Louis Vuitton Wallet Replica Review: Used LV Sarah Wallet

Hi! Ladies and gents! So you’re looking to see my review of the Louis Vuitton wallet replica. If you’re thinking of getting one for yourself, do it! It’s totally worth it!

This LV Sarah Wallet replica was a gift for my mom and she has been using it for a few months. Because it was a packed gift, I didn’t unpack for quality check. (You should always unpack the package to check the quality upon receiving your bag. I’ve ordered multiple high-quality replicas from Twinspurse and all were great, so I skipped the quality check part because I wasn’t worried about it at all.)

I’m interested in the current condition of this wallet, so today I came to my mom’s place and asked her about the gift I gave her a few months ago.

I’m sure that many of you would wonder if replicas can stand the test after repeated use. So I’m going to give you feedback on this! Hopefully, that will be helpful to you.

The Quality of Fake Louis Vuitton Wallet 

Fake LV Sarah Wallet back

The Leather of the Fake Louis Vuitton Wallet

LV Sarah Wallet back

According to my mom, the leather was stiffer at first, and after using it for a few months, the leather became very soft. (So ​​does this mean that Empreinte gets softer with repeated use?) Monograms look accurate to me and the embossing appears to have the right depth. The back is perfectly aligned.

The card slots were tight at the beginning and it was difficult to place the cards in. But now they have become looser and easier to fit. Since it was black, my mom never felt the need to clean it (apologies for the dust in the photo, my mom is a bit lazy.. lol).

The Hardware of The LV Wallet Replica 

The hardware feels sturdy when opening and closing, and the zipper moves smoothly. The stitching next to the zipper looks perfect.

The Stamping of The Replica Louis Vuitton Wallet

Replica Louis Vuitton Wallet stamp
The logo stamping remains neat and does not fade with my mother’s repeated use. (This is great. I see a lot of copies with fading stampings. It seems that this is inevitable?)

The Replica Version of Louis Vuitton Wallet: Wear And Tear After Five Months of Using

My mother used to compare this wallet with the authentic version owned by her friend and she felt so happy and satisfied! After repeated use, the pattern at the bottom becomes a bit smooth (you will see what I mean in the last photo).

The only downside my mom feels dissatisfied about is that theis style is somewhat too big for her personal use. But she keeps using it since it was a gift from her daughter! This is so sweet! It was a surprise! But, of course, I am to blame. I should’ve asked her about the size she preferred before ordering the wallet. Over time, the leather and card slots wear out well, as they should be.
I asked the sales assistant if Empreinte will deform after repeated use? She actually mentioned that the canvas is more likely to go out of shape. I think the same goes for replicas.

Thank you for reading this review! Hope this will be helpful for those who take great interest in the Empreinte of Louis Vuitton fake wallet.

34 thoughts on “Louis Vuitton Wallet Replica Review: Used LV Sarah Wallet

  1. Maya Stokes says:

    Ever since I discovered your reviews and know how good fakes can be, there’s no way I could buy pre-loved. I don’t want to pay authentic price for a knockoff.

  2. Nala Bates says:

    Love it! I’ve been considering buying a Louis Vuitton sarah wallet for myself, and I think you just convinced me to put it on my list

  3. Bianca Gray says:

    i’ve never bought anything replica before but i’m so considering getting this replica Louis Vuitton wallet as my first item, are you still loving it?

    • Regina Bulter says:

      Yes!! I think a small leather good would be a great introduction piece!! This wallet is also priced very well so you don’t need to worry about too much $$ loss in case you don’t like it. I might just order one this week.

      • Dhana says:

        Once you get your first one it’s a slippery slope! Everything looks so tempting . I hope you have a lovely experience and wishing you luck on your first replica! Use it in good health!

  4. Daniella Wright says:

    This Louis Vuitton fake wallet is beautiful! I have several authentic LV wallets and this one looks every bit as nice! Thanks for sharing your experience.

  5. Phoebe says:

    I just ordered an authentic Louis Vuitton Sarah wallet online. I wish I had read this review sooner. I really like this wallet. It’s a plum color so it goes well with my canvas LV.

  6. Izabella Taylor says:

    Just stunning! I’ve always had a soft spot for the louis vuitton sarah wallet. Your review just made me pull the trigger on getting this myself.

    • Bethany says:

      I am currently using this Fendi Card Case It fits a ton of cards and I like it because I can see my cards rather than having to pull some out from behind other cards. Its called the Fendi Accordion Card Holder mine is in black!

    • Clarissa Alberta says:

      I hate bulky wallets so I keep two cardholders and a zippered pouch. Currently my croc-embossed YSL cardholder, Gucci marmont cardholder, and LV key cles!!

      Also got a green Goyard passport holder which I loveeee

      • Kadence Roberthon says:

        my sis is peeved about the long wallets that don’t fit in half her bags! Love the look of cardholders but she actually prefers something a little bit bigger than those

    • Giuliana Jaden says:

      Loving the Celine strap wallets and small Gucci wallets. I like the extra security of something covering the card slots/cash pockets.

  7. Rachel says:

    Hello. Anyone knows how to spot a fake Louis Vuitton wallet? Someone gave me a Louis Vuitton wallet as gift and I wanna know if it is real.

  8. karen says:

    I am lookin 4 cheap louis vuitton wallet replica, can anyone share some trusted sellers that you’ve bought from before?

  9. Howard says:

    Hey, do u know where to get Louis Vuitton mens wallet replica? Everything I found online was ladies’ stuff.

  10. Carpenter says:

    Oh my god! Finally I found a knock off LV wallet that says made in Spain. I’ve always wanted to order one like yours for my wife. I need to get one for my love.

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