Knockoff Bag Review-Louis Vuitton Alma PM

Hi guys,Merry Christmas!!

This time I wanna share a very festive replica bag.Replica Louis Vuitton Alma 2015 Christmas series. Though the bag was launched in 2015, it’s still popular this year. However, it’s a pity that you can’t find the bag at the counter shops. If you really wanna buy it, you can only buy a second hand or replicas. There are chances that you will finally find a high-end Louis Vuitton knockoff handbags suppliers.

About LV Alma

This bag greatly meets the characteristics you want. It’s a stereotyped bag. Unlike other Alma, they just simply changed its appearance.On the basis of Monogram, it has different color scheme and is matched with creative patterns. That shows a different style.The handles and bottom of previous Monogram Alma were light-colored leather. It is easy to get dirty and discolored.This limited edition is not the same.

It’s purple leather,which is not easy to be worn and discolored. It’s nice and durable.The color is also quite good and it’s better than the color of vegetable tanned leather (Vegetable tanned leather: it will patina with time).

I have to say that the designer is very attentive to this replica lv bag. There is a pattern which likes a little monster on the front. Let’s take a closer look.You will feel it looks a small dinosaur (small triangular eyes).It’s really adorable.


From a holistic perspective,you will think these are bangs.Both sides are big eyes.You just look the eyes position only. You will notice that it’s a lantern pattern.The middle button is like a candle which is shining. Besides, the location is just right. You will gradually find that the bag is really full of rich festive atmosphere. It’s really suitable for carrying under such festive atmosphere. Also, it surely will be the spotlight everywhere.

All in all, the bag is very cute. The bag comes with double open and close zippers. Its hardware is shiny. In my opinion, this louis vuitton replica replicate the look and the quality from the authentic to such a great degree.

Double zip for secure closing

When I received it, I tried to pull the zipper. But it was not smooth.I contacted them.They told me that the items must go through strict quality test before shipping. They only ship perfect items. Because it’s a new production, it has not been used at all. This is normal. After using, the zipper will be smoother and smoother.The staffs suggested me to pull back and forth for several time.I tried and the smoothness was better,so I accepted it.Mine is PM size.The size is suitable for hanging out,including visiting relatives.I carried the bag for family gathering on Christmas.There is no strap. But I think carrying by hands will be fun since it’s such a lovely bag.

Why Do You Need It?

In such an important Christmas occasion, we need to bring out all our confidence and have fun with our family who might have not seen each other for quite a while. With this replica designer bag, I feel really comfortable and super happy mingling with my friends or families. As it is so decent and was copied perfectly, I got nothing to worried about.

If you are on the way to purchase your first replica lv bag but get hesitant like me at the very beginning, email me.I hope i might be of some help to remove some of your concerns.

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