An Absolute Stunner – Louis Vuitton Artsy Replica Review

Hey, lovelies! Do you gravitate to this post hoping to take a glimpse of how does my Louis Vuitton Artsy replica bag look? You’re just in the right place! Buckle up as I will be showing you one of the most sought-after Louis Vuitton replica bags. 

The reason why I ended up getting this purse was rather simple. I was having my breakfast at Wendy’s with my kids a while ago and suddenly, the lady that sat next to our booth was carrying this stunning hobo. I couldn’t stop gazing at this purse. It suddenly struck me that I hadn’t had a hobo in my handbag collection. Whoa! I must have this! So this Artsy bag was officially high up in my wish list. It wasn’t long till I pulled the trigger and here I am. LOL.

If you’ve read some of my other reviews, you’ll know I have a couple of Louis Vuitton replica bags of very impressive quality. This one is no exception. If you haven’t seen my other Louis Vuitton purses replica, you can read my Louis Vuitton replica guide.

As always, I only go for the best quality replicas. However, this purse is absolutely prominent in terms of its quality and accuracy, and price of course. Even my friend who owns the authentic Artsy mistook it for a real bag. (I was smirking. LOL)

Without further ado, let’s get down to what you came here for. As always, I will break it down. First and foremost, let’s see how its quality goes.

Overall, the quality of this bag is FANTASTIC! It lives up to every expectation that I have for a high-quality replica purse. And it is really worthy of the name “Artsy” as this bag is a real stunner! Anyway, I usually start my quality check when unboxing. 

As I opened the package, there is no chemical smell escaping from inside the box. All I saw was my bag well protected in this high-quality dust bag.

Documentations that came with the bag. I don’t need those but I understand they just want to bring the customer the whole brand experience.

The pebbled leather is supple grained cowhide leather which smells and feels so nice and high-end. The embossed Monogram looks very crisp and clear.

The key bell with key ring and hook is weighty and shiny, which indicates a good medal.


The hardware seems very good quality and durable. The gold tone of the hardware looks very luxurious.

The zipper works smoothly. The stitches are neat and straight. There was one single loose thread at the end of the zipper though. But it doesn’t bother me much as I don’t think that’s a quality issue at all. That’s simply so common in both authentic and replica bags and I can easily get rid of that without giving any damages to my bag. So no biggie.

Textile lining feels sturdy and durable. It has a luxurious touch to it. 

The braiding of the reinforced and cross-stitched leather handle looks very nice. I know this is the hardest part to replicate. But, great craftsmanship!

The monogram at the bottom seems straight and symmetrical on all sides. The protective metal bottom studs are gold-toned and shiny like the other hardware.

To be short, this is quite a stunning bag in terms of its quality. So, on a scale of one to ten, I will give a big fair 10 to its superb quality. But since it’s a knockoff, accuracy does matter. Let’s see how identical this baby is to the real deal.

Authentic Louis Vuitton Artsy Bag Front

The color is of course spot-on. Because there is almost no color difference in black replica bags and their authentic counterparts. The shape of this Louis Vuitton Artsy replica bag is true to the authentic bag. The dimension is 16.10 x 12.60 x 8.60 inches (Length x Height x Width) while the authentic size is 16.14 x 12.60 x 8.66 inches(Length x Height x Width). So the dimension is really really close to the real deal. I dare say no one will notice any difference in size with the naked eye. The bag is well-constructed. It also slouches in a way just like the authentic bag does.

Authentic Louis Vuitton Artsy Bag Key Bell


The color and shape of the key ring and hook of the key bell on this Louis Vuitton Artsy replica bag are on point. The typeface and spacing in between are identical to those on the authentic key bell.

The depth of the embossing is correct, neither too deep nor too shallow. I really like the grain of the leather.

Authentic Louis Vuitton Artsy Bag Side


The shape and pleat of the side of this Louis Vuitton Artsy replica bag are comparable to the authentic bag.

Authentic Louis Vuitton Artsy Bag Interior


The lining is linen . Logo stamping and slip pockets are in the correct placement. I am very impressed by the accuracy inside the bag.

So there isn’t anything I can be nitpicking with this bag in terms of its accuracy. Let me know in the comments if you notice anything that I miss. I am so happy about it and it has already become my go-to-everywhere bag. This bag has more to offer because of its roomy interior.

This can of sparkling water looks so teeny tiny in marked contrast to my Louis Vuitton Artsy replica.

I am planning on using it as my alternative work bag. I still love my Neverfull replica, but sometimes I just need a change. So yeah, I can either carry it on my shoulder or elbow. I feel very secure because the handle is very sturdy. So do you like my Louis Vuitton Artsy replica bag? Let me know. 🙂

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