Replica Handbag Review-Prada Saffiano

Hi guy, I will share a fake designer bag–the Prada Saffiano luxury tote. I got it just half month ago. Before purchased, I made a research. And I found that many people discussed whether Prada bags are worth buying. I personally think the quality of Prada doesn’t match its price.

The corners are easy to wear. The hardware is easy to oxidize and fade.(My friend has an authentic Prada Saffiano,that’s what she complaint).So if you want to own a Prada Saffiano,replica one is definitely a good choice. For sure if you are rich, please neglect it. I just think my money can be spent on more meaningful things.

You want to buy a decent bag for your job,which is classic and durable,then Prada is suitable. Prada is always on my bags list.Thank god, I finally have a Prada bag.(I have a big list, my plan is to implement one by one) .Though it’s just a Prada copy, but I still love it.Since it’s really an attractive Prada handbag.

Covering pistol and loading diamond,the Mission Impossible 4 instantly made the Prada Saffiano a classic hot-selling style. Saffiano has a square appearance. With a strong anti-scratch leather, the first look is very formal. It has a dignified office workers feeling. Safiano is a deep-processed leather that is stiff and sleek with a fine cross-texture on the surface. The leather makes the bag looks both refined and beautiful.

A Perfectly-Made Bag

The tiny embossed plaid is the mark of the Prada Saffiano series bag. It presents a unique texture of the oblique plaid, which has durability and anti-scratch effect. It will show a certain luster under the light.

First of all, there are a lot of colors,sweet pink color,tough and steady color..etc. They give the bags different appearances. However, it was not difficult for me to choose the color. I have decided to buy a versatile black one, even if I have a lots of black bags.What’s more, the Saffiano’s black and heavy metal gold buckles are unforgettable.

The replica Prada Saffiano bag has great quality double zippers. This casual and safe advantage is suitable for me. Because I don’t like to buckle (pull) the bag zipper. Even if the zipper is open, you don’t need to worry that the items will be missing.

Double zip

The capacity is great. I can even put an umbrella. There is also an zipper inter-layer on both sides. You can lock something important inside. And you don’t worry about your stuff will be messy with this design or can’t be found. Because you can easy to find the necessary stuff under such stratification.

The inside logo is clear and the details are amazing.

The bag is in a low-profile. You can only know the brand by zipper and logo. There is a retractable buckle on the side. If you don’t need to put much stuff, then close it.Vice versa,you can open it, and the capacity will be larger. Personally, I prefer to close it.

Saffiano replica has a formal look. But it also can be changed into a casual and lively look according to your own wearing. It makes me very impressed. I have been wearing it frequently since I received it. It’s definitely a stunning mirror duplicate!

Feedback from My Friends

I had high tea with my girl friends. I worn a casual white skirt with it,which looks relaxed and not casual. It can be matched well with suits and high shoes when I took it to work. Saffiano is a fully versatile bag that is completely not only casual but also formal.

All of you deserve the high quality Prada Saffiano lux tote.If you don’t want to spend much money on authentic, then the designer copy bag is a great choice!
Do you like it? I personally like this bag surprisingly.

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