Replica Gucci Dionysus GG Supreme Mini bag Review

For this new weekly blog, I am commenting on my latest collection of replica- Gucci Dionysus GG Supreme mini bag. Gucci has been popular since the publication of Dionysus series. Gucci Dionysus series become one of the Gucci’s most popular bags. I often see a lot of fashionistas on Instagram showing their wearing of Dionysus. I am itchy and I fell in love with this bag.

Different Elements of Dionysus

Dionysus not only does a good job on the tiger’s head buckle. What makes the bag much more attractive is that the designer Alessandro Michele infused the floral and animal embroidery elements on the traditional GG Supreme print. Patterns of various animal or plants are hand-embroidered on the bag.

Although Dionysus uses a lot of craftsmanship, the style is relatively simple to identify. So we can feel free to choose the one we preferred. I asked the seller, many people choose medium and small. Medium is more of a square shape while the small is more like long and flat. Considering that I want a little bag to better match my clothes in Summer, I chose the mini.

The length is only 20 cm, which means that I can’t put a long wallet inside. So if you are used to carrying a long wallet, it is not wise to choose the mini one. This is also catering to the trend of bags getting smaller and smaller in these 2 years.

Dionysian collection

There are a few things to pay attention to when you are purchasing Gucci Dionysus.

I paid $303 for this bag (15 transfer fees was included) and the authentic price is $1,500. I haven’t had to grit my teeth when shopping for replica handbags in the past few years. And I am very happy that I can squander. Haha.

The Dionysus with embroidery is more special, but I didn’t consider the embroidery. Although I have had many amazing replicas in the past purchases, I approve their magical work. But I think there is slight difference between the authentic Gucci Dionysus and replica Gucci

Dionysus with embroidery in terms of embroidery color used as well as the appearance of the embroidery. I will try to avoid buying replica brand bags with embroidery design, unless I really like it very much. But to be honest, some minor difference can of course be ignored.

I am swinging between black and beige. I am a person who loves black but I finally chose beige. Because I want to try different colors. I think the beige suede and Gucci classic coated canvas are more harmonious and can be well matched with my everyday wear.

You can freely adjust the straps according to your own preferences. Either on one shoulder or crossbody.

Tiger Head Buckle & Interior
Label & Code

The overall design of Gucci Dionysus bags takes the retro route. It is classic and beautiful! I am very happy to share my Dionysian bag with you.

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