Are Fake Gucci Shoes Worth The Money? – My First Pair of Gucci Ace Leather Sneakers Replica Review

*Edit: Sorry for not mentioning where I got these. I was so preoccupied with my shoes. I purchased this pair of gorgeous shoes from TwinsPurse for $180.

I have been in the replica game for over two years so far. But I’ve never attempted to buy a single pair of fake shoes until recently when I got my first pair of replica Gucci sneakers. (For the shoe review, click here to skip my jibber-jabber.) Since I have been told by others over and over about how uncomfortable and unhealthy fake shoes are for our feet.

Nevertheless, I am not nitpicking with shoes as I am with designer bags. But I do have a bottom line – I only wear shoes that fit perfectly and don’t give me blisters.

I do own a pair of Nike. It was a gift from my hubby. You know guys are into sporty stuff. I usually wear them for jogging or driving. They feel comfy on my feet. When I went to the gym, I used to wear my ordinary sneakers I got from the mall.

Backstory Of My First Pair of Fake Gucci Shoes

Well, my impulse to order my first pair of fake shoes was triggered off by an unpleasant episode – two of my female colleagues fell into bickering over whether a girl should date a man who wears fake shoes. One girl insisted that a guy who wears fake sneakers won’t be real with any girl, while the other girl thought that it is wrong and snobby to judge someone by what he wears.

Anyway, I will not discuss this matter in this article. The thing is their debate on snide shoes really aroused my interest. What’s more, some girl who always wore a pair of Gucci Ace Leather Sneaker just kept popping up on my Instagram those days.

So, a desire for a pair of Gucci Ace Leather Sneaker kind of stirred in me. Besides, I also wanted to know if fake shoes were really as notorious as others mentioned.

I am stubborn and indomitable in some way. Sometimes I like to do exactly the opposite of what others suggest, smartly and reasonably, of course.

Years ago, when everyone in my circle kept telling me how knockoffs were shoddily done and how unscrupulous replica sellers were, I adamantly went with my gut and proofed them wrong with quite a few hauls with superb quality.

So this time, I intended to give this replica Gucci shoes a shot and see if they are really not worth a dime. 

Are Fake Shoes Worth Buying?

With counterfeits getting more and more convincing on the outside, it is more difficult for many people to justify paying great money for a designer brand stamp. This is the case in the replica bag world.

However, unlike bags that we use to hold things, shoes are something next to the skin, so most people get more discreet and pickier with the quality.

According to my research, many people believe global conglomerates like Nike and Adidas contract some factories to manufacture a certain amount of sneakers with the required materials provided.

When they use up all the materials, the factories still keep the patterns of the sneakers. So some factories seize the opportunity to produce unauthorized versions of sneakers for knockoff buyers using alternative materials. So they not only imitate the appearance well but also manage to use the closest (or the same) materials with the actual blueprints.

As a result, the design of fake shoes gets increasingly indistinguishable, which makes materials the only difference. However, given the fact that China produces over 60% of the world’s producers of chemical and synthetic fibers, replica shoe manufacturers have very easy access to the same or similar sources of those brands – so the differences between legit and snide shoes are minimal nowadays.

Fake shoes pass the test in terms of design and materials. If they feel as comfortable as their legitimate counterparts, I would say they are so worth it! So my first pair of fake Gucci shoesGucci Ace Leather Sneakers replica would be my test trial.

Quality of My First Pair of Fake gucci Shoes Ever

Sometimes I’m sick of spending $600 on a pair of sneakers. My only pair of sneakers comes from my hubby. Will I spend $600~$700 on heels? Probably! Will I spend the same amount on sneakers? I don’t think so. So a pair of Gucci Ace Leather Sneakers replica sounds more financially rational to me. I kept my fingers crossed for an ace quality before I paid for my fake Gucci shoes.

So how is the quality of my first pair of fake shoes? That’s what I am most concerned about.

To be short, it was probably the best value for the money that I paid ($180).

No chemical smell at all! The smell was more like a fragrance of milk. It was so sweet that it smelt more like a piece of cake with cream on top. Haha.  It is a real pain in the ass that knockoffs always come with terrible smell. To my surprise, it didn’t.

The material is soft and appears to be real leather. There are no glue stains or crooked stitches all over the shoes. As I tried them on, it felt as comfy as my other sneakers.

I mentally prepared for a tough tongue that gives my feet blisters for a while. But it was so soft and supple. I wore them for a whole day with socks on and got no blisters at all at the end of the day.

How can anyone hate such a pair of high-quality and budget-friendly shoes?

How Accurate Is My Gucci Ace Leather Sneakers Replica

So the quality of fake shoes passed the test, how about the appearance?

