Replica Dior D-fence Bag Review

I bought the fake Dior D-fence bag which is from the brands’ Summer 2017 collection.I heard about that it conquers the fashion world.

Normally, Speaking of our first impression of Dior luxury handbag, we think of the classic elegance and grace brought by the classic Lady Dior series. A series that many fashionistas across the world purses crazily. I love Lady Dior. But I already got an authentic one.So I wanted to try another Hitting one : the Dior D-fence.

Here is the Reward

It seemed that my small bags aren’t enough,what’s more,sometimes I am really busy. I have to buy more bags to reward myself.

When I saw the bag at the first time, I don’t quite like it. So I didn’t plan to buy it.Gradually, I found the bag is beautiful. It belongs to type of things that the more you see it,the more you love it. After I thought for many times,I decided to buy the bag. Let me show you photos of the bag front and back. Are you in love the bag?

A perfect go-to bag

I bought this bag. It’s not only because it’s gorgeous, but also suitable for more occasions.Like banquet, commuting.

Bag Colors:

They offer 3 color options: black, red and white. I finally opted for the black one. The black calfskin smooth leather signals a sense of low-key elegance. That is the reason I ordered this imitation bag in black. This designer Dior D-fence bag I received is also real calfskin leather that is resistant to scratches.The leather from this replica sellers has always been as good as the authentic ones. So I have no doubt on the authenticity of their leather used on the imitation bag, which to the greatest degree, has defeated most of the sellers in the replica industry.

The dior bag will also look cute when you carry it. It’s the best choice to hang out. The stuff of girls’ should be similar.But if you need to put bigger and more stuff, then you need to consider it.Carrying this bag, you also look young and energetic.

Bag Details:

The tuck flap closure is sealed with honey wax, which is very neat. It feels great. It is crafted from black leather, the strap is also leather.

This chic bag features removable and adjustable shoulder strap. Its detachable strap allows it to be worn longer on the body for added versatility.

The hardware is also the highlight. They are aged gold-tone DIOR buckle fastening and aged gold-tone hardware accents,which are different from the previous design.There is much more novelty value besides elegance. It’s fashionable. Also, it looks good when you carry it. All of the gold metal of the bag are of the same aged gold-toned accents, which is good. As some of the fake Dior bags suppliers just failed to reproduce all of the metal in one exact bag to be the same and consistent tone. It is so weird.

I’m not sure if the hardware will fade after using. But for gold hardware, it indeed will present a sense of age over regular use. That is normal. If not, it is just so fake.

Any way, If I have spare time, I might write a follow-up of my replica Dior D-fence.

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