Hermes Birkin Replica Bag Review

Spoiler Alert!!

Everybody knows that there are a lot of women dreaming for Hermès bags. Exquisite profiles, diverse leathers, rich colors, and a long history have all brought a mystery to Hermès. Of course, including me.

I’ve had replica bags of different brands in these two years. But I haven’t had a Hermes bag yet.I have always dreamed of having a Hermès bag. After all, it is the leader in all the bags. But why didn’t I buy one yet?

I would say that even a replica is not cheap and I was looking for the best replica Hermès bags supplier all the time. At this moment,OMG,I finally found the best Hermès replica That is the one I purchased from Hermes boutique.

If we simile the process of girls buying bags as the upgrading and fighting in the games, then Birkin bag is suppposed to be the final big boss of their Bag Shopping Carnival.

My Hermès Birkin bag:

Purchasing Details:

The customer service specialists confirmed all the details of my order patiently.Their English is quite good. It ’s easy to communicate.This knockoff Birkin bag is much more expensive than any bags I ordered before. So I confirmed the entire process with them carefully.

As it’s dear, I would prefer a safe color. Actually I like gold color most. But I worried about color difference.So to be safe, I chose black color.I didn’t have any hesitation to choose leather

I like soft leather, so I chose Togo leather.The Hermès Birkin Togo is really a classic leather.The surface is plump and shiny. And the grains are distinct. Also, the leather has a faint fragrance instead like other brands bags have a chemical smell.(Most replica handbags don’t smell good.)

The designer bag is structured.I have seen that many second-hand Togo Birikin bags have become soft and lazy after years of using. I don’t know if my Birkin bag will keep structured as time goes by. lol

BTW, I caught up with the peak season. Therefore in the end the bag took me 25 days to arrive. Although it took me 25 days, compared with buying an authentic Hermes Birkin bag, it was short.

After all an authentic Hermès Birkin bag is not what you look at in the magazine, then you can go directly to the store to buy it.

Buying Birkin bag is about luck and fate. If you want to buy the customs one you favorite, you have to wait for a half of year or two years. Or even longer. They will inform you after the the bag is ready. So I did complain nothing.

Details display:
(too excited to forget taking pictures of packaging. If you want to see, I will take pictures and post later)

faux hermes pochette

Each bag has a lock and a pochette. With a lock, it will be surely enhance the anti-theft performance,lol. But normally I just take it as a decoration.There is a year stamp inside.When I received the pre-shipment photos, the year stamp is not in the inside front belt. I asked them, they told me that the stamp code was made in inside the front belt) before 2015(including 2015), the stamp code is made in inside since 2016.

Normally, they made stamp code inside the bag right now,’cause the official Hermès authentic has updated. So they do follow the authentic.I googled by myself,and found that it’s true.

I think I will order another Hermes bag soon.Which style do you prefer?Lindy? Kelly or Constance? These are my next purchase goals.

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