Replica Hermes Birkin Bag Review

Hello ladies! So, you came here to see the review of my replica Birkin bag. If you’re in the market for high-quality fake hermes bags, you are at the right place as I will be showing you the best Hermes Birkin bag you’ve ever seen.

My Hermes obsession started in my high school years, so I ended up getting a couple of them. I used to think that Hermes purses are good investments. They still are. But what’s the point of buying a bag that I am afraid of devaluing? Have you ever seen anymore carrying their ‘investments’ around? Besides, with the increasing quality and accuracy of replica Hermes bag, I just can’t justify these steer price tags any more. Trust me, after reading my review, you can’t either!

Try To Get A Fully Hand-stitched Replica Hermes Bag

I usually work with Twinspurse whenever I want to buy knockoffs. I have great faith in them and the quality of their purses. But since all Hermes bags are handcrafted, I think it would be wiser to get a fake Hermes bag from a seller who specializes in stitching Hermes bags by hand. Besides, although I am a faithful customer to TW, I also like to keep my options open. It will be even better if I have access to more dependable sellers, which means I have more options in terms of prices and quality. Admit it! We all want the best of the best!

Anyway, I was watching videos on Youtube the other day and then a recommendation video about handcrafting fake Hermes bags popped up and it really drew my attention. How the artisan crafted the bag really intrigued me. Also, I really admired how well they crafted their bags. At first, I simply left a comment down below the video. Then the seller called Hermesboutique chatted with me about their business of handcrafted fake Hermes bags. It turned out we both agreed that we should either buy a fully-handcrafted replica Hermes bag or don’t buy at all. I really trusted that seller so I ordered a replica Hermes Birkin 30 gold from them.

They had black and red Birkins in stock. But I have way too many black outfits in my wardrobe and red seemed too bright for me. Because this was my biggest purchase of replica handbags at that time, I didn’t want to make do with a color that I didn’t like. Even though I almost rushed to order one at first. Gold, on the other hand, is not as low-key but just as classic as black color.

Therefore, I would rather wait patiently for my customized gold Birkin. The seller said that they can make the date stamp according to my need and asked if I had a preferred year. I said no. I simply reminded them to take my bag verrrrry seriously and cautiously. Give me the best Birkin bag, I will order more in the future. I am a handbag collecter! Haha. 

OK, I digress again. Without further ado, let’s move on to the review of my fake Birkin bag. 

Replica Birkin Bag Review

I paid $1300(including shipping) for my fake Birkin bag. It took 20 days from the day I ordered to the day the package was delivered. So how’s the quality?

To be short, this is one heck of a gorgeous bag! Let me break it down.

  • When I opened the package, there was a divine smell of expensive leather forcing itself out. If you’ve ever visited a Hermes store, that’s what my replica Birkin bag smells like. There is a textured and powdery feel to the togo leather. It feels slightly dryer than the bags in the store which have probably been made and stayed there for a while. However, brand-new togo leather should feels dryer just like my replica Birkin bag. 

  • The stitching looks neat and tight and perfectly-done! 
  • The chevre lining feels great and soft with slight grain.

  • Hardware looks sturdy with a weight to it. The color and the engraved ‘Hermes-Paris’ seem to be on point.
  • The logo stamp looks crisp and clear, no floating letters and all. 

  • The turnlock turns smoothly yet with a bit resistance. 

In terms of quality, this bag is perfect. Now, let’s see how the accuracy of this fake Birkin bag goes!

The shape is spot-on and the dimension is true to the authentic bag. It looks symmetrical in different directions. That’s a relief! For a famous bag like Birkin, the shape is usually the first callout.


The leather smells and feels exactly like an authentic Hermes bag. Gold was my first choice because it goes well with my wardrobe. I didn’t have any hesitation to choose leather. I like soft leather, so Togo leather would be the best for me. The Hermès Birkin Togo is the classic leather. The surface is plump and shiny. And the grains are distinct. Also, the leather smells high-quality and lux unlike the chemical smell in other low-tier replica Hermes bags. Most replica handbags don’t smell good. I mean the average replica handbags. Some high-quality replicas use the same leather sources as their authentic versions.

