Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Backpack Replicas Review

Hey guys! This is a very delay review of my LV Palm Springs backpack replicas. I bought the backpack in the beginning of May,2019. I took the photos. But I did not do the review…

Well, I need to stop procrastinating and really get things done.
I bought the backpack for my cousin for her coming birthday in 20th,May.She is turning 22. Just like me, she is crazy about LV bags. And every time she see me wearing LV bag, she is jealous of me even though I confess that some of the LV bags I carry are replicas. And she said that the fact that they are replicas never defeat the fact that they look gorgeous and impeccable. Wow. What a sweety girl! We are close. So I decided to buy this beautiful LV Palm Springs Backpack as a birthday gift to her.

Anyway, with the adequate stock from the seller and the fast shipping, we made it before my cousins’ birthday. We received the bag in 6 days after they sent us tracking number of the package. Frankly my cousin love it way more than me as the bag is much more suitable for her and look cute on her. So I am gonna do the review for my cousin today.

This Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Backpack replica is crafted from monogram coated canvas. The leather looks vibrant and has stunning sheen. Also, it features a padded leather top handle, adjustable shoulder straps as well. Let us take a closer look on the strap. We all know that straps of this palm spring backpack is a hot topic of debate.

Width of the 2 strap on each side are exactly the same and measure even to each other. Besides, the adjustment holes comes with correct amount: 10. I have seen some other rep reviews claimed that the strap holes they have for their fake lv backpack are only 7. Not an acceptable flaw to me, I suppose. In addition, the bag has an exterior front zip pocket, foam backing, and gold-tone hardware.

The gold accent hardware is bright and shiny. Also, the engravings are nice and clean.
Every time when I see the hardware of these imitation bags. I will think this it is bang for the buck deal with the value I paid and considering the price difference with the real LV backpack.

Its zip closure runs smoothly and there is a black fabric interior with slip pocket. The stamp inside the bag and on the front of the bag are centered. In addition, the imprint of the tab looks even and neat. Nothing weird comes up from my detailed observation. The key concern I have is about the alignment of the Monagram. But it turns out to be all good. In fact, each bag of the same style are allowed to have slight difference in alignment of the monogram, that is what I was told by the SA at the LV store.

All in all, this fake designer LV are incredible with all these comparable replica craftsmanship. Anyway, I am glad I am the one help resourcing good replicas for people around me!LOL!

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