Louis Vuitton Tuilerie Besace Knockoff Bag Review

Hi! My girls! I am going to do a review for the new replica bag I just received: Louis Vuitton Tuileries Besace. From my previous posts, you definitely know that I always think highly of the quality craftsmanship brought by Twinspurse.

Now I am attached to this website and I can shop from their website without considering any quality issues. There is no need to ask their customer service if this bag sells well because the popular ones represent the quality ?Is it safe to get this model ??…things like that.

The only thing I care the most now is if this design worth my investment and whether it can enrich my matching.

Anyway, I can not take my eyes off of the Louis Vuitton Tuileries Besace ever since the first moment I have seen the model. It is a model published in January, 2017. Please check the below for what I have got.

Bold &Fashion-forward Look

The original Louis Vuitton states that it is a bold, fashion-forward look. I can not agree more.

With the classic monogram of LV, what new things can we add to make a bag more creative, modern, or, dynamics, younger? They think of this model: a bucket-shape exterior crafted with coated monogram canvas with microfiber lining and a tricolor leather handle. Honestly, it is the color combo :oliver green and pink that gives the final word for me to buy it home.

Another details I like is the wide removable tricolor strap. It not only expand the color distribution on the wide strap, which is a quite balanced color combo. On the other side, the wide strap ease the burden on the strap better than the slim straps. I like slim strap, but for this bag, it has to be wide strap. What do you think?

There is an outside zipped pocket with pink double leather pulls. It shows the color match to the lining as well as the handles. Actually, it does look amazing. But I must say, the pocket is not that convenient and practical. Sometimes it is difficult to achieve both design and practicality at the same time.

All in all, this is a brilliant Louis Vuitton replicas. There are several colors combo that you can choose from. Go get the colors you fancy. Peoples changes with ages. So does fashion. If we are able to find different handbags to represent our sense of fashion on a certain age, that would be also a good things to stick to.

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