Replica Goyard St Louis GM Tote Review – One of the Most Desirable Brands

Hey guys! I’ve done several product reviews of some mainstream luxury brands. Today, I feel like reviewing my Goyard St Louis GM tote replica for a change. I hope you enjoy this review as much as I enjoy this bag.

For fashionistas, Goyard must ring a bell. And for those who just made it to the fashion world, it is perfectly normal not knowing the brand. Since Goyard is such an elusive and understated brand that they neither advertise their products nor sell them online from their website.

Goyard doesn’t engage in any kind of e-commerce, so buyers can only purchase Goyard products at Goyard comptoirs around the world. But according to their official website, there are only 22 Goyard stores all over the globe. As a result, customers are very hard to get an authentic Goyard product. They either turn to the resale website for pre-owned Goyard or go to the replica market.

Backstory Of My Fake Goyard St Louis GM Tote

The reason why I purchased this Goyard St Louis GM tote replica was that my old gym bag/travel bag is badly worn. It was an ordinary tote I got from a high-street store a few years back. It was sturdy and durable. But it just looks too worn to use it any longer. So I had been doing my research on roomy totes in the replica market for a while.

I used to use my Louis Vuitton Neverfull as a gym bag once, but I needed to take all my work stuff out then put them back in after. It was so annoying. So I started my hunt for the perfect gym bag/travel bag.

One day during my routine research, I helplessly gravitated to this Goyard St Louis GM tote which has plenty of room inside and the most fascinating interlocking Chevron pattern on its canvas.

As I dug deeper, I was obsessed with the secrecy of this mysterious brand. And the tote bag seems to be just the Mary Poppins bag for work-out. At that moment, I told myself, “I need to have it!”

What You Need To Know About The Goyard GM Tote

Before you splurge on a new bag in the chaotic replica market, it is your top priority to know everything about the authentic bag. Don’t skip this step or you will end up feeling sorry about your purchase. So I’ve done my research on the tote and here is all the need-to-know information on Goyard St Louis GM tote. 

Goyard Tote was initially made as a beach bag. (No kidding!) Authentic Goyard St Louis bag slouches due to its lack of structure. It’s made with Goyardine which is a natural fiber material and the iconic coated cloth/canvas of the brand. It is a mix of linen, hemp, and cotton and is coated for durability and results in a leather-like look yet with water resistance. (That’s why it has a sheen on it.)  

The Goyardine chevron print comprises three layers of colors and the iconic interlocking Chevron pattern (the touching y’s) is formed by small paint dots. BTW, high-quality Goyard St Louis Tote replica should have touching Y’s as autentic totes. 

There is a detachable pouch in the same pattern and color of the tote inside. The pouch is attached to the tote with a leather strap that can’t be detached from the handle. Also, the tote has a white lining with no top zipper on it.

The style and pattern of Goyard St Louis tote are extremely prevalent in areas like New York and Chicago. Black with black or light brown trim is classic Goyard colors and that’s why I went for a black tote with light brown trim. However, the brown straps don’t discolor or develop any patina as the LV bags do. 

Review of My Goyard St Louis bag Replica

After reading the basic information about this tote, you should have a general understanding of what an accurate Goyard St Louis Tote replica should look like. Good, it would be of great help if you try to hunt for one later.

Now on to the review!

Price: 199$


The excellent quality of the canvas really impressed me the first time I cast an eye on this tote. The canvas has a spot-on iconic interlocking Chevron pattern with accurate touching Y’s! It was a happy surprise. Besides, the canvas has a beautiful sheen on it. I think the material does repel water as authentic Goyardine does.

The stitching looks even and perfect all over the bag.

The handles look amazing with neat stitching and glazing. I checked and simply didn’t see any loose threads or any other flaws in the whole bag.

The lining is white with nice stitching. The tote has a crisp brand imprint on the metal and a  hot stamp inside the pocket without any visible messiness. It has luxury-looking leather trims and the leather wrinkles like the authentic totes.

This tote looks and feels sturdy. However, it looks slightly stiffer than the real deal, if my eyes didn’t do tricks with me. I heard that some people tumble dry their fake Goyard totes on a low temperature so that they soften up, but not me! Why the fuss?! I plan to use it as my gym bag mostly. It may be even better if it’s stiffer because I am rough with my stuff during workouts.

But the handles get a little uncomfortable if I put too many things in it. It happens to the real bag too, so I can’t take off any points to it.

No Chemical smell comes with this fake Goyard tote, which is amazing.

I am more than satisfied with the quality, so I give it a 10!


Although the tote looks slightly stiff, it is still floppy (in a good way) like authentic Goyard Tote. I had to rush to take photos before it flopped over.

The stitching looks perfect and even on the entire bag with a correct thread color compared to the authentic tote.

The canvas has just the correct sheen which looks identical to the Goyardine on each authentic St Louis tote. I am not sure how they achieved this, but I love this canvas.

The raised texture was there as it should be when I ran my fingers all over the bag. Swoon! Does this mean this tote is actually hand-painted like authentic ones too?

The interior lining matches the authentic version in all the details – color, leather trim, and all.

Poorer quality replica with non-touching Y’s

My fake Goyard tote with accurate touching Y’s

Hurray to the touching Y’s! I had read tons of reviews about how off their totes were in terms of this aspect and how difficult it was to get a fake Goyard St Louis Tote with and correct interlocking Chevron pattern, so I guess I was lucky to receive the best Goyard tote replica with accurate touching Y’s from TW.

The serial number of this fake Goyard tote is right on the strap that attaches the pouch to the tote as authentic one would and it looks correct in terms of the format which comprises three letters followed by six numbers. However, the font of the serial number appears somewhat different, but it was so minor that I had trouble even finding it.

Embossing looks correct in terms of position and font. The “MADE IN FRANCE” logo locates on the center of the leather trim between two handles.

The detachable pouch looks identical with similar shape to the authentic pouch. The interior Goyard stamping looks crisp and clean. 


Everyone kept telling me that GM is way too big. But I didn’t care because that was what I was going for. I’ve got a fake Louis Neverfull MM as my work bag, so I didn’t want another one in a larger size. Compared to my Neverfull, the handles of my fake Goyard St Louis Tote is thicker and sturdier, so it feels more comfortable when carrying something heavy.

I also like the way it slouches when sat, it just looks kind of cute. Taking the price into account, it just seems more rational to invest $199 on a flimsy bag like this than spending $1,400. I’ve read reviews that complained about how authentic totes got badly worn in the corners from use and feel even more thankful to have bought the best Goyard St Louis tote bag.

My View On My Fake Goyard St Louis Tote Bag

This Goyard St Louis GM Tote replica is the perfect gym bag in my book. I use it 3-4 times a week when I go to the gym. It is so versatile that I simply love to stuff all my clothes, towel, water bottle, and some other basics in it. If you worry that things may fall out easily without a top zipper, you can always put a scarf or in my case, a sweaty shirt on top. Nobody’s gonna touch a dirty and smelly shirt. LOL. I think it is worth it.

I also use it as my travel bag when I go on business trips. You can carry it on the plane and it fits under a plane seat!

Sometimes I would carry it as a leisure bag. To make it organized and tidy inside the tote, I use some purse organizers that I ordered online to keep things together. These are very useful.

My Goyard St Louis Tote replica also comes with an incredible packability. I can pack it into my luggage without effort because it lies flat entirely. It takes up no room. Structured bags can never achieve that.

Do I regret making this purchase? Absolutely no! It is so versatile and stunning that it indeed adds spice to my life. If you’re on the fence about getting a georgous Goyard St Louis tote replica, just do it! You won’t regret this.


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