Louis Vuitton Montaigne MM Monogram Empreinte Review

How are you doing! My friends admire me having so many beautiful handbags. Most of them should be credited to China replicas handbags. As you know, I was a green hand in the replicas handbags industry. I keep buying new bags and sometimes getting unhappy shopping experience. But I finally have a reliable access to good quality replica handbags. So I do not need to worry a lot about the quality. I will be keeping comparing and searching for high quality Louis Vuitton replicas purse. And every time I receive a good quality bag, I just can not wait to share with you how good it is for being a qualified replica!!

To be honest, buying replica bags give me a chance to buy a lot more luxury handbags without considering the high price. I think the same goes to most of you guys as most of us have certain economic burden if we keep buying real ones. LV replica bags, again, as I love this brand from the bottom of my heart.

A LV Montaigne MM. I bought the fake LV Montaigne.This transaction was not going smoothly like my previous purchase from them. As I have moved my house to a new town, I have to go to a western union agent by spending more than 1.5 hour ride to complete the payment and online western union does not seems to work for me.

Anyway, I still think that my efforts will get paid off when I am able to see the eyeful very soon.

In the first place, I had the inner conflict to choose between the iconic Monagram canvas and the Monagram Empreinte. As I am in need of a bag much more suitable for business occasion and goes well with formal dressing , also roomy, I end up ordering the Monagram Empreinte Noir.

It is crafted with soft embossed grained cowhide. The leather of this knockoff Montaigne Empreinte I received is so spot on when I compare it to my real Louis Vuitton Metis Pochette.

But if I look up closely, the Empreinte embossing of these 2 bags are slightly different. But this does not bother me at all. As far as I know, the Empreinte embossing varied with each bag. Even it is the same style, the Empreinte of some bags are shallow while others are deep. We can consider this fake LV Montaigne a qualified one as long as the embossing looks even in total.
Lucky me, this rep turns out to be all good on the leather.

The bag comes with spacious interior. I can load with all my essentials and my notebooks and business documents etc. What is better, the bag itself is lightweight considering the leather, so you won’t feel exhausted on your run of work with all the stuff inside the bag. In addition, you can carry the bag in the hand, on the arm or on the shoulder with a removable strap added. I must say it is a bag designed exclusively for business women.

Let’s see the fine gold zipper hardware and the snap hook closure. It has a nice shinny gold reflection. The engravings on the hardware are neat and the hardware feels firm. Also, we can see no scratches or chips on the hardware. Perfect craftsmanship as expected.

Inside the bag, there is a zipped compartment and 2 large compartments and a double smartphone pocket. Just like the authentic one. Gold stamp on the inside tag is neat and look clean. There is no loose threads. That is the basic criteria after all.

This is all items for the bag. They send with dust bag, removable strap, key clochette, etc.

All in all, I am quite satisfied with this knockoff LV handbags. Twinspurse does not fail me for my repeated and repeated purchases. The bag just grows on me…

If there are something you can tell difference from the authentic one, please do let me know. I am open to all opinions and seeking to find the best replica handbags online just like you. Thank you!

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