My Top-notch Chanel Boy Bag Replica Review

Hey ladies! It is a warm day with lovely sunshine today. So I feel like sharing my gorgeous fake Chanel bag – Chanel Boy Bag in Camel (Dark Beige) with all of you. Designed by Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel Boy Bag is a timeless classic Chanel bag.

I knew I must have this unique and adorable camel bag the moment I cast eyes on it at the deli. It really turned me on to boyish bags with its amazingly-looking rectangular shape. It became my go-to-everywhere bag for a while and I still carry it for a girls’ night out sometimes. This purse is absolutely a STUN.

Alert! Sit tight and buckle up because I’m about to show you the best replica Chanel you’ve ever seen.  Hahaha.

Chanel Boy Bag wasn’t my grail before. Until one day, my mom received an authentic Chanel Boy Bag as a gift from her friend. I tried it on in a mirror and it looked so chic and stunning on me! It was a costly designer bag, I couldn’t just beg her to part with it. I’m not a three-year-old anymore.

After that, I simply couldn’t get the timeless Boy Bag out of my mind. Gravitated to it, I started to do my research on this beauty in the replica world. I decided that if I failed to find a good copy in the replica market, I allowed myself to pinch and scrape and get an authentic one in the boutique.

To avoid any mistakes, I did all the research needed before I took the plunge on the bag. So I went straight to the official website for the pictures and other information on the bag. Then I read tons of guides to the identification of a fake and an authentic bag.Twinspurse is a very good seller to work with. However, they didn’t put any Chanel products up for sale on their website. Due to the unpleasant experience before, I hate the idea of taking my chances again. So I asked Twinspurse and was thrilled to know that they have Chanel for sale. They didn’t post them on their website simply because of some legal reason. OK, this is nice.

Review Of My Chanel Bag Replica In Camel (Dark Beige)

Before I move on to the review part, please take a good look at my beauty! Isn’t it a showstopper? Haha. I’m officially in love with this purse now.

Price: $620


As you can see, this Chanel bag replica is of top-notch quality. Although it is not cheap, it is really worth it compared to its authentic version that sells for upwards of $4,000. I am truly surprised by all the details the manufacturer paid attention to. The construction and craftsmanship are neck and neck with the real bag.

When I unpacked the package, I was instantly so madly in love with this bag because its top-tier quality is really impressive. This knockoff just has a comparable quality with the real deal. It has all the signs saying its top-notch quality.

The stitches are neat and tight and the numbers of the stitches match those on the real bag. The hardware feels sturdy with a good weight to it. The leather is buttery soft with a smell of high-quality leather.

So how good is this fake Chanel bag? I carried it to a Chanel store one day and tried on some other bags, as I put the real bags back on the shelf, one sale associate mistook my Chanel Boy Bag replica for a bag of their store and wanted to pack it up for me. I literally shouted, “No! That’s my bag!”

I was shocked and thrilled that the SA with a discerning fashion eye couldn’t spot any difference. And it just made it more difficult to justify outrageously expensive designer bags.



1.      The material looks absolutely divine. The leather is buttery soft with amazing grain and the most pleasant smell. It feels and smells a lot like an authentic Chanel bag (I would say 98% alike).

The CC logo is identical-looking compared to the original Boy Bag. The CC logo is the most identifiable spot of the brand. The right C overlaps the left C at the top of the center while the left C overlaps the right C at the bottom. A tiny engraved CC logo locates in the middle of the clasp as it should be. The logo engraved on the rectangular metal pieces is crisp and neat with no curved or bubbled letter.


The hardware on this bag is just as heavy and substantial as the real Chanel bag. The link chain and strap feel the same as genuine bags. The hardware has a consistency in the chain, clasp, and the rectangular pieces of metal that attach the strap. The hardware is of matte tone which doesn’t shine as lower-tier knockoffs do.

The interior label says ‘made in France’ which looks neat and crisp and the letters of the stamp are in the same color (gold) as the hardware. The authentic interior label is usually a stamp written ‘CHANEL MADE IN…’ which is either embossed on a leather patch or into the lining of the bag. The color of the logo stamp on a real Chanel bag should match the color of the hardware of the same bag.

This Chanel bag replica has a valid serial number and a convincing authentication card. (I forgot to take photos of them but they are just as good as the bag.)

The stitches look divine without any sloppy or frayed stitches. Real Chanel Boy Bag has a very high stitch count in the diamond quilt that makes it possible for the bags to last for years. A low stitch count, however, will lead to puffy and uneven quilting. (You will see what I mean in the photos of some imitation Chanel handbags with the poor quality I post below.) This bag has 8 stitches in each diamond that equals to the stitch count of the authentic Boy Bag with the same dimension.

Pictures of the authentic Chanel Boy Bag:

The quilting looks even and exquisite on authentic Chanel Boy Bags.

Picutures of the poor-quality Chanel Boy Bag replicas:

Low-tier Chanel Boy Bag replicas have uneven and puffy quilting.

The snake-head strap of my Chanel Boy Bag replica looks spot-on to the authentic Boy bag, unlike many mid-tier replicas with a rounded end.

