How to Choose the First Hermes Bag?

For the first Hermes bag, should we choose a Birkin or a Kelly? This is the most entangled problem we have to face in our entry purchase of Hermes Designer Bags.

The temperament of the two styles is very similar. Combing with our own situations, we would be able to make the final choice by comparing the advantages and disadvantages of these 2 styles.

First the commanding style: Birkin

The most popular style among the Hermes Family.

Even though Birkin does not have such a long history as Kelly, it is the popularity queen.

Advantages of Birkin bags

  • 1. Easy to open and close
  • 2. Much more suitable to hang charms, meeting girls requirements of decorating the bags. Hermes sell a bag chain. I personally think it shows the best look on Birkin.
Birkin Bag looks gorgeous with charms!
  • 3.Soft bags give us comfortable touch and large capacity.

Disadvantages of Birkin bags

  • 1. we can not carry  birkin bags on our shoulders. It brings inconvenience if you can carry the bags only with one hand.
  • 2.Classic leather used by Birkin bags makes the bag collaps in shape after  a period of use.

Advantages of Kelly

  • 1.kelly bag has a huge family, many styles (Kelly Pochette, Mini Kelly, Kelly Danse, Kelly Doll, etc.). Even the most classic kelly has Sellier and retourne constructions to choose from. Sellier comes with upright look while retourne is more casual. Anyway, you can choose the one strikes your heart.
  • 2.There are shoulder straps, with which you can carry the bag both on shoulders and with your hand. So we are free from the inconvenience brought by Birkin.
  • 3.The shape is more neutral, especially the sellier version. It caters to men  and women. Men can also wear the bag with masculinity.

Disadvantage of kelly

  • 1. The bag  is not convenient to open, and the buckles on both sides are very tight.
  • 2.Poor capacity. The same size of 25, sellier Kelly can not load many stuff due to the firm shape. Retourne Kelly 25 can load more stuff, but after retourne seam, the look and size is slightly smaller than Sellier Kelly 25.
Birkin 25 VS Kelly 25,Birkin has a comparatively good capacity
  • 3.When you want to decorate the kelly bag, you will find that the lock and key protector that was originally hung on the bottom of the handle is a little nowhere to place and redundant.

In summary, you can choose according to your own preferences.

My first Hermes is a Birkin replica bag. As a bag shopping spree, I just can not imagine after spending a lot of money to distribute the goods, I still need to go through a long wait list. Sometimes, you can not even pick the favorite color and leather. This is such a pain.  I am getting more and more designer handbags over time. Naturally, I will be more eager to have my “special Hermes”, a tailored one for me. If you have the same mentality as me, a fake hermes can satisfy the needs.

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