Replica Chloe “C” Double Carry Bag Review

Hello! Ladies and gents! Are you on the hunt for a versatile Chloe bag replica? Well, I’ve just known the perfect bag for you! The replica Chloe “C” Double Carry Bag in Motty Gray I recently got is an absolute showstopper. Read on as I will review this gorgeous bag in detail below.

Authentic Chloe “C” Double Carry Bag In Motty Gray

I’ve already had a work tote. But I just feel the need to update my professional look every now and then. I really love how the Chloe “C” Double Carry Bag features a gold-toned “C” on the flap and chunky leather straps that elevate the professional-lady mood. Its adjustable and removable strap allows me to go with more looks by wearing it on my shoulder, across my body, or simply carrying it on my wrist or forearm.

I officially added this bag to my wish list right after I saw a lady toting it in the elevator of the office building where I work at. It looked so chic and professional. I drooled over it right in there and started picturing me carrying it. LOL. This designer bags game never ends for me.

I got really hyped up about this bag before it arrived because it is my first fake Chloe bag. I’ve visited the Chloe store just to have a feel for the authentic Chloe “C” Double Carry Bag.

So how is the quality of my fake Chloe bag?

Hmm…How do I start?

Let’s say I basically thought that the seller may have accidentially sent me their authentic bag used to imitate. When I opened the box after it arrived, it smelt just like what I smelt back in the Chloe store. It is a sweet and delicious smell of nice leather. I just love the smell of it wafting from my closet. There is no chemical smell at all on the whole bag. That’s definitely a good sign of a top-notch replica handbag.

To start with, this bag feels sturdy with a good weight to it. It is such heavy that as if I would have to switch from tote it on my forearm to the shoulder strap if I carry this for a long time. So the shoulder strap is indeed very useful in this case. Also, the weight gives people the feeling that this ought to be an authentic bag. So I don’t have to worry anyone holding my bag for me in my workplace and suddenly find out it is a fake.

The leather is high-quality calfskin and feels like the one I felt in the Chloe store. The leather is comparable to those on the purses you have seen in the boutiques. I think maybe they sourced their material from the same factory as the authentic brand. Seriously, I don’t think anyone in my circle will discover this replica Chloe bag is not even real.

The suede looks luxurious with identical color to the photos of the Chloe website. It is a gray with a nude undertone. Very chic and elegant looking!

The zipper moves smoothly and the stitches are even and neat.

To be honest, so far I haven’t found any quality issue with this bag. I am super-duper content with this bag. So, I grant this awesome fake Chloe bag a fair 10/10 score on quality.

OK. The quality is beyond passable. How about its accuracy? How identical is it to the real deal?

Listen. I am extremely nitpicking with replicas. For those of you who haven’t read my other posts, I must tell you that I also carry authentic designer bags. I just like to mix things up a little bit and really fall for this replica game. So I am super picky when it comes to quality and accuracy of a replica. When I spot anything off, I say it, out loud!

But as for this bag, I looked really hard and found no faults. When I say looked hard, you’d better trust me. My OCD won’t allow me to tolerate anything imperfect.

Sorry for the plastic flims, I was soooooo excited and couldn’t wait to show my new baby that I forgot to tear them down before taking photos. The delicate hidden clasp works perfectly. And the color is true to the real bag.


Hardware on the straps and the sides are spot-on! If you compare my fake Chloe bag with the authentic one on the Chloe website, you will notice the shoulder strap hardware on my bag is gold and silver, which is exactly like the original bag. I used to see lower-tier replica Chloe bags got this part wrong by making the hardware all silver or all gold. Some factory somehow missed this detail. I am GLAD it is correct on mine.

Stitches are neat and identical to the real deal, and beautifully done.

The dimension of the bag is accurate according to the Chloe website, which has a width of 9.1″, height of 6.3″, and a depth of 2.4″.

This bag also features a back flat pocket with a nice shape that is true to the real bag.

My replica Chloe bag has a cotton canvas lining just like the authentic Chloe bag. Look at the large compartment!

The bottom has the correct shape and thickness of the one I saw in the store. The stitching is consistent all over the bag.

The big “C” has the correct shade and sheen compared to the authentic bag.

There is a serial number sewn on the leather tap inside the bag. I didn’t check the validity, because I don’t care about this.

The shoulder strap has the correct maximum length of 22.4”. And every detail is telling its superb quality.

If you ask me how I will rate the accuracy of this replica Chloe bag, I will give it a 10/10 for its freakingly awesome imitation.

Am I satisfied with my fake Chloe bag?

In terms of its quality and accuracy, I am more than satisfied with this beauty! However, after I received the bag, I tried to fit my iPad in it, it turned out my iPad Air 2(9.4 in x 6.67in x 0.24in) is just a bit bigger then the bag and won’t fit in it. This is a bit of a disappointment but it was really my fault. But I never regret buying this copy. This bag goes really well with my light-color work suits and really adds more professional looks to me.

If you’re considering ordering yourself a replica Chloe bag, just take the plunge on this one! This bag is really worth it. I think I will try some other Chloe bags replica later. It seems to be a nice brand for professional ladies.


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  1. Moira says:

    Thanks for the review! Replica Chloe bags are not as commonly seen as those Louis bags. I think I will start with a Chloe.

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