley says:

      It depends on how well-repped it is. I’ve had good luck with both replicas and preowned authentics so far (knock on wood!). I think if a bag is replicated well from a high-tier seller, I would tend to go towards replica (for example, Celine box bag). If not, my preowned authentic luck has been with Rebag, Fashionphile, and TheRealReal. I really like how detailed Fashionphile is with the condition of the bags. I stick with “excellent” condition, and I’ve gotten amazing deals. I got a limited edition Lady Dior once for almost 40% off what it would’ve cost brand new. I always get it from a site that authenticates plus I pay for a third party authentication and do QC once I receive. Authenticators check the serial/date code, which is not usually accurate on a replica. You can always have It professionally cleaned too. Basically, I’m a fan!

      Otherwise, I also buy new authentics. It just really depends on how well an item is replicated, and if it is worth it to buy new vs preowned auth.

    • Chanellover says:

      I’ve always done new auth, now getting into reps, but I’m thinking about diving into pre-loved auth for the first time! I don’t think today’s Chanel quality is worth anything near the current retail price tag, but I would love to get a vintage Chanel flap from a reputable pre-loved site. I just love the way the vintage styles look and feel!

    • Hayden Wilton says:

      I could never trust preloved, i had bad experience with my 1st preloved order, it mentioned auth but it was fake by doing the authentification online.

      If i really like the bag and still can afford it (and of course worth it), i’ll go straight to the boutique.

      But now after i found this community, and if i want the bag but not really in love with it, i’ll go for the best replica and save some money of it!

    • Fatima Appleton says:

      I would buy a replica. For example, when it comes to chanel bags, you can find vintage chanel at a lower price if the style is not very popular. Whereas you can get a replica for even less in the style you want. I also feel like for this brand in particular, especially after the price increase, buying anything new is not worth it, if you are looking for reasonable value.

  5. Lucy Campbell says:

    ooh, I think you’ve convinced me to get these! When I think of replicas before reading your posts, I was like ‘meh’. But now, I am eager to try these.

    • Dhana says:

      Hello, Ashley! I strongly recommend you to start with Gucci replicas. But if you decide to start with a YSL bag, make sure to work with a seller that supplies the best YSL replicas because some girl has already received fantasy YSL replica of very bad quality. You can refer to this review that I wrote for one of my readers before.

  6. Penny Elliot says:

    Does twinspurse have an App? I don’t use a computer. It would be more convenient for me to browse the site on the phone.

  7. Marina says:

    i want 2 ask r there any bags that r so well-replicated that their authentic versions r not worth buying at all?

    • Faye Faye says:

      Neverfull, definitely. You can tell me everything about authentic bags holding their value, being an investment, impeccable quality, i don’t care. If I buy a bag it WILL be beaten and used daily, and I can’t be bothered to take better care of a damn handbag than I would of my firstborn. That’s why I will always choose replicas.

      • Jaelynn Kingston says:

        Agreed. I would always rather get a super budget Neverfull as long as it has the logos than even high-end replica. I feel like everyone on earth has a Neverfull and no one checks them out for veracity. Plus now to me, they’re so normal and boring, why bother spending much on them? Most budgets are passable at the very least and no one’s head turns when you wear it inside Walmart.

    • Paige Hamber says:

      The Gucci brixtons that I got last month are damn near flawless, the only fault on mine is that they came with a sticker on the sole that the auths don’t, and when you peel it off, it leaves a mark. However, the second you walk on not-carpet the soles scuff up beyond recognition anyway, so this is hardly a dealbreaker.

    • London says:

      I have a pair of Acne Jensen boots that are so good for the price. They’ve held up really well so far and I can’t discern any noticeable differences between the replicas and authentics, except maybe the pull tag in the back (but it’s completely black so there’s no way anyone would ever notice this besides me).

  8. Louisa Simpson says:
    Avatar someone who has been looked down upon by snobby sales associates in the consignment store, I am all for replicas! and the quality in your reviews looks so convincing too!

