Louis Vuitton Replica Guide: Best Fake Louis Vuitton

Ladies, when you walk down the street, have you ever wondered why the LV logos were everywhere to be seen. Were these people all carrying authentic LV bags? If not, how many of those LV bags were fake?

We may never know the numbers because it is getting more and more difficult to spot a high-quality Louis Vuitton replica. Even if you live in an upscale neighborhood where designer bags are must-have items for rich people, it doesn’t mean that all the designer bags you set eyes on are genuine. It is simply because luxury items are so commonly seen in those communities that no one will carefully discern or observe the bags unless something is really wrong with them.

I saw some fake Louis Vuitton bags that sell for dozens of dollars in Chinatown in New York. Despite they look so fake, many people still stop for them anyway!

I am not saying that these people are pathetic. On the contrary, I also buy replica bags from time to time. I have possession of some authentic LV handbags. Because I own authentic ones, people around me hardly pay attention to whether I carry replicas. Although there are cheap alternatives from Chinese replica sellers, many people insist on waiting in line for the real thing at the LV store on the Champs-Elysées in Paris. I am no longer one of those who queue up to spend a fortune. If you are intrigued by this replica game as I am, welcome to my world!

Why Do I Like ‘Widely Available’ Fake Louis Vuitton Bags?

My mother is a huge fan of Louis Vuitton. As a replica girl, I felt obligated to order one for my mom to make her happy! So I bought her a high-quality Louis Vuitton wallet replica as a test trial. She turned out to be quite content with it.

My mother has known fake Louis Vuitton for a while, but she always believes these flamboyant replicas look weird, misshapen, and are easy to be called out. She never thought knockoffs could be so nicely done!

My LV obsession is a complete consequence of the influence of my mom. To be frank, when I was a kid, I didn’t even like LV products and even found them ugly. I took a very negative view of LV, assuming that this brand was vulgar, extremely garish, and overpriced. Who would pay for these ugly purses?  

But as I became older, my affection for LV began to creep in miraculously! I finally came to understand why my mom tried to convince me of how good those LV bags were before. She always wanted to impress me with every advantage she could think of, “Do you know how much it costs? Many people yearn to have one. The quality is incomparable, etc.”

Anyway, now I get hooked on LV’s exquisite and classic beauty that doesn’t fade away over time and I should apologize to my mom for my adolescent ignorance.

My Perspective On Louis Vuitton Replica Handbags

If you have a well-paid job with few financial worries, you can buy genuine LV bags as a start to know LV. In that case, you will be under no pressure when you carry the best fake Louis Vuitton bag!

After mixing the authentic ones with fakes, I have no trouble carrying my bags (authentic or not) very naturally and confidently, because I am well aware that the bags are just accessories that go with my clothes, and replica is not such a bad alternative to fit your personal belongings.

I am fickle in affection for and the styles of the bags. The bags I purchased are popularly ordered ones. I want to look trendy and keep abreast of the times. I can’t achieve that with the hefty price tag of authentic bags though.

One or two authentic bags per year reaches my limit. What’s more, with replicas, I don’t have to worry about if my expensive purse gets any damage on my way home or to work on a crowded subway.

So a bag that doesn’t require babying sounds like a pretty good choice for me. Without a doubt, replicas is my optimum solution for this concern. Instead of an authentic but outrageously expensive designer bag that I might get tired of after a year or even a few months, I would rather spend that money on several fake Louis Vuitton bags and take turns to carry them out.

Alright! Let me show you the fabulous LV products I received from the Chinese replica sellers.

Don’t miss this feast for your eyes!

The leather is so soft with a pleasant smell.


The hand-woven handles look neat and tidy.


The logo in the lining.

Purse feet on the bottom.

Zipper pull with the logo LV opens and closes without effort.

Clear and neat stamping.

Neat stitches.

Close-up of a model carrying the bag.

I really like the shape and many minute details of this Louis Vuitton knockoff. I need another black bag in my life. Black is always the safest color because even if you make a fashion mistake, it won’t be so obvious to others as long as you’re going with black. I like to keep it black and stay low-profile.

I plan to carry this purse to work. Despite I have done my research with Haumea, I was very nitpicking with the bag I pay for. After some reflection, I finally decided to order it from TW, and guess what? Their product really lived up to my expectations.

Fake Louis Vuitton vs Real

If you like the style of Louis Vuitton and can get one for less money, why not? This is a win-win. It seems that the prices of genuine products are more of a burden for most people. Even if you have the money to buy one of them, can you continue with the shopping spree every month? After all, not everyone is loaded or has a silver spoon.

I pay more attention to style and quality! I have to mention that it is difficult to tell replica and authentic bags apart nowadays even if sometimes they are placed next to each other. So, you ask me why I buy replica bags? Why the hell not? LOL.

Check this out!

Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis Original VS Fake

This is a perfect Louis Vuitton knockoff which looks so identical to the authentic version that you can hardly spot any difference unless you have a discerning eye and compare their details in a good light. Luckily, most people aren’t authenticator, thank god!

I’ve bought knockoff Louis Vuitton bags many times and I love everything about them. In the past two years, I have tested replicas from different sellers and spent a great deal of time researching and comparing factory photos, etc. But even when they claimed to have 1: 1 or triple-A quality, we still need to watch out since many of them sell lousy quality replicas.

In the replica world, it’s very important to choose the right seller when hunting for your dream bag among so many fake Louis Vuitton purses. I am deeply impressed by the quality of the Louis Vuitton Neverfull Replica: practical, versatile, and classic.

Frankly speaking, I bought duplicates out of vanity, and the design of the luxury products indeed look chic. As a mother of two kids, it is not such a bad idea to cut price corners. I have to admit a simple T – shirt stamped with a luxury logo on top really upgrade the quality and style of the person wearing it.

Nevertheless, I stick to my rules when purchasing knockoffs which are to stay away from the obvious fakes and select the ones with the highest quality. Otherwise, I can’t enhance my temperament and even make things worse.

When I fail to find a good copy of an authentic bag, I tend to get a genuine bag from the boutiques. I won’t settle for second best. But it hardly ever happens because there are so many other options in the replica world. I’ve happily said my farewell to authentic bags.

I think the biggest difference between buying replicas and authentic ones is NOT quality and appearance. The quality and appearance of a high-quality Louis Vuitton backpack replica are already 95% similar to the real one!

The biggest difference lies in the shopping experience at boutiques. You deprive yourself of the pleasure of the spending spree and the customer service at the counter when you decide to go for a replica. But the customer service at twinspurse.ru is so sincere and comfortable. After dealing with so many sellers, Twinspurse is the one that I am most content with.

If you are just someone who can “afford” luxury items, it would be smarter to go for replicas. If luxury items are “usable” for you, this rep-or-auth question wouldn’t even bother you at all.

“Buy things that make your life easier.” There’s no need to pinch and scrape or take out a loan for an impulse purchase. We shop to please ourselves, not looking for more burdens to carry. Treat yourself well, girls!


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  1. Penny says:

    Louis Vuitton bag used to be my dream bag. But I literally gave that thought up due to its expensive price tag. If replica Louis Vuitton bags are really as good as what you described, I think I should give it a chance. Deep down, I still yearn to have a Louis.

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