Comment On The Replica Dolce&Gabbana Handbag(Readers’ Letter)

Ladies and gents! I received an email from a reader of mine a while back and haven’t found the time to write a review of her bag until today. So she dropped $340 on this replica D&G Medium Dauphine Leather Sicily Bag from a seller on Instagram

This is the email she sent me.

Here goes.

Dear Dhana,

My name is Jennifer. I am a total noob in this replica world. I recently forked out $340 for a knock-off Dolce & Gabbana Medium Dauphine Leather Sicily Bag from a seller on Instagram. But I am not sure about its quality. I mean the quality looks not so bad. As a complete stranger to designer bags, I thought of turning to experienced replica bag buyers for help. I’ve read several posts on your blog before, so I guess I could use your opinion if that’s not too much trouble.

The appearance of the bag looks identical. However, the most disturbing part of this replica D&G bag is that it doesn’t have “Sicily” written on the mirror pocket like the one on the D&G website does. Instead, it has a metal plate with the Dolce&Gabbana logo engraved on it. So I worry that someone may notice the difference and call it out in an instant when I open the flap and get something from inside. Some colleagues at my workplace carry Dolce & Gabbana bags, so I don’t know if I should take the risk and carry it to work. I tried to return this bag but the seller said it is not “quality issue” and they don’t accept this. So I’m kinda in a dilemma.

If you ever have the time, would you please view the pictures of this bag and tell me your opinion. Many thx!!

Kind regards,


After I watched the photos of the bag Jennifer sent me, holy crap! This is not the quality of a $340 worth bag that I imagined. OK, so this is another rip-off. I hate to watch unscrupulous sellers capitalize on inexperienced first-time buyers. But due to asymmetric information, it is perfectly normal for first-time replica buyers to get ripped off. It’s part of the game in the economic world. So, Jennifer, if you’re reading this, I hope it will make you feel any better.

Replica D&G Bag Review

OK, replica D&G bags are not as common as LV and Chanel in the replica world. It’s a good choice if you don’t want to clash your bag with others. But to put it bluntly, this knock-off D&G bag is not worth $340. First and foremost, let’s see how its quality goes.

  • Interior:  

The fabric of the lining looks low-tier.

The lining appears loose and baggy.

It also has crooked stitching at the bottom of the lining.

  • Exterior: 

Flap of authentic D&G Sicily Bag

The leather seems to be ordinary saffiano I’m not sure. But the leather doesn’t look high-end. The hidden press-stud closure looks fine yet doesn’t look as thick as the one on the D&G website.

  • Strap:


There are crooked stitches and tiny loose threads on the strap. Annoying but tolerable if it is a $100 bag.

  • Glazing: The glazing on this bag looks passable.
  • Hardware: The hardware seems to be metal.
  • Dustbag:


The dust bag looks very poor quality. But it’s not part of the bag, so not a biggie. But some high-end replica bags do come with nice dust bags.


OK, the quality check is done! Let’s move on to its accuracy!

  • Color & Flap:

    Authentic D&G Sicily Bag

    The color looks a bit off compared to the authentic Sicily. And the flap looks a bit too long. As you can see, the authentic flap covers about 2/3 of the front side of the bag while this replica D&G bag seems to cover 3/4.


  • Interior:


The newest version of authentic Sicily bag has “Sicily” written on the mirror pocket yet doesn’t come with a mirror.

  • This fake D&G bag is probably replicated based on an older version with the mirror. The pattern of the Dolce & Gabbana leopard print seems correct but doesn’t look as high-quality as the one on the D&G website.

    So, Jennifer, this part is not a callout! 


  • Exterior:

    Authentic D&G Sicily Bag Front



Authentic D&G Sicily Bag

The shape of this bag looks accurate to me, except for the flap. The texture of the ‘Dauphine’ leather looks not as exquisite as that on a real Sicily bag.

  • Strap & Glazing:

    Despite the crooked stitching, the color and width of the strap appear to be on point. The handle seems to have the correct amount of padding. The glazing looks identical to the real deal with uniform thickness and color.

  • Stitching: To be fair, the stitching looks OK at first glance. But if you stare at the bag, those loose threads are the tell-tale sign of a fake. You’d better do something about it before carrying it.

The logo is engraved in the correct places. The color of hardware seems the same as the genuine bag, neither too brassy nor too light.

However, the shape of the zipper pull looks a bit different from the one on the D&G website. But it could be the design of the older version.

  • Hardware:

Also, there is a space in the jump rings that attach the handle to the main body of the handbag. But authentic D&G bags don’t seem to have a noticeable opening where the rings come together.

So is this an amazing bag for less than $150? Yes! But this is not an eligible bag at this price point($340)! This replica D&G bag has standard replica quality(known as Triple-A quality). It usually uses ordinary sheepskin, cowhide, and other materials and can only ensure that the appearance is close to the authentic counterpart. The materials are soaring and affordable. So the price is usually no more than $150. 

So, Jennifer, to answer your question: I think this fake D&G bag is overpriced. And if you have people who carry D&G bags around you,I wouldn’t suggest you carry the bag to your work place. But you can feel comfortable carrying it in other places because D&G bags are just not as commonly seen as Louis Vuitton or Gucci bags. The chance of getting called out is slim.

For first-time buyers, I strongly recommend you to read my replica bag quality guide in which I explain the quality and prices in detail. It can spare you from wasting your money. 

As I mentioned in many of my other posts, if you ever want to dive into this replica world, make sure you do enough research before you take the plunge on a bag. Or you could stick with me and learn from my experience. 

I hope everyone gets the bag worth the money! Stay well, guys!








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