Kockoff Bvlgari Serpenti Forever Bag Review

The reason that I would go for a Replica Bvlgari bag this time is because the fascinating versatility of different aspects is like a sexy weapon created by women who understand their own charm and confidently control everything.I really have fallen into the Bulgari Serpenti Forever.

I never bought a Bulgari item. And neither did I purchased a replica Bvlgari bag online. But when I saw the model carrying Bvlgari Serpenti Forever, and gracefully walking past me, I was really into the snake head with the bag button.That’s the next replica bag I want to give it a shot.

Here is the Replica Bvlgari Serpenti Forever Bag

The bag is very extravagant and temperament.What’s more, it has strong aura. Let’s see all the details:

It’s silver color with a flip design.We know that Bvlgari is a brand based on jewelry. So the bag is also incorporated the elements of jewelry.You can see the buckle is a snake head jewelry design. The emerald snake eye shows the power of sensibility and seduction. This is the Bvlgari’s unique classic design. And it also shows the bag’s outstanding and powerful aura, which can shock people.

The chain of this Bvlgari bag is snake chain,which echoes with buckle.As snake chain is relatively thin, I didn’t put too heavy stuff. Moreover,the carrying capacity of the bag is also limited. If the bag is broken, I will feel sad.

Inside Details:

Speaking of this point, I have to mention the capacity of the bag by the way.

The inside is a double-layer structure.The capacity is quite large. So it can divide the things needed well.There is a stratification in the middle and a zipper pocket.You can put some important stuff into it. So that the inside space could be used very well.If we make a detailed calculation,it actually has five spaces. First of all, we notice that there are two maximal spaces and one in the middle zipper .

There is also a small zipper inside , a small stratification, and a small pocket next to its stratification in the middle. You can put a lot of stuff you need everyday. The package is complete. There is a raincoat (there is no need to worry about getting wet if rains). Besides, there are two pamphlets and a mirror. The details are also very good. Please look at the photos I posted.

close-up images

The magnet of the buckle is pretty good. You just need to lightly click. A crisp “ting” will follow when you shut the buckle. Moreover, there are Bvlgari logos on both buckles. I really like this silver cowhide bag! Anyway, my first shot proves that replica Blvgari handbag can also be produced in high quality.

What’s the most important to buy a bag?

To buy a bag, the most importantly is your favorites.Then you have to consider the practicality. The bag is easy to carry and match.To test its matching scope, I also worn my evening dress to match it. The matching was great! Lol, if I have to wear my evening suit for events, I can pick up a bag easily.

Yes! It is so gorgeous that you want to show off in front of any parties and at the same time, no one can tell this is a designer replica bag for its good quality.

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