Date stamp looks neat clear inside the bag. It starts with D which indicates 2019. The date stamp in the pre-shipment photos was not inside the front belt. The seller informed me that the date code was stamped inside the front belt before 2015(included) yet has been stamped inside the bag since 2016. So naturally, the factory makes stamp codes inside the bags now, because the authentic Hermès has updated this design. They simply need to stay in line with the authentic design. I googled his and found that it was the truth.


The curve and length of the handles seem identical to the authentic bag. The handles feel sturdy and comfortable to carry. It stands upright naturally.


The authentic Birkin has hand-made slanted stitches. The stitching of this bag is tight, even, and comparable to the genuine bag. The stitches are nicely slanted and beautiful.

Zippers pull is true to the authentic Birkin with Hermes engraving on the zipper.


The logo stamp is neat and clear with the correct depth. It locates perfectly on the center of the top edge of the bag with a correct distance from the stitching.



The hardware is solid with good weight to it. The pearling looks nice and identical to authentic Hermes. (For those who don’t know what pearling is, pearling is the nails on authentic Hermes bags that are hand-pearled, which means they use a tool to put the nails in from behind and then hand-pearl them to give the rounded look.)


The clochette looks luxury and the shape looks correct. The padlock seems to high-quality metal and feels sturdy. With a padlock, it will surely enhance the anti-theft performance of the bag. LOL. But normally I just take it as a decoration.


The sangles works the same with genuine Birkin which pass through the holes when pulled.

The customer service staff confirmed all the details of my order with patience just to make sure nothing was lost in translation. Their English is very good, so I don’t have trouble conveying my needs to them.

This Hermes Birkin replica bag is much more expensive than other replica handbags I ordered before, so I double checked everything with them. They were so responsive that there was a time (which I believed was 4 am over there) I left them a message about the stitching of the bag, they responded to my message right away. This is so impressive.

Am I content with this replica hermes Birkin bag? Absolutely YES! This is probably the best Hermes Birkin replica in the market. I dare to say 99.5% percent of the people around me won’t even spot this is a replica Birkin bag. Yep! That’s how confident I am about this bag.

Remember, if you ever want to get a replica Hermes bag, stick to fully hand-stitched ones! That’s the closest version of authentic Hermes. Seriously, when I can get such a gorgeous ‘Hermes’ with a fraction of the original price, I will never splurge on another authentic Hermes bag from the boutique again. 


16 thoughts on “Replica Hermes Birkin Bag Review

  1. Felicia Beasle says:

    Such a gorgeous Birkin! I could only appreciate it from afar. I’m not worthy of any replicas of Hermes; for my social identity will not be commensurate with them. Even if I do have a super identical replica under my arm, I am still fearful of inquiries. Am I alone in thinking this way? *cry out loud*

  2. Brittney says:

    I ordered one from hermesboutique…fantastic quality! Thank you for your sharing that brought me to this breathtaking tri-color hermes birkin bag! Yay!
    tri-color birkin1
    tri-color birkin2
    tri-color birkin3

  3. Carolinelovebags says:

    i bought a Hermes evelyne in black from ioffer which leather is so dry and looks so fake.
    the leather of your Birkin looks great.
    do you know if they have evelyne? i have a soft spot for this bag

  4. Cassandra says:

    I’ve been searching everywhere for a $200 hermes wallet bearn mini gold. Any suggestions on good sellers? I am on a budget due to the Covid-19 so I can’t afford a higher price. BTW, I want to resell my replica Birkin that I bought on this May for $1,300. It’s in beautiful Rose Sheherazade. It’s just the size that’s a bit small for me because I am quite tall. I’ve only carried it thrice so it still looks brand-new. The dust bag and box are retained. I only sell it locally here in New York. I must thank Dhana for providing this platform! Hopefully, I will come across somebody who is interested.

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