I would say it is 98% identical to the real shoes. Many replica shoe buyers complained that the toes of the Gucci Ace Sneakers replica were squared off. But when I checked the real Gucci Ace Leather Sneaker on the Gucci website, the authentic pair seems a bit squared off also, maybe not as much. But the difference in my fake Gucci sneakers is hardly noticeable. 

Authentic Gucci Ace Leather Sneakers

The sewn bees look on a par with the authentic ones with high accuracy. The colors seem on point.

I don’t think anyone would suspect the authenticity of my Gucci Ace Leather Sneakers replica when I wear them on the street. I mean who is gonna crouch next to your feet and discern your probably-real sneakers? That would be totally weird. It makes it even harder to distinguish fake shoes. 

Who Should Buy Fake Shoes?

I am officially in the replica shoe game. Similar to counterfeit bags, if you feel the same way as the following, I think you might as well hit that “Pay Now” button and get a pair of fake shoes.

  • You think the original brand is out of your budgetary reach;
  • You’re uncertain about whether the real shoes are worth buying, so you want to try out the fake version first;
  • You just like the design and don’t care if that’s fake shoes or real ones;
  • You would rather spend your money on something else;
  • You believe the quality of fake shoes is comparable to their legitimate counterparts;
  • You intend to follow the latest trends while saving some money;


Just go with your gut as I did, you will realize what a wonderful replica world you drag yourself into. But please choose the best seller you can find in the market and do plenty of research before you are dead-set on a pair! I hope my replica Gucci sneakers shed some light on you! Fingers crossed for you!



44 thoughts on “Are Fake Gucci Shoes Worth The Money? – My First Pair of Gucci Ace Leather Sneakers Replica Review

  1. Aurora says:

    Wow your replica Gucci sneakers look so impressive!! I have the same authentic pair in the same colorway and they look identical!

      • Veda Baldwin says:

        yes. my advice: always go to your cobbler the second you get a new pair of shoes, and have them reinforce your outsole. That way you just have to replace the reinforced outsole your cobbler put in and NOT the one that came with the shoes, authentic or replicas.

        • Heavenly says:

          agreed! besides that, you should do consistent leather care if they’re leather shoes. You need to clean them, re water proof and weather proof them periodically.

  2. Lauryn Chaves says:

    I have the authentic ones and all I can say is WOW! Your replica Gucci sneakers look great and if you and I were out together I wouldn’t be able to tell them apart! Enjoy!

  3. Aggie says:

    I want to order a pair of Christian Louboutin Liloo. I don’t know which shoe size to pick. what’s the trick?

  4. Alger says:

    do they have men’s shoes for this pair? I need size 47. I’ve asked many sellers and they don’t have size 47.

  5. Nancy says:

    well, in that case, it is very likely that many Gucci shoes that I’ve seen on my friends’ feet were fake. I’ve always suspected how they even got the money for legit Gucci shoes.

  6. Roxanne X says:

    i got a pair on facebook and they felt extremely uncomfy. The stiffness in the soles and heels was killing me when walking in those. Besides, they also squeezed my toes.

  7. Marcus says:

    Hello, Dhana.
    I wanna buy a pair of Gucci shoes replica. Do you know which website takes PayPal? This is the only payment method that’s available for me.

  8. Tyler Hilgier says:

    I have the authentic pair for these, but they have been worn out. I don’t see any difference between your shoes and mine in your pics.

  9. Tyler Hilgier says:

    Is the shoe size true? I usually wear US size 10. I heard that they have smaller shoe sizes in China. I don’t know what size to go for.

    • Dhana says:

      I wear US size 7 and they recommended size 38. For accuracy, they also ask me to measure my foot. The shoes fit perfectly. You can contact the seller. They will help you choose the perfect size.

      • Marge says:

        Got an unbranded pair of black flip flops from Amazon. Glad I didn’t pay that much. I think I paid around $15 or $17, they’re a bit painful when worn for long walks. However, the replica Yeezy my brother bought me felt surprisingly comfy and sturdy. So, I dunno, maybe replica shoes are not so notorious after all.

      • Erica Hunt says:

        Just got my replica Gucci Princetown Loafers in White last week and they feel rather comfy! I’m OBSESSED with these, and now I need the black ones! I see no reason to spend $600+ on authentic when you can get these beauties for just a little over $100. Love. Love. Love. <3

    • ethel elliot says:

      I love CL flats. Every pair of Louboutin heels make me cry in pain. I think he purposely designs them to hobble us in return for glory. These flats are real game-changer. Doooooo tell me if you find any good CL shoe seller

  10. Linna says:

    I’ve bought fake shoes from China. They are of very high quality! I honestly think fake shoes are more worth the money than the real deals! Enjoy your shoes!

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