Knockoff Prada Bibliotheque Bag Review

Hey girls! How are you doing? Today I have a good news for all of you! I accidentally found a Instagram account that have fake designer handbags for sale. I was browsing Instagram like usual and it just pop in on the screen. The name of the ins is repfactory.1874repf. I have checked through all of the posts they have. They sent their first post on Oct, 21 th, 2018.

But they aren’t keep updating their ins that regularly. From the pics they have posted, there are wide range of brands like Louis Vuitton, Celine,Gucci,Prada, Fendi.

As you know, I bought so many knockoff handbags from the same website: Twinspurse. All of them came out quite good so far. But I need to know if there are someone else selling high quality replica handbags like TP ,or maybe, better than Twinspures ? as a backup options.

I am surprised that you see my previous blogs about the replica reviews and like my sharing. Therefore, I feel like I have the responsibility to dig out more good designer knockoff handbags site for you.

Anyway, after few thoughts, I gave it a shot on repfactory.1874repf.
I contacted them via ins directly. The bag I tried is Prada Bibliotheque Bag. Paid 389. They do not offer any discount. But the price is acceptable. I hope this Prada replica handbag is worth the pay.

It has Monochrome Saffiano leather and calfskin leather. The leather have stiffened, surface texture with fine cross, looks to both delicate and beautiful. As far as I know, Prada began to use Saffinano leather in 1970s. And there are many other luxury brand follow to use such kind of leather.

This Kockoff Prada handbag received from repfactory.1874repf also features real Saffiano leather. So the bag is really durable and scratch-resistant.

Roomy Bag with adjustable space inside

As one of Prada’s classic series, the Saffiano Bibliotheque have special and practical model inside the bag. The bag has three inside pockets, including one with zipper closure and one with flap to keep your stuff secure.

Let us take a look at the side view. The replica Prada Bibliotheque Replica handbags boasts of a snap closure on both sides. You can adjust it to your liking. This give us more flexibility to load personal stuff upon needs. The sub-color: red at both sides add more elegance and dynamics to the whole bag. In addition, there are two rounded leather handles. And there are smooth lambskin interior. The edging of the bag feels good too for now. I have seen some posts saying the edging fell off easily even though it is a real one.

Anyway, I need some time to scrutinize the durability of the bag. We will see…

The embossed Prada logo has decent shape and feel sturdy. Also, there are even space between each letters. I always got the concern that all of my replica handbag with gold hardware get faded over time, which make the bags valueless. But several months has passed.

My replica Louis Vuitton handbags from Twinspurse are all kept in good condition over my regular use. It make me feels like I am now way more reluctant to buy the authentic handbags when I have all these access to buying these well-made designer knockoff handbags at a fraction of the real price.

Anyway, thank you for reading through my reviews. I plan to buy a new backpack for myself in the very near future. I will be choosing between fake Gucci backpack and LV rep backpack. These 2 brands contains a wide range of beautiful backpacks. There are so many options to choose among…But indeed, I have an overall picture of my coming backpack. It has to be black, not too big, simple but not boring. I do not know if have requests too much? Do you guys have any suggestions? Thank you so much !!!

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