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There are so much fun searching online to see diverse beautiful replica bags listed on the website. We browse the product pages with different moods. Sometimes it takes a hundred year to finally find one that strikes your heart and then you go buy for it without hesitation. Anyway, that is what the spirits and fun of shopping online lies in. To be specific, shopping replica bags online even takes us more time to find the favorites. But we enjoy ourselves a lot, aren’t we?

I ordered a Chanel Leboy Bag this time, which is an items that does not include in their products category. ( I just found that many websites do not display Chanel products as Chanel is pretty strict). It is not very convenient to browse the product. They sell more items than what they have shown on the website. If you have any intrerested items, you must ask their customers service directly.

They asked me to send pics of the bag I wanted. So I send them the Chanel red Boy Bag, 28 cm, caviar leather with gold hardware. They sent me pics. Exactly the Boy bag 28, caviar leather with gold hardware that I asked. I checked their pics carefully.This is a high quality Chanel replica. Based on my previous trust on their replica handbag quality, I placed the order and paid in a very fast manner. Just can’t wait to see the bag in person…

Here We Go!

It is a New medium Boy bag of red caviar leather with antique gold tone hardware. The classic red and the gold tone hardware are the best match. Caviar is a lot more durable than lambskin leather and completely resilient to scratches. I don’t think that I am able to maintain a lambskin bag well so far. If we take a closer look on the caviar leather of this replica Chanel Boy bag, we can see that the diamonds are quilted in line. The stitching are really neat. That makes it a high quality chanel replica bag.The red is elegant and decent. I would love to try new and bright color that I have never had before.

The Boy bag has a front flap with Le Boy CC push lock closure with an antique gold tone chain link. All the hardware present a sense of age that I really adore.  Its red leather padded shoulder strap is adjustable. To me, 28 cm fits just well.

The interior is lined in red fabric with one open pocket on rear wall. The exclusive zipper with Chanel engravings runs smoothly when you pull it back and forth.  We can see the Chanel tag are printed perfectly with full gold letters stamp.

In addition,  I would like to mention the serial number we care most when we buy fake handbags.The serial number is not fixed. But you can have the serial number on the bag to be the same as the one in the authentic cards. Just in case, you can require their customer service to note your request on your order.   

This is the first knockoff Chanel handbag I have had. I will be purchasing a Chanel Classic Flap knockoff and maybe a big tote like a chanel Deauville. I am not a big fan of big tote. But I want to have a try. If you got any tips to share about buying a big tote, please do let me know. Thank you! Love you guys!

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