Fendi Kan I Bag Review (Replica )

As you can see the pics I attached, this is a replica Fendi IT bag.

Today, I’m gonna review Fendi replica handbag.There are numerous fashionable classic brands, but references to “beautiful bag”. I think it must be Fendi Kan I. Maybe you will think that my style taste has changed greatly.Compared to the previous bags, this bag is really different.Actually it took a lot of time to purchase this designer bag.

When I saw it at the first time, I was hesitant. After all, it was really not my type. Kan I has a variety of design changes, including size and patterns alteration. There are so many choices like prints, striped bi-color , lace, rivets. I browsed the replica handbags online site and repeatedly come across it during my searching.You want to buy an item when you see it every time. That means you really love it. So I decided to follow my heart and buy it with no further hesitation.

Yes, as you can see, I chose this one for embroidered rivets. If you don’t like too fancy styles, the basic pure colors of Kan l would provide you with more favorable options. The design of the bag is very simple while pretty classic. Its square shape is also very roomy. This bag is divided into two layers, long wallet of 18cm or bigger than 18cm may not fit. Besides, it has no obvious big logo so it is suitable for people who are low-key.

This bag can be weared crossbody or simply hang over one of your shoulder. The leather is very soft, and the touch is very delicate. According to my previous experience, soft leather is prone to have scratches.

Some of the replica Fendi bag looks fake. It seems that some important material or details control is always missing from the Fendi knockoff suppliers I have seen online. But anyway, from my experience this time, it comes to an good end.

High quality Fendi Knockoff

Look at the pictures, it is full of a sense of design, isn’t it?As you can see from the pictures, it’s awash with fresh. It features floral and bow embroidery that’s embellished with light-pink studs. Besides, it is prettily shaped with scalloped edges. There is no need to talk more about details,you can refer to the photos:

sleek silhouette and fun style

It opens to two compartments with enough space for your smallest essentials.Do you like it? It is not too big also not too small, sometimes we need such an moderate size and set free your hands with a lightweight cross-body bag.

Here are the close-up photos of the inside tag logo and the bag of fake Fendi Kan I .

That’s how it looks overall. It’s also necessary to mention the lock of bag.Its lock just like whimsical accessory,which is also the mark of Fendi. Below is a close-up photo.

The Fendi Kan I replica is not a necessity. I bought it just because I was attracted by its unique design.The most importantly whether it’s carried by the top handle or swung over the shoulder. It will underpin looks with a sweet, girlish vibe.

Special Color Combo

Also, I do like the color combo of pink and 2 different blue of the bag as pink and blue are sort of my favorite colors. But I might not buy a bag that only comes with one simple pink or a blue. It is dull and hard to control well. What I want to say here is that these 3 colors all together are harmony. And the round scalloped edge add softness to the whole bag. I love this design.

This is the best replica Fendi bag I have ever had as the color is accurate and the stitching of the flowers is awesome and arranged properly on both sides. Those are what we care mostly for a high-end replica handbag.

If you finally get tired of your formal or somehow boring sense of picking a brand bag, this high quality but cheap replica Fendi Kan I is really a good choice. You can try. It definitely will bring vitality and tenderness to your collection!

Thanks for reading my review. I really hope that it will be helpful to you.

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