    • Anna Forbes says:

      YEA. Some of them are really mean as if they own the boutique. That’s so rude. Anyhow, I never feel comfortable in those luxury stores. Replicas really spare me from going through those horrible boutique experiences. Maybe I am too broke to any positive boutique experience. hehe

  9. Sabrina says:

    Thank you for reviewing your bags! I will also be purchasing a replica bag from twins purse this week, so I am excited to see a good review on it.

  10. Alora says:

    I wanna order my very first replica bag. I wanna avoid buying a bag that will be out of style soon. What bags do you guys think will be out of style later?

    • Luella Woods says:

      Any bag or object with too much logomania will be out of fashion soon. I think with the quarantine and economic downturn, there will be a more conscious shift to subtlety.

      • Emilee Cooke says:

        Exactly! I loved the Gucci Marmont a few months ago, and I even considered buying a replica of it. But now, I feel like the big gold logo is SO gaudy. It reminds me of the bumper of a Cadillac. Maybe it’s the economic downturn like people said, but I can’t see this bag being popular for much longer.

          • Lexie Evans says:

            I sold my Marmont for this reason. I felt the logo was so in your face and it wouldn’t be tasteful during a recession. Still a beautiful bag, but I want something more subtle now

  11. PAMELLA PIERRE says:

    Wooooww! you knockoffs r just too tempting with the minimal shipping costs…I guess my wallet is about to get a lot lighter.

  12. Taylor Fowler says:

    Thank U sooooo much 4 UR honest reviews! BTW, do you resell your replicas? I am very interested in your collection.

    • Dhana says:

      Hello, Taylor! I never resell my replica bags before. But I did send some of them to my friends who wanted them so badly.

  13. Peter says:

    My sis really needs to read this. She will be thrilled to find out how much money she’s gonna save with this. Thx!

    • Dayana says:

      I typically lean away from heavily branded purses. I like the subtlety of carrying purses where the branding is more inconspicuous.
      However, I do find myself loving the loud LV canvas prints. There’s just something about it. I think I’m drawn to the history of LV — how the canvas was originally created to combat counterfeiting but ironically it’s now one of the most popular counterfeited bags. Funny how that worked out.

      • Kora says:

        I personally do not like the LV monogram or the damier ebene at all. I grew up in NYC so this was like the IT bag and the most commonly reproduced canal St rep. All I remember is juicy tracksuits and LV bags which I found to be a bit tacky faux pas. I really like understated brands like Celine since it’s just the small logo. I have a ysl bag which does have a big hardware logo but that’s as flashy as I go.

      • Monroe Coppleman says:

        For me, a lot of it is what was normalized. I grew up near affluent suburbs of a top 10 population city In the US. Everywhere I looked, I saw the LV monogram. To me, I don’t view it as tacky; it’s almost normal (for affluent people, of course).
        Whereas, to me, the coach or MK monogram bags look like they’re trying to dupe LV’s Ubiquity and popularity. They feel less original for some reason, even though there is really nothing that different (other than matte vs shiny canvas).
        For Goyard, their monogram seems lower key to me because it’s mostly chevrons. And it’s an “if you know, you know” brand. Many of my high school friends who have wealthy parents do not even know Goyard. The slightly underground vibe of Goyard appeals to me.

    • Emory Pinkman says:

      I prefer the “subtle flex” and being lowkey with brands. I do think overbranding can be a bit tacky, but more for myself. Some people can make the flashy look work well and it’s fun to live vicariously through them!

  14. Nadia Marcus says:

    Hello dhana.
    As chanel continues to raise its prices, do you think it’s a good time now to splash out on authentic classic Chanel pieces? I don’t see any pullback in its prices any time soon. Do you think it’s a good investment?

