Louis Vuitton Twist Replica Purse Review

Can you feel the wildness of Replica Louis Vuitton Twist on the screen? The most common leather of LV Twist is EPI leather. It has many different colors and patterns. I think each pattern has its own special beauty.But as you can see, I bought Monogram leopard pattern.Although the leopard print is flamboyant, but it’s not the real animal leather.

The Louis Vuitton bag is environmentally-friendly. It is made from Monogram coated canvas with animal print coated canvas and black brass hardware. That shows an original and mysterious jungle feeling.

Girls always have different styles bags,which is girls’ nature. A girl should have a bag to show her charm! I noticed the bag when a model was taking photos with it. The theme of photography was original and wildness.I was shocked when I saw it. What a beautiful Louis Vuitton bag, and the buckle at the central of the bag, was special too.

I noticed the bag when a model was taking photos with it. The theme of photography was original and wildness.I was shocked when I saw it. What a beautiful bag, and the buckle was special too,which was at the central of the bag .

I took a photo and planed to buy one.I couldn’t wait to owe one.What’s more,as far as I know, Louis Vuitton Twist bag is really popular.Many famous stars love the bag, from super model Karlie Kloss to “French Rose” Catherine Deneuve Both of them are are fans of Twist.

What was it like when I Receive it?

When I received my replica LV Twist, I was really excited! I carried it immediately. Even did not remove off the protective film.Well, I just wanted to see how it looks when being carried. I thought the bag would be picky about outfit, but I just worn a pure color normal home clothes. And it was really perfect match.Nice!

It has a single flat shoulder strap, black Alcantara lining, two pockets and signature LV twist-lock closure at front.

I read this louis vuitton bag at the best replica site. People talk about it. The LV lock is loose and weak. It is easy to twist The letter V itself when closed, causing the bag to make a noise like “PADAPADA…”. So the first thing I do upon receipt is to test the button to see if it is also the case. I put the bag on one of my arm and shake it hardly. Lucky me. it is very solid.

LV Twist is a classic chain bag, with the classic brand logo on the handbag plus its dimensional lock. If turning the twist lock, crisp sound will follow and then the bag will open, which make it the classic among all of the chain bag. There are two side pockets inside the bag; The front can bear a mobile phone while the back can be used to put in business cards or little mirror attached by the bag.

However, it is necessary to pay attention to the lining. Because it is black fiber, it is very easy to get dust, so pay great attention to the cleaning inside the bag.

The space inside the bag is relatively large, except that the two small pockets have no compartment. It definitely has lived up to my standard about how a knock off Louis Vuitton bag is supposed to be.

the exclusive LV twist lock
mall mirror for daily use

The exterior is clean and beautiful. The hardware remains bright and clean. The interior lining is clean and overall in excellent condition.

Unique Look

It’s really cool, isn’t it? This wild bag is suitable for people of strong personality or who want to just break through their monotonous fashion collection.

This bag is the coolest one among replica Louis Vuitton bags,you will want to add to your collection! This wonderful bag can go from day to night. Carry it on your shoulder or cross-body, this bag will be your new favorite bag!

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