Comparing Review Of Fake Gucci Marmont Bags From Different Sellers

Hi, ladies! This is a really interesting review. If you have enough money to spend, will you pay for the pricier one which claims to be ‘high-quality’?

I have ordered two versions of the same replica Gucci marmont bag respectively from Pursevalley and Twinspurse, which both claimed that they had the high-quality replica Gucci Marmont Bag. I thought that many of you may take great interest in the difference in their quality and prices. Therefore, I am going to give a side-by-side comparison between their quality and accuracy.

Before we dig further into the details, let’s have a look at the comparison photos of the two bags that I took.

Fronts of two fake Gucci Marmont Matelasse shoulder bags Hardware of two replica Gucci Marmont Matelasse shoulder bags Chains Stitches Bottoms Flap interiors Insides

I am sure you’ve already known which is the one with a higher quality by comparison.

If you have enough money to spend, will you fork out for the self-claimed higher-quality one? Well, hold your horse! As price is not always the indicator of good quality or a good seller. Usually, you indeed get what you pay for. But that doesn’t always work. I’ll tell you my story.

After reading this comparative review, you will find that you shouldn’t be price-oriented when choosing a seller.

Side-by-side Comparison of The Pursevalley and Twinspurse Fake Gucci Bag


Pursevalley: $508

Twinspurse: $317


Pursevalley = 6/10

Fake Gucci Marmont Matelasse Shoulder Bag From Pursevalley

They guaranteed the fake Gucci purse is made of leather, yet it doesn’t look, feel or smell like any. You see the distinction in the grains of the material when contrasted with the Twinspurse replica, which has the appearance, texture, and smell of a real leather bag.


The construction of the bag was acceptable with the edges well finished but the color of the stitches is off with bigger and thicker thread pressed in the material which looks not exquisite at all.

Hardware of fake Gucci Marmont Matelasse shoulder bag

When taken a glance at it from a distance, the hardware seems great however the metal is simply not correct with its brassy look. What’s more, despite I haven’t used this purse some rivets on this replica have already started to tarnish.

Back of the knockoff Gucci Marmont Matelasse shoulder bag

Generally speaking, the size isn’t right as well. The chevrons look way too puffy, particularly at the back close to the heart and underneath it appears a bit puckering.


Flap interior

Inside the flap, no lining material is seen as it should be that’s why when you open the flap you see tons of wrinkling which looks even worse below the stamping on the leather. There is also a loose thread hanging between the stitches near the zipper of the pocket inside. 


Also, the strap and bag edges look significantly thicker and bulkier than the Twinspurse replica, making the bag looks somewhat untidy.

So on a scale of 1 to 10, I only give this Pursevalley replica bag a 6.


Twinspurse = 9.5/10

Front of fake Gucci Marmont Matelasse shoulder bag from TwinsPurse

The Gucci handbag replica looks high-quality and feels like soft buttery leather with an amazingly-looking sheen and a good leather smell. The grain on the leather has a natural pattern while the grain of Pursevalley replica has an excessively uniform pattern, making it a bit plastic-y.



The stitches, which are tightly done without any puckering, share the same color with the leather and the puffiness of the chevron appears to be correct.


The hardware seems a bit glossy with the correct color of the gold as the authentic bag. No scratches or tarnishing areas could be seen on the whole bag.

The inside of the bag

The inside of the bag appears to be way better and you can feel the lining is super soft as the original bag along with neatly-done stitches, unlike the Pursevalley replica on which several loose threads are hanging with cheaper and baggier lining materials.

The flap moves smoothly and neatly when opening and closing it. The bag thoroughly has straight and fabulous edges which add to the quality feel of the completed purse.

If you contrast the rivets and those on the Pursevalley replica bag, they are both smooth with no puckering of the calfskin.

Identical GG logo

Moreover, each connection on the chain strap is perfectly jointed with the correct shade and the right weight to it. On the Pursevalley bag, loads of connections feel not as heavy and haven’t been appropriately jointed on the chain strap with some gaps in between.

The chevrons look very georgous. I couldn’t see any puckering at the back close to the heart.

To be honest, I didn’t plan to deduct any points to the quality of this bag because the quality is so superior. But I still want to see if it withstands the test of time so I deducted 0.5 marks for now. I will update this score later in time.


Pursevalley = 7.0/10

Quality issues apart, this Gucci bag replica is identical to the authentic bag. However, its size seems not to match the real deal or the Twinspurse version. Besides, the size of the shoulder strap looks bigger and thicker than the original and Twinspurse versions. The chevrons are a major mood killer which is extremely puffy.

The most glaring issue of the whole bag is the stitching and shade of the bag. The purse is more of pinkier/purple with no beige tones at all while all the stitches are nearly white! This regardless of anything else is an obvious callout!

Additionally, the general shape is somewhat shaky, however, that most likely won’t make any difference once you place things in it, because it’s a squishy kind structure.

Twinspurse = 9.5/10

The details of this bag, including the Gucci stamping next to the zipper inside and the thickness of the quilting and the leather on the strap, are extremely identical to the authentic bag.

