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I’m really excited and can’t wait to post my latest collection—Rolex replica watches. If you have read my previous reviews, you would know that I’m addicted to bags. I wanted to buy a watch long before, the question was who sells the best replica watches?

My boyfriend went shopping with me a while ago.We passed by a Rolex boutique shop. I looked down at my wrist and boyfriend’s wrist. There were not any accessories that led me to wanna buy a watch desirably. Indeed, I read some replica watch forums and did a lot of searching in my spare time.Finally, I got the replica watch information and locked my eyes on Designertime.

I’ll cut a long story short about the purchase process. The point is: there must be a lot of questions for people who don’t understand the watch quite well. Besides the styles and prices, what should we care when buying a watch? Especially the replica watches.

In my opinion, if there are not any plans to buy authentic luxury watches, then you must choose high quality replica watches. It really needs sharp insight. But it’s a pity that most of us don’t have.The replica business is illegal. So things can’t be as simple as shopping as usual.In fact, it’s also simple as long as there are reliable and trustworthy sellers.

There are a lot of watches on Designertime. For example, Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Panerai, Breitling, and Omega…etc. This was my first replica watch.I was a bit uncertain about the brand and style to be bought.

There were a few in the list. But I gave up most of them because of various factors. And finally I chose Rolex because my boyfriend recommended it and he is a huge fan of Rolex.He recommended crazily !Also he advocated to have the watch once and for all. He persuaded me to have a try. Just like he is a watch scalper, Rolex should give him endorsement fees,lol. The next step was choosing styles.

My boyfriend chose Submariner without any hesitations. I failed to choose between with Daytona and Datejust. However, I chose the two I wanted and gave up Submariner .Datejust is delicate and lovely. Daytona is for my boyfriend. And I can also wear. It’s really cool. My poor boyfriend had to humor me.

Nine days after the payment, I received the wathes. So without further ado, let’s look at the pictures directly.

There are Pamphlet,certificate, box, paper bag and tag.They use protective film to wrap the knockoff watches. (Looks grotty) I removed all of thema after I received the parcel.

My Boyfriend’s Daytona Watch

There are different colors dials and style of Daytona Each design is beautiful. Finally, I (YES,it’s me,instead of my boyfriend) chose low profile white dial and silver and gold color bracelet. I didn’t start my daily using yet. So I wouldn’t give any reviews about that. The seller told me that the watch was made by 18K gold plated. I can’t tell the difference.

Anyway,as long as the item looks good at first glance.

Daytona uses metal links strap. The strap can be adjusted the length with disassembling screw.Oh right, it’s a mechanical watch. So please avoid falling and serious shocks. Mechanical watches are afraid of these situations.

There is a Rolex logo on the inside dial. My boyfriend is fond of this high quality replica Rolex watch very much. Compared with the authentic, it’s really cheap.

My Datejust

I bought rose gold color. Actually each color is very nice. It seems that my wallet is gonna be flat (will spend too much money). Rose gold has a low-key beauty, which is in line with my temperament. The key to attract me is the color looks good That makes you happy at each sight.

You can unlock the clasp by gently dialing the small crown on the strap.

The fonts on the interior strap are carved clearly.
This is my review of replica watches. This purchasing is quite satisfactory. Please let me know what you think.

Follow-up:My boyfriend’s Daytona didn’t work during using,I contacted customer services staffs. I were told that because it’s mechanical watch It operates by the role of the automatic winding machine which depends on automatic gyro shifts to any direction and winds clockwork tightly.Only wearing the watch, the automatic gyro will produce energy with the arm movement.

Normally, fully automatic watch will supply enough clockwork with wearing more over 8 hours everyday. If you don’t wear it for a long time, or the time you wear isn’t enough, both of them could cause mechanical watch doesn’t work. I felt that I had made a joke, and the watch was able to work at last.

After wearing it for a while, I found it’s really convenient.I neither need to worry about strap when wash hands or sweat,nor if water get inside of watch to damage it. (At the beginning,the seller told me that the watch is waterproof). It’s really awesome. However, to protect my watch, I still try to reduce the contact between the watch and the water.If there is sweat,it will wiped off as soon as possible.

Even so, I made a slight scratch on the strap. I’m careless, the scratches will be there sooner or later. The perfect thing does not exist for a careless person. Therefore, I am not entangled in this.Being nitpicking will not only impede others,but also cause myself unhappy.Moreover,this is just a cheap replica Rolex watch, I won’t be upset.

Now I wear it every day when go to work.No matter what I wear,working clothes, casual wear or fashional dresses, it’s easy to match.
Lol.I like my replica watch because it can retain time and looks great. I won’t pay USD 10,000, or even more to buy an authentic.

The watch is a watch at the end of a day.

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