Replica Gucci Soft GG Supreme Backpack Review

Hey guys! Welcome to another post of mine. Today I would like to share something about the replica Gucci backpack that I got for my husband. He had been yearning for a backpack to fit his MacBook Pro that he carries to his workplace every workday. So I bought a fake Gucci Soft GG Supreme Backpack for him.

Anyway, so how is the quality of this fake Gucci backpack?

To start with, I was taken aback by the good quality of this backpack at the price point. On the whole, it’s a sturdy and nice bag. As you can see in the photo, this bag is very soft. It is crafted from real leather and PVC canvas. 

  • The leather smells and feels like real leather. It also started to wrinkle like real leather does after using it for a while. The stitching is clean and neat! No loose threads what so ever, which is the most basic standard for a high-quality replica.
  • The magnets on the side snap flap pockets look weighty and nice. They close on their own easily with a nice clunk. The canvas is PVC. Gucci canvas is of great water resistance, but I haven’t tested that. I just don’t want to ruin the new bag yet. The leather feels soft yet it is super durable. It doesn’t look flimsy at all.
  • Drawstring looks nice and works perfectly. And the hardware on it has a nice weight to it. The straps are wide and feel comfortable on the shoulder. The buckles look high-quality and work perfectly with a nice click.

I am quite content with the quality of the bag at this price point. Can you imagine it’s less than one-tenth of the retail price? I intended to go for an authentic Gucci backpack because I really thought that my husband worked so hard and he deserved the best.  But my husband said he was not those fashionistas who had a fanatical interest in designer items and didn’t want to waste our savings on ‘what he saw as the same thing’, which was exactly what he said when I tried to buy him the Gucci belt replica version. He is always very thrifty with his own yet very generous with me. So I ordered a replica. 

But how accurate is this cheap replica Gucci backpack? Read on and you will find out!

Authentic Soft GG Supreme Backpack

  • The shape looks identical to the authentic Soft GG Supreme Backpack on the Gucci website. The stitches look the same as the real one, clean and neat.

Authentic Soft GG Supreme Backpack Side

  • The side of the backpack looks comparable to the authentic side. Although I’m pretty sure they stuffed air pillow or stuff like that inside to keep the backpack plump before shooting the product image in the studio. 

The black mesh back is the same as the authentic backpack. It is meant to make the backpack more breathable in summer. I don’t feel cooler though. When it’s hot, don’t count on a mesh back to cool you down. LOL. Go somewhere with the air conditioner on.

  • The leather has an identical color and sheen compared to the real deal. The color is beige and it looks on point compared to the real backpack. The straps look comparable to those on the genuine backpack. The canvas feels the same as my authentic Gucci wallet. 

  • The color of the GG’s looks somehow darker than the authentic GG backpack on the Gucci website. Maybe that’s because of the lighting. The product photos on the Gucci website were probably taken in a bright studio. So that’s why their GG’s look lighter brown.

Authentic Soft GG Supreme Backpack Interior

  • The placement of the pockets inside is accurate. And it also has a padded iPad compartment just like the authentic one does. Buckles look identical to real buckles.
  • The alignment is a bit off though. But that’s not a big deal for me because some of my authentic Gucci or Louis Vuitton bags also come with alignment problems in the motif. That’s something you can’t avoid if you go for hand-crafted bags. Anyway, if this bothers you much, you can ask the seller to replace one for you. 

Overall, this backpack is one heck of an accurate knockoff. My husband has been using it as a work bag for a month and nobody knows it is a fake Gucci backpack. His colleagues loved his backpack and gave him heaps of compliments.

Am I content with my purchase? Yes. The GG motif looks so great and I really like how it looks when my husband wears it. To be honest, I don’t like his old corny briefcase. So I’m happy to see he no longer used it after this replica Gucci backpack arrived. Besides, this backpack is actually very roomy. After fitting a MacBook Pro inside, there’s room for an iPad and some essentials. So this is a perfect work bag for my husband.

I like how replicas help us cut financial corners at such a time when we’re trying to save more money while looking trendy as before. That’s the brief review of the replica Gucci backpack.  Stay tuned for another post!


9 thoughts on “Replica Gucci Soft GG Supreme Backpack Review

  1. Samantha says:

    Yay! I am planning to buy something for my brother. Plzz tell me which site you purchased this! It looks so gorgeous! I want to have a look! Plzzzzzzz reply to me!!

  2. Rupert says:

    Very nice! I’ve been looking for men’s stuff everywhere! But all I found were women’s bags. Guys need this kind of review for reference too! Could you please share where you got this rucksack from? Thank you!

  3. Alexandra says:

    Hello from Saudi Arabia! I want to buy wholesale. I don’t know what shipping method the seller offers. Anyone with that kind of experience?

  4. Ayaan says:

    I placed an order three days ago via wire transfer. Yet, they haven’t shipped my order till now, I am getting a bit worried.

  5. Jake says:

    hi there! I’ve been looking to buy Gucci backpack for mens at cheap price points. I would appreciate it if you share the link to this backpack.

  6. Tod says:

    LOL. Finally found a review of replica Gucci backpack for adult male! Where did you get this backpack? It looks so nice!

  7. Kakda says:

    how much did u pay for this?
    where did you buy this?
    these r wat im most concerned!
    very glad i stumbled upon it

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