The finish touches are on the whole super amazing without any flaws as the authentic bag with identical-looking lining. In particular, this Gucci handbag replica of high quality has an accurate shade of nude on the leather and stitches of the right color. This alone shall make you ready to flex this bag confidently.

I should have given it a 10 but I can’t speak for everyone so 9.5 it is.

Satisfaction & Seller Comments


In general, this purchase fails to satisfy me. At first, I googled and saw a great many people talking about Pursevalley’s Gucci products. So naturally, I opted to have faith in the majority of customers and decided to give it a shot yet it was a real disappointment.

They were super responsive but it makes no difference to the fact that the quality is not even close to what I wanted. Besides, they sell this bag for a much higher price than other sellers which makes them obligated to provide the bag of top-grade quality. After all, you get what you pay for, this is a basic rule in the market.

However, to my surprise, the quality of the bag didn’t live up to my expectations. The bag simply didn’t have an average quality of the bag at this price level. Seriously, I think the quality of this bag from Pursevalley is only worth $100, tops! I can’t believe I invested hundreds of dollars on this. I poured my money down the drain. 🙁

The quality of this bag is so shady that I simply feel embarrassed to carry it around. You see I still keep the protective wrapping around the hardware and it has remained in dust bag ever since I received it. Generally, I could return the bag but I think of it too much of a hassle. I had planned to give this bag to my mom as a gift, but now I think I will keep it in my wardrobe as a reminder of how “You get what you pay for.” failed.

Twinspurse =10/10

I used to order a cheap replica Gucci wallet from Twinspurse as a trial before. I was VERY content with their quality. If only I were a loyal customer and stuck with Twinpurse. I am so vexed at myself right now. Why would I take the chance? If not, I could have spent that money on something better and enjoyed it. My goodness! What a stupid decision I’ve made.

After ordering an overpriced and frustrating fake Gucci Marmont Matelasse shoulder bag from Pursevelly, I played it safe and decided to order the same bag from TW with a lower price point than Pursevalley and see if the quality differs from Pursevalley’s and how.

By and large, TW is fairly efficient, and to some extent, attends to my every need. I have come across many sellers yet she is the most well-meaning and helpful seller that I’ve met.

She knows the ropes and is happy to share the know-how with me. This bag is such a beauty that I will stick with her for future purchases as she sells quality replicas.

Particularly, when I contrast this with the Pursevalley version, I feel more delighted to have bought this high-quality Gucci handbag replica. I indeed paid over $317 for it, yet I believe it was every dollar well spent to have the option to flex this bag confidently.

I completely fall for the shade, the excellent blend of beige, nude and pink that alters in a different light. Moreover, the size is such a delightful satisfaction!

The leather feels and smells great. I’ve carried it around a couple of times so far and consistently get praises on the pretty shade. 

Lesson Learned From My Disappointing Experience With Pursevalley

Ladies, there’s no such thing as beginner’s luck in the replica game. It seems inevitable to come across sellers of inferior bags before we find our way to trusted sellers. It is just part of the replica game. But bear in mind that you should always DO YOUR RESEARCH if you want to avoid any awful replica experience. Taking my experience with Pursevalley as an example – if I have dug further into this company, I could easily find tons of bad Pursevalley reviews on the Internet. Check out what I found when I googled ‘Pursevalley Reviews‘:

I’ve found tons of reviews warning people to stay away from Pursevalley. Either the not-so-great Pursevalley quality disappointed them or they got fraudulent debit card charges. I was lucky to spare myself from a scam. But the quality of my fake Gucci bag from them is still a real dealbreaker.

I’ve learned and paid for my lessons all my way through. So remember to do your homework and read as many reviews as possible before you decide to pull the trigger. Don’t rely on the price to decide the quality for you. Because you may end up wasting your money and getting a tote you don’t want.

If you want to probe further into the quality of replicas, you can keep an eye on my blog for more reviews to come.

Ladies, thanks for sticking with me till this far. I hope this review on two versions of a fake Gucci bag will shed some light on you and hope everyone gets satisfactory items.

14 thoughts on “Comparing Review Of Fake Gucci Marmont Bags From Different Sellers

  1. Mina says:

    tbh, in the past few years, many gucci handbags replica look luxury and exquisite. I don’t mind carrying these gucci replica at all.

  2. Fiona says:

    I really bought the whole ‘you get what you pay for’ theory before. Reading your blog reminds me of how wrong I was.

  3. Sylvia says:

    My friend has bought a sturdy Gucci bag replica last year and the bag still looks brand-new although she used it a lot.

  4. Penelope says:

    Thank you! My Gucci marmont bag arrived today and WOW! The quality is totally worth the money that I paid. Will order from twinspurse again.

  5. Dolly says:

    Hi, may I know how to tell a real Gucci bag from a fake? I think the Gucci bag that my colleague carries to work every day looks suspicious. But she claimed that it is authentic. I don’t know y but my gut tells me she was lying.

  6. Flamingo says:

    Pursevalley is a very famous company that sells replicas, I was actually thinking of ordering a bag from them. I was lucky not to make up my mind.

  7. Lizzie says:

    Earlier I ordered a Celine bag from Pursevalley. I thought it was okay. But later I saw more and more negative comments on them. What are they thinking?

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