Louis Vuitton Backpack Replica Review: Vintage Style Montsouris MM

Ladies, are you in the market for a Louis Vuitton backpack? Excellent choice indeed! Read on and I believe you will find this blog post informative.

I got this fake Louis Vuitton backpack from twinspurse and thought it was perfect for travel or fitting diapers. I want to give a review of this backpack because I haven’t seen anyone comment on this particular bag, so let’s get started!


I’ve been looking for a backpack large enough to hold my daughter’s wipes, diapers, milk powder, baby bottle, my son’s toys and snacks, and my basics. I can’t stand carrying one on each shoulder because the backpacks I had simply didn’t have sufficient capacity to fit all my stuff (you will know what I mean if you are a mom too).

There were so many brands and styles to choose from in the replica world. I trusted Twinspurse and believed they will get me the best. I have already received an amazing fake Louis Vuitton wallet from them before so I sent them my preferences. Accordingly, they recommended me Louis Vuitton Montsouris backpack.

Price: 350 USD. Get 10% off Total cost 315 USD

Shipping: Free EMS

Payment Method: Wire Transfer


Louis Vuitton Backpack Replica Quality: 10/10

LV Montsouris replica backpack

LV fake Montsouris open


Quality of Louis Vuitton Backpack Replica: 10/10

It is very sturdy. All photos were taken with the bag empty and it retained its shape. It will not sag and stay flat when the bottom is empty.

When I unpacked the box and opened the protective bag, all I smelt was leather, and it smelled absolutely amazing. I was really worried that the replica might come with a horrible smell.

This backpack is heavy. I loved its sturdiness and quality. Frankly speaking, I haven’t done much research on this backpack, I simply have faith in the professionalism of Twinspurse.

The canvas of this backpack is thicker and stronger than I thought. The luster of the canvas looks nice with comfortable touch. It is just the thickness I prefer.

The backpack maintains its good shape even if I don’t stuff anything inside. Montsouris is the vintage style of Louis Vuitton, so I actually hope it looks old and it will look more authentic if you know what I mean. I’m already an expert to get patina on LV leather, just give me a bottle of olive oil, and I will make it grow old immediately! It’s a pity that I don’t have it now. 🙁

Accuracy of Replica Louis Vuitton Backpack: 9/10


knockoff louis vuitton montsouris

I will start with satisfaction.

As I said, the canvas of this Louis Vuitton fake Montsouris backpack has a good sheen and a correct weight. Upon receiving it, I spent some time checking the alignment of the Monogram printing on the authentic Louis Vuitton backpack. It looks identical to the authentic one.

The color and texture of the lining fabric seem to match the real thing. The font on the rivets looks the same as authentic. Vachetta leather feels great.

Now, let’s talk about the defect: the date code on the LV backpack is incorrect and invalid. (Invalid date codes are common in replicas) 

Satisfaction of Louis Vuitton Replica Backpack: 100/10

Knockoff LV Profile View of Pocket

Profile View of Pocket Front Pocket Interior


Front Pocket Interior

Heat Stamp Closeup


Zipper Pull & Monogram Closeup


The flaw of invalid date code doesn’t bother me at all because that means nothing (I purchase a replica, not a real one, what do I expect?). Also, you have to examine my bag thoroughly to find the “error” in the bag.

The hardware is the right gold. The glazing is perfect and amazing! The stitching is a nice yellow color as well. It’s more convincing to carry this vintage backpack because we don’t see it very often on the street nowadays. The Louis Vuitton Montsouris backpack has enough room for things and it opens easily, so I can rummage around and get my stuff quickly.

Seller Communication & Service: 100/10

Twinspurse is awesome. I am very happy to get this high-quality Louis Vuitton backpack replica. Their response was prompt and they are very happy to help me with my rapid-fire questions. They even rushed to process my order so that it could be mailed out as soon as possible. (I needed to receive that package asap because our family was going on vacation. If the package was late, it wouldn’t have waited for me that long at the post office and would be returned.)

I will definitely recommend them to anyone, especially to first-time replica buyers. They are a very honest and professional seller. I am 100% sure that I will order from TW again. Or you can explore the replica world and search for the best seller for yourself, trust me, it’s real fun!

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    Hey, I’m looking 4 LV APOLLO Backpack. does anyone happen 2 know any seller that sells good replicas 4 it?

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