Must-have Information On Buying Your First Best Fake Designer Bags

Where to buy fake designer bags online? Let me guess, you must be new to this replica game. If you’re looking for tips for best fake designer bags for the first time, you’re at the right place.
In this blog post, I’m going to enlighten you about the where-to-buy, what-to-buy and how-to-buy information on top-grade fake designer bags.
This blog post provides first-time buyers with a helpful guide to hunt for a perfect replica. And remember, you should never rush into your first purchase unless you’ve got all the knowledge needed.

Must-have Info Before Buying Best Fake Designer Bags Online
As known to all, it is risky to shop online – let alone shopping for replica handbags.
China is the home to a vast of fake designer handbags of various brands and quality levels. By the way, the majority of replica sellers are in Asia (mostly China). If you have not done enough research on your coveted bag, you may end up getting a disheartening bag.
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If you’re also looking for a good and dependable seller in the market fraught with crafty merchants, here are some important factors you should bear in mind:

Product Selection & Shipping Customs
You can’t just check the product details of the website. Try to select a seller who can provide shipping photos. In this case, the hassle is good, that means you get more helpful information.
If possible, ask the seller to provide pre-shipping photos as an indicator to see whether the seller sends what you saw on the website! In this way, you can diminish your chance of being ripped off by fraudulent sellers.
Girls, make clever financial decisions and always watch out for unscrupulous merchants who plot to sell replicas of poorer quality with a counter quality price.
If you confront the sellers whose product photos are in the same background as other sellers’, every seller will probably try to convince you that they are the original owner of the photo and that is their “top quality” or 1:1 product. How can you tell who’s telling the truth? Want to know my rule of thumb on how to tell them apart?
Here’s my know-how: Try to find out the pixels of the same picture on each website and compare their clarity. The plagiarists tend to have blurred photos.
When choosing a seller, it is very important not to be price-oriented. Price is not always the indicator of a good seller or good quality. Some sellers do have fake cheap designer bags with counter quality. So it is not usually the higher the price, the better the quality.
Try to take the communication with the seller and his/her professionalism into consideration and impress the sellers with the knowledge you have about replica handbags (as I said, you’d better do your homework in advance) and that will help the sellers take your requirements seriously and less likely to pull the wool over your eyes.
In that way, you are more liable to get what you pay for. If you’re not satisfied that the shipping photos don’t match the ones shown on the website, it would be so much easier to deal with good sellers who naturally abide by their commitment and return policy and you can get your money back without effort.
We like those honest and decent sellers. And stick with those sellers! They might not satisfy you this time, but they are good options to choose from later.

Think twice before you pull the trigger!
You have to be aware that these bags might be seized by customs and you WILL NOT receive a new bag as a replacement under the seller’s policy. Can you afford the loss?
Some replica companies provide insurance services which you can choose to buy as needed. Suggestions: EU countries can buy extra insurance. That is, if the customs seize the package, the seller will send a new parcel for free again. Yes, buying replica is like gambling. You may end up with nothing but disappointment.
Lucky me! I haven’t encountered any customs issues yet. I ’m in New York and my family is in Australia. I’ll change the address to receive parcels. It is never better to get everything prepared!
Which kind of transportation is better? I completely leave this to Twinspurse. They are professional and they will give me the package in the safest way. If you have special shipping requirements, just state your preferences. They will get our problems solved.
Study the handbag you take in interest in and try to avoid fancy styles. I do not mean that it is not of good quality. But according to my experience, the colors of the large-scale embroidery on fake designer bags tend to look distinctly different from the authentic bags and will not easily deceive discerning eyes unless people in your circle have not scrutinized the authentic versions.
The popular and classic styles are usually the best and safest options in the replica market. Of course, you can also go for niche designer handbags but stick to high-quality copies only. If you’re just into the designer’s style and don’t care about the “brand”, you have a wider range of choices.

So now you know where to buy fake designer bags online, keep those tips in mind and they will lead you to a good seller.
OK, since the transaction is completed online, you must wonder how to pay the money to the seller. Read on as I continue with the payment methods offered by most replica sellers.

Pros And Cons Of Payment Methods Offered By Replica Sellers

How to pay for your coveted replicas? The payment methods recommended by replica sellers include Western Union & MoneyGram, Wire Transfer, Alipay & WeChat, PayPal, and Credit Card. The advantages and disadvantages of each are as follows:

Western Union & MoneyGram:
Fill in the form using cash, you can also pay by credit card. But often the payment by credit card will delay and the seller cannot process your order in time. The funds can reach the seller’s bank card or cash, most sellers like cash. The transfer fee varies according to different regions and payment methods.
Advantages: Only the recipient’s name is required. Quick.
Disadvantages: Once you send the money, you can’t get it back.
Sometimes Western Union staff will ask you some questions about the money transfer. And the answer is free. Western Union just wants to make sure you trust and know the recipient. As a financial services company, the law requires WU to follow federal and international anti-money laundering regulations. Sometimes Western Union even prevents you from sending funds. And most of the time the refusal has nothing to do with you!

Wire transfer:
Advantages: Convenient operation.
Disadvantages: The receiver needs to provide a lot of information. The transfer fee needs 25-40 USD. It can’t arrive on time and it takes 3-5 days.

Alipay & WeChat:
Advantages: Very convenient and fast payment method. No fees.
Disadvantages: Requires a Chinese bank account. This has led me to never use it. The seller told me that this is the most common payment method in China.

Fast and convenient, and low transfer fees. I did not find any disadvantages.

Credit Card:
Very convenient, but if you encounter bad merchants, you will be very insecure. I have seen many reviews of online shopping fraudulent charges.

So these are the main payment methods offered by most replica sellers. You can choose it according to your needs. Once you complete the payment, try not to be antsy about the buy. Don’t fidget with whether the seller will mail your bag out or not and get anxious about the quality.
Remember, you have made your decision, you will never find out whether it is a good one if you never give it a shot. It’s worth a try.
What if you meet a wonderful seller and you get to spare yourself from the stressful roller coaster from buying replica for the rest of your life.
Good luck with your hunt for your first best fake designer bags and have fun!