Fake Louis Vuitton Case Review From Twinspurse

I love to share every stunning I got with people.So that they can take the reviews as a shopping guideline.

I bought a new cell phone recently. So I wanted to buy a phone case, a Louis Vuitton accessory replica.

I think Twinspurse is amazing.It is the best replica site so far and has whatever you want. In my opinion, the LV accessory I am after has to be also high quality. Directly, I contacted the customers staffs. And they gave me a link. Bravo!! Didn’t see any phone cases as they have too many items.I didn’t have such patience to search an item among maybe thousands of items.

If the items can be filter directly, it will be better. That can save a lot of time. But it can not put me off purchasing it!Why?

Because the designer phone case conquers me with its small and exquisite shape. It is definitely a mirror duplicate.Does the phone case conquer you too?
Let’s take a look at the overall pictures:

Don’t you think it’s familiar at the first sight? Yes,this phone case replica
is designed based on LV Petite Malle. Petite Malle itself is very popular. It is the new series of bags for Louis Vuitton in 2014. If you focus on fashion, you will be familiar. You could see it everywhere.So the LV phone case will get a lof of focus.

People even created a new word “IT accessory”,which refers to this phone case.I am glad to get this LV accessory because it’s really stunning!

The one copy i bought is coated canvas. It’s almost used Louis Vuitton classic patterns. And it is quite the same as the brand iconic Monogram series bags.The Monogram pattern is very exquisite and the metal is delicate. That makes the phone case look same with the authentic one. So it’s easy to match my other LV bags.It just looks like a Petite Malle bag,except that you can’t put stuff.

The metal element is also noticeable. It is definitely an artifact to elevate your level. I believe that it’s a AAA quality copy. The corners are made of hardware-wrapped edges, which are similar to the Petite Malle . The bottom of the phone case is relatively enough. Audio, headphones, and charging ports are all reserved. So no need to worry about that it will be covering the location you need.It’s so convenient to me and I love it so much.

These are the photos after installing my phone.Maybe you will be curious how to install the phone case. Actually, it’s detachable. You can use the special disassembly tool equipped by them to divide the entire phone case into two parts. Then put it into the phone and install it.

In fact, the special tool is so useful and it helped me a lot. It is an essential part of this mirror image replica.

PS:Please be careful when installing,otherwise it may damage the phone case or your cell phone.

This Louis Vuttion accessory knock off is simply a kind of fashion.When you go out with this phone case,as if to say: “Look, I have a LV phone case!” You will be proud spontaneously.

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