    • Dhana says:

      Hi, Nadia! In my honest opinion, I think it’s ridiculous they keep increasing the prices. They are trying to streamline their pricing globally for their bags since certain countries are much more expensive so that’s one reason for the increase. The other is that more and more consumers want the bags so they’re trying to hold onto exclusivity. The downside is that the prices keep increasing on the bags but the quality has simply gone down. The vintage market for Chanel’s is insane especially if you find a well-taken-care-of bag because the leather is much better quality. Even the lamb skin used to be a lot more durable and scratch proof. And forget the gold plating that used to be synonymous with Chanel’s logo. No more gold but still the prices increase. And then there’s the terrible customer service in Chanel stores from the SA’s. Unless you’re purchasing monthly from your SA don’t expect a wonderful experience, as a brand they’re becoming known for the subpar quality of service in store. So, personally, I don’t suggest you buy a brand-new classic piece from the store. If you want to make a good investment, you might as well try your luck in the resale market.

  15. Melody Bradshaws says:

    thanks for this detailed review! I’m in the low/no logo camp; so do you have any high-quality subtle flex bags/shoes ideas?

    • Paislee says:

      Celine is for sure a 100% if-you-know-you-know subtle flex bag brand. I love my small trio. Anything with low key logos and minimal branding but unmistakable as a designer bag. Thinking Chloe Faye, Mansur Gavriel bucket, Stella McCartney Falabella where the logos are small and hidden, but the shapes and details are iconic.

      • Noelle Boris says:

        Is your Trio a replica or an authentic? I am looking for a Trio replica and I haven’t found one that I would be confident buying.

    • Miriam Sharr says:

      I feel like a lot of Bottega bags fall into this category! The mini Jodie is so cute and not branded at all! I’ll probably be buying a replica of it soon since the branding doesn’t matter!

    • Mckenna says:

      LV Epi collection, Anything Celine, Delvaux or Moynat. Also Faure Le Page. I just love the print and the gun-shaped clutches.

    • Reagan says:

      I’m very lazy and love to grab what’s convenient. But because my collection keeps growing and my bf said I’m wasting money for just staring at them every day so I’ve decided to stop buying authentic and switch to replicas.

  16. Vincent says:

    Hey, Dhana! Do you know if is a legal site? I’ve been talking to a gal called Candy. She said they only take western union. I never use western union before. They’ve given me the instructions. But I am not so sure about whether to pay or not.

    • Dhana says:

      Hi, Vincent! I am not familiar with If you’re determined to purchase from them, make sure you ask for pre-shipment photos. As a side note, paying your money to unfamiliar sellers through western union could be risky! Once the payment is made, you can’t get your money back! You can click here to read all the pros and cons of each payment method! Best of luck!

  17. Riley says:

    I want to place an order soon but I’ve always wondered this, do weather conditions affect the quality of replica bags? I am afraid the sweltering heat will melt my bag. Does anyone here have any good or bad experience regarding packages sitting in the sweltering heat?

    • Savannah says:

      I could be wrong because I don’t know the exact condition of the bag when it’s shipped compared to when I receive them but my last leather bag arrived super, super dry. It had been in transit for about a month and they’re beautiful, highest tier leather so I was like so frustrated when I saw how dry they arrived. I conditioned them with apple conditioner, so no harm was done but I do wonder if the heat played a role. Maybe I should have ordered it in winter?

      • Meagan says:

        I got a bag recently that was been reviewed several times and should have had very soft, supple leather but after about 3 weeks of being stuck in shipping and 1 week of actual shipping time, it arrived extremely dry and even kind of wrinkled in a couple of spots and either scratches or hairline cracks on the base. I was extremely disappointed. I do think it might have been because of the weather. Basically, I will never order bags in the summer again lol, especially during a pandemic.

          • Brielle Gayle says:

            Second leather honey, I have a replica lambskin Chanel mini flap and it arrived sooo dry. I put both Apple and Cadillac multiple times and it just drank it up in 5 min and there was no difference. One application of leather honey and it’s sooo much softer.

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