Louis Vuitton Leather Guidance (Pros and Cons)

Louis Vuitton, as a world-renowned luxury brand, has earned people’s wide admiration. Because of this, there are many fake cheap louis vuitton bags. Since 1854, Louis Vuitton has been passed down from generation to generation.

With excellent quality, outstanding creativity and exquisite craftsmanship, Louis Vuitton has became the symbol of fashion travel art. LV started out its business with suitcase. In addition, the founder: Louis Vuitton is one of the most famous craftsmen in French history. With the development of Louis Vuitton, we can certainty say that LV has completely transformed the art of travel as well as the way we embrace luxury goods in modern times.

LV has created many classic bags. So many fanatics of the designer brands collect a variety of leather and materials about Louis Vuitton and put together a final guidance of LV Leather. How much do you know about it? Let’s take a look together.


Main raw material used is canvas. A PVC waterproof coating is applied thereon. The coating has three characteristics: light and solid, completely waterproof, and has strong scratch resistance.

Monagram originated from the hand of the headman of the second generation of LV: George Vuitton. He commemorated his father Louis Vuitton. Monagram is developed by the following designs: damier brown as the background color, surrounded by circles of four-leaf flowers, four-pointed stars, concave diamonds with four-pointed stars, plus Louis • Vuitton’s abbreviation: LV.

In total, four patterns form a unique monogram pattern. Although Monogram is mainly canvas, the spliced part is vegetable tanned leather. This material is like a fresh apple. It is pure and clean when it is just cut. But it will get oxidized and discolored by grease and air after a long time. Because it is a natural and unaffected leather, it cannot be colored and repaired. Once get dirty, the only way to remedy is to clean.

Among my louis vuitton replica bags collection, Monogram occupies a lot. Classic colors must be collected more, and be a must-have.

Later, after evolution, Damier graphite, monogram eclipse appear in the history, which is currently only used in men’s products.

Monogram Eclipse


  1. Avoid contact with corrosive chemicals. Behaviors like violently venting your bad mood on the bag is completely prohibited.
  2. It is necessary to prevent moisture and avoid exposure.
  3. If there are stains on the surface, wipe it with a soft dry cloth. Do not rub it with soapy liquid.
  4. Put the rice paper on it when not in use and put it in the storage bag for storage.

Monogram Multicolor

In 2003, LV designer Marc Jacobs invited Japanese contemporary artist Takashi Murakami to create the classic Monogram Multicolor series. Although it used to be famous in Marc Jacobs’s LV era, the brand and designer Takashi Murakami both had no choice but to admit the fact that after 12 years of birth, this delicate and strong design style has become less pleasing.

After a period of struggling, on July 24th, 2015, LV announced that it had completely discontinued this series that had had a glorious era. All the Monogram Multi-color bags on the market now all become antiques. However, we can still find it on the best replica bags online. The most renowned ones of the Monogram Multi-color series should be white and black Monogram Multi-color. I plan to order one in the future and write a review. Remember to stay focused 🙂

At the same time, in the ten years of cooperation between LV and Takashi Murakami, a lot of seasonal sakura, cherries, big eyes and camouflage limited editions came out. However, these have been discontinued at an earlier time.


Using the same material as the monogram, it forms a pattern similar to the checkerboard on the surface. There are three styles in total: the Damier Ebene, the Damier Azur, the Damier Graphite, and the Damier Cobalt. The latter two are mainly used in men’s products. Besides, the advantages and disadvantages are the same as those of Monogram.

Damier Graphite

Damier Azur

Very lively color, I have a representative of Damier Azur’s Replica bag.(Click here to view)

Damier Cobalt

Damier Ebene

Epi leather

Louis Vuitton published Epi leather in 1985, which symbolizes that LV is finally willing to use cowhide! It is a stiff leather. LV produces a variety of colors of Epi leather, which is very sturdy and easy to maintain, and it also creates a good structure for any bags.

But the most common drawback of this material is there being small wear and tore that occurs on the bottom of the four corners over use. So black is undoubtedly the best choice. Even if it is worn, it is not easy to see in black.

The French meaning of Epi is wheat ears. And the surface texture makes people associate the breeze blows through the waves formed by the wheat ears.

Replica louis vuitton bags meet my love and demand for LV in recent years. The quality is very good. I heard that there were a French customer who went to the LV store to comment that 10 years has passed. The Epi bag does not seem to get older and there is no excuse to buy a new one.

I think this story fully explained the steel-like thickness and hardness of Epi leather. Hmm.. On the condition that this story is not compiled by LV.


The processing technology of Vernis leather refers to the lacquering on leather or PU leather (microfiber reinforced leather, abbreviation
microfiber leather). It has bright color and it is natural, waterproof, moisture proof, not easy to be deformed, easy to clean and care, etc.
At the earliest, the Vernis leather used linseed oil as the main raw material, which brought out a lacquer. When the lacquer was applied to the leather, it became a patent leather.

The use of linseed oil as a coating has the disadvantage that it is very difficult to dry. Therefore, it was not until the 1930s that people used plastic instead of linseed oil to process Vernis leather. And the use of Vernis leather was then getting extensive. The widely used coating is a synthetic resin.

Because the paint used in patent leather contains active chemical elements, wearing dark denim pants is likely to cause chemical reactions and dyeing. Same situation happens when you placed together with other materials of different colors (such as newspapers).

Monogram Empreinte

A special leather is developed by embossing the soft fine-grained leather and then printed with classic Monagram. The durability of this leather is second only to Epi. As with patent leather, stay away from jeans. Click here to view my review of REPLICA LOUIS VUITTON MONTAIGNE MM MONOGRAM EMPREINTE

Monogram Vernis

Similar to embossed leather, the classic LV pattern is printed on the patent leather. Precautions refer to the above.


Use laser punching to make hollows decoration on the cowhide.

Cuir taurillon

The top layer of the skin is used to show the natural beauty of the animal skin. And some are decorated with Monogram Flowers.

Sheepskin bag Malletage

Sheepskin is used as a raw material and is presented in the form of a diamond-shaped embossed pattern. Sheepskin is delicate and not easy to take care of.


The texture is fine and the color is bright. Moreover, the look is stunning. However, the disadvantage is that the skin is thin and not resistant to abrasion.


The crocodile skin available is limited to the narrow part of the crocodile’s abdomen. Due to the scarcity of production, the difference in crocodile lines and the complexity of the process, each crocodile bag is unique. And the grain of the leather is decent and has great gloss.

Moreover, its luster does not fade with time. The longer we use it, the more it will reveal its natural luster. Therefore, no matter how long it takes, it will last for a long time. The color is not very bright. But the advantage is that the skin is also thick and wear-resistant.

Goatskin: Suhali

Only 5% of the world’s annual leather is goat skin, and LV chooses the best 5% of the 5%. Goatskin is a very rare and precious leather that combines softness and tenacity with sensuality and character.

High quality designer replica handbags use the same leather as the original. The difference is very small. For those who don’t want to spend too much money, they can choose replicas to decorate our clothes. We can contribute money on more meaningful things. Do you agree with me?

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