Replica Gucci Hobo Bag from Twinspurse for My Mother

If you have read my previous reviews, you would know that I have got the best fake Gucci bags.What’s the best replica for you? As for me, perfect cut sewing, high level metal, the same materials as the authentic, size ratio has no difference with the authentic. All in all, it can be an alternative as an authentic.

The New Year is coming! How are you guys doing? In the new year, I wish the world is peaceful.I can earn much more money to buy stuff that I like. Go to travel from time to time. lol. Do you have any plans for the upcoming New Year?

Today what I’m gonna review is a high quality knockoff Gucci Soho bag. It’s a bag made from soft leather with great capacity. Yes, it’s a replica Gucci bag again. But it’s not for me. It’s my mother’s New Year gift.

I selected the bag for my mother when I participated in Twinspurse Promotion. Twinspurse can provide AAA quality replicas.That’s why I like to purchase from it.Moreover, promotion is a good opportunity to buy stuff on your wish list.You can spend less money and get more.

It has red, pink and black color.Red color was bright while pink color was more girlish for my mother. So I chose the classic black color for my mother. It’s the most suitable color.The lining is cotton and linen. What is more, it got great space. There are two small pockets. One of them has a zipper, in which you can put some important stuff.

However, the disadvantage of big bag is that it will be a little messy if you put too much into it. And it’s a bit difficult to find the stuff you want quickly at the critical moment.So I only put big stuff into the big pocket. You can put something like keys into the zipper pocket. Thus the pocket layer is a good solution to find things at a critical moment.

It has a wide short leather strap. Even you put too much into the bag. It won’t hurt your shoulder,which is sitll comfortable to carry. Also,there is a long strap.You can use it according to your preference.The long strap is detachable. If you don’t wanna use the bag with the long strap, you can remove it so the bag won’t look redundant.

It’s really really convenient, right? Don’t you think Gucci Soho is exactly a good replica bag?

It’s made of cowhide.I think the leather texture is awesome,which is soft and grainy.It’s kinda like Hermes Togo.The biggest advantage of this
leather is that even if it is accidentally scratched, the scratches will not be obvious. The zipper is matched with tassels. It is a highlight and a very special design. That makes the original big and simple bag more brighter.

I found that I have fallen in love with the Gucci. I ever thought I was a huge fan of LV. But right now it seems that I’m turning to Gucci replica.Maybe you can also consider to buy one for your mom,lol.

What do you think of the bag? I want to do a survey:What kind of bag style do you like?Please send me a letter.I really would love to hear from you!

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