Pursevalley.cn review: Louis Vuitton Speedy Damier Azur replica

It was frustrating to write this review.I bought a Louis Vuitton replica purse. The quality was very good. I was very joyful. So I wanted to continue to order some handbags.

But the seller disappeared. Until today, I have sent a lot of letters to Best Bag. But still didn’t receive any response.I still can’t access their website.They just disappear, so I officially announce to say goodbye to Best Bag. Afterwards, I searched for good replica websites. I found out Purse Valley website.Their prices were attractive.But I was not seeking after the small advantage.Though I wouldn’t spend much money on buying authentic handbags, I was longing for getting high quality designer replica handbags.

I was willing to pay for them. Purse Valley claimed their products are wholesale replica designer bags. Yes, obviously I trusted them. I proceeded the payment via Western Union (which was a silly choice). Never has I ever paid via Western Union before. Used to pay via Paypal on other websites,which is safe. I was a cautions person in daily life. (I met a big scam, then I have been always cautions after that).But I saw that Purse Vally enjoyed high reputation. Therefore, I attempted daringly to send the cash.

I ordered a LV Damier Azur Speedy 25. Then I noticed the order status shows they have shipped my order after the day I paid. This efficiency is quite satisfactory. There was also a tracking number so I could trace the parcel. Ten days passed, I finally received my LV Speedy. There is no store original box, only a carton, a dust bag and the bag. Package is not so important for me, so it’s fine as long as the quality is good. However, what i received disappoints me. Below are the posted pictures of actual item.

Close-up picture of LV dust bag,the LOUIS VUITTON letters are not clear.Some of them has faded.The materials is rough.

The dust bag texture is very poor and it’s pilling.It feels rough.Some scripts have faded,and the printing colors of Logo are different.

the size is cute.However,compared with authentic,the color is darker and weird.This is an obvious flaw.

The zipper is light and not smooth,it also has burrs.The zipper color is strange too.All in all,it looks like a cheap replica overall. This is absolutely a cheap and terrible fake LV.

noticeable flaw

The round nail which connects handle leather has already rusty and the lock has oxidated. The logo fonts on the lock are uneven.

The strap was folded separately and put in the bag.I took it out and made it flat but it was twisted as before and it’s a little hard.

This is an obvious fake LV Speedy. I shouldn’t buy when I saw such a cheaply replicas at the beginning. If I want a better quality, I need to pay more money.Am I mad? Will I purchase again? I feel being cheated. I read many good Purse Valley reviews. Now I doubt those reviews truth.

I wrote down this replica purse review about Purse Valley. So that everyone can be alerted to a replica site which sells rubbish quality items. I didn’t know why it could get such good reputation.Do other people have low requirements for replica quality?Such a fake Speedy bag, even a person who never ever used authentic LV handbags can see that it’s a “poor low level LV”. I’m afraid to hear people screaming on the street. Anyway, I won’t use this bag. I contacted Purse Valley as I need to return the bag and get my money back. However, I didn’t get any responses.They selectively chose to ignore me. I was so angry. Though they wasn’t much money, I really won’t use this bag. Now it’s worthless for me. About knockoff purses, should I continue to buy? Where to buy high quality replica bags?

Follow-up: I have finally found a reliable & high quality LV replica seller!!

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