Gucci Arli Large Top Handle Replica Bag

Hello everyone! Readers who have seen my sharing of replica bags shopping over these years must know that LV is one of my favorite brands. Some careful readers may find another phenomenon that another brand I mentioned in my blog quite frequently is Gucci Arli.
Like Gucci Dionysus GG Supreme Mini, Gucci Bamboo Dionysus and so on.

Yes, I also love Gucci bags. However, those Gucci bags I previously purchased are all classic styles. After several months of observation, I decided to buy this beautiful Gucci Arli Large Top Handle replica Bag.

We are bombarded with Gucci’s new publication of handbags. Many of them are popular. By 2019, one of the must-have fashion It Bags is Gucci mini handbag. But this does not affect the popularity of Gucci’s latest Arli handbag series. Many people think that the Arli handbag series is the the biggest move that Gucci take this year.

This series debuted on the Gucci 2019 early spring show. My first impression of it was: It seems that the bags was used by people in the 90s They are so vintage! At the same time, its name source is also very meaningful. The name Arli comes from the the location of this early spring show – the old Italian name of Arles in the southern French town.

Three Sizes& Three Styles

Vintage Arli collection has three sizes: small size shoulder bag, medium size shoulder bag, and a large tote.

Small Arli. The front of the bag is designed with a flip cover and a zippered inner pocket. It is suitable to put some valuables, and it is very safe. The flip cover is equipped with a magnetic buckle for you to put things in and take things out. Besides, you can adjust the shoulder strap.
So girls not very tall can also carry the bag as one-shoulder bag or simply a handbag.

Small Arli is a very classic and practical flip bag, also coming with a replete and antique double G Logo. We have to say small Arli and GG Marmont look like twins. But shoulder straps of Arli don’t have a metal chain, and the glossy leather body looks more compact.

Medium Arli. It comes with 7 color with mixed leather from ostrich skin, snake skin, to suede. The inner of the bag has a zipper, a large capacity, a magnetic buckle at the flip cover. Besides, an adjustable shoulder strap. It looks superb amazing when you carry it and is the best fit for street shot!!
Mix-leather is their main promotion point. Most of them are mixed with calfskin in the middle of the suede. That weaken the toughness of the whole leather Arli, and added sense of literary, as if they were designed exclusively for painters.

My Versatile Large Arli

Large Arli. This bag is very different and rarely seen when you walk on the street. I almost did not hesitate to choose the large size. Because I am currently inclined to buy a stylish, versatile and practical bag. The large Arli fits perfectly with my needs.

The hand-held style and neutral design are actually very similar to men’s briefcase in old times with a sense of rebellion.
At the same time, the bag comes with large double G logo, which is a high-profile inheritance of Gucci’s classic logo.

Not only does it have a vintage look, Arli’s double-G metal parts are more rounded and fuller than the regular GG Marmont. Moreover, the metal part has proper amount of weight, a vital part to exhibit the quality of the bag. The replica Gucci Arli I ordered, has a double G metal that is no different from the authentic one.

It has simply turned all my illusions about her into a perfect reality. This is the most prominent and eye-catching part of the Gucci bag. And I have to admit that my money is worth a lot. Sometimes I wonder with the money I paid, whether the replica seller can really get a decent profit because I am often convinced by the quality of these high-end replicas.

In addition to the metal geometric buckle connecting the body and shoulder straps, there is also a curve design on the bag.

The artistic curves makes Arli look more chronological and meanwhile adds a little bit of fun.

Honestly, it is not a style that most of girls will love at their first sight. But in fact, if you look at it a few more times, you will find that it is more and more attractive. It is a bag that needs to be appreciated with time.
I chose this light color Arli because it can give me more possibilities for outfit match. Especially when the bag goes with some gorgeous vintage palace clothing, you will look like a European literary beauty.

Cares on Details

The other point is that its shoulder strap can be adjusted!
When you wear it on your shoulders, it looks like the popular underarm bag, super trendy! Arli pay special attention on the details, especially for the exibition of retro. The adjustment buckles on the shoulder straps are made of same color, very original, small round buckles. Visually harmonious with a sense of vintage. Simple but full of charm.

In addition to the front and rear two open pockets, the large Arli has two large storage compartments and extra phone pockets as well. I can put what I need without affecting the original shape of the bag. This is another important reason why I like the bag. I always think that bags can’t be overloaded because it will affect their longevity and beauty. The zipper inside is very smooth to pull back and forth and exquisite, making it easy to grab/put things. This also greatly enhances the sense of use.

In general, I really like this excellent replica Gucci Arli large top handle bag. She is my favorite recently! I was wondering if this Gucci Arli collection being your thing? If so, which one do you prefer?

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