Satisfaction =10/10

This bag is honed to perfection in so many ways. I completely fell for this bag. To be honest, I am so glad that TW helped me save thousands of dollars to get my holy grail. It is still pricy at the price of $620 but it’s totally worth the excellent quality it comes with. It just feels so deluxe and chic.  

Seller Communication=10/10

Twinspurse was very responsive and professional. She patiently answered all of my questions. I appreciate that she spent some time finding the most amazing color for me. Also, I was impressed by how meticulously careful she was to all the details. If I ever desire another fake version of Chanel bag, I will surely start with her.

Ladies, how do you like my Chanel Boy Bag replica? If you also want to get your first designer “starter” bag, just go for it! It doesn’t have to be authentic if your budget is tight. Just go with your gut and delve into the replica world as I did. You won’t regret this amazing decision.


36 thoughts on “My Top-notch Chanel Boy Bag Replica Review

  1. Elie says:

    Wow! Your boy bag is so beautiful and looks very very similar to the auth! I was so close to pulling the trigger on the auth version. Thanks for a great review!

  2. Kenna says:

    I have a preloved Chanel WOC in silver lambskin that I don’t like very much. Should I sell the authentic Chanel and buy a replica of it or go for brand-new authentic instead?


      I have an even better idea – why don’t you buy a replica and see how you like it before you sell your authentic?

      • Kenna says:

        This is actually a brilliant opinion. I don’t even know why I didn’t think of this option! I kind of don’t want to let it go but I’m excited about the fact that I can get 3 knock-off CFs equivalent if I sell. I’ve already thought of getting the black WOC, a reissue, and a mini square!

    • Xiomara Huntington says:

      I’d say to hang on to your authentic Chanel WOC, and try a high-level replica of your current bag or dream bag before trying to sell yours.

    • Kiera Gudman says:

      I would also suggest getting a replica one and see how you like it before selling your authentic. You can always sell your authentic item whenever. I do not own any authentic Chanel items; however I have a few pieces of authentic LV and a few replicas; honestly, when you have a mix of authentic and replica, people can’t tell unless you tell them or the replica is easily called out.

      • Kenna says:

        I think I’m going to mix authentics and replicas! I do like some fun colors of some bags but because they’re more difficult to pair with clothes, I think replicas would be best for those!

    • Scarlette Charles says:

      Since it’s a WOC you bought at a great deal I wouldn’t feel bad for selling it to buy replicas. If you go with an upper-tier replica, you’ll realize the quality and value you get for your money. Recently, I finally started to sell part of my authentic collection because I feel that I can get similar quality with replicas and have extra $ leftover.

    • Tinsley Whitmore says:

      I have sold a few authentic bags that I no longer used, loved or wanted. If you still love this bag I would say keep it, if you have no love for it sale it. I’ve sold authentic bags not to replace with replicas but because it was no longer my style.

      I did recently sell my authentic da Neverfull. I found that I was always paranoid about getting it dirty and couldn’t enjoy the bag. No point in having a £1000 bag sit in the closet, so I sold it and got a replica which I am happier using

      • Kenna says:

        If only I could get a replica of this… but having said that, it already has scuffs on the edges as it’s well loved by the previous owner so I’m okay using it. I just make sure I don’t wear with new jeans or scratch the leather. I suppose you’re right, I can always sell this when I no longer have love for it.

      • Carolyn says:

        Where do you sell your authentics? I’ve been collecting for many years and now I want to sell so many since I never really reach for most of them anymore.

  3. Jeremy says:

    Hey there! I am planning on getting an authentic Chanel from secondhand sites. Which sites do you recommend? I always thought some of them look dubious.

    • Wendy McDonald says:

      you r not alone! i’m very wary of buying from second-hand sites because I worry if I’m paying auth prices for a replica bag. i might as well get a knockoff instead

      • Lizzie Elliot says:

        I just saw fake Chanel earrings sell for $1,200 on Poshmark. So I never look on Poshmark or Depop because these girls are scamming. I prefer to pay a reasonable price for good replicas. At least, we both know it’s fake.

          • April Palmer says:

            This happened to me as well. Vestiaire Collective and The Real Real have both let fakes get through their quality control. Before I even found this blog, I was able to tell the bags were fake. I sent them back and got my money back thankfully. From then on, I started to turn to replicas.

          • Penny Moore says:

            Yea. They claim to not allow sales of reps on their site, but the legit do not care and just want the large cut they receive from those sales.

          • Olivia Payne says:

            omg. i’ve purchased a lot of second hand authentic bags and after reading you guys comments, I am paranoid.

  4. Olivia says:

    Beautiful bags you have! I have the authentic Chanel leboy and yours looks great, I’ve regretted paying for mine now that I see the replica for it.

  5. EDNA FLETCHER says:

    Oh wow! My friend got the authentic Chanel boy and damn!!! I could barely tell the difference. Wow. Such amazing value for money!

  6. Nora says:

    What a stun! I feel like getting a dark beige bag to attend a wedding this summer. I initially want to go for a Chanel, now your review just makes me dead set one it! Thank you.

  7. Anita says:

    I ordered a Chanel WOC bag on one month ago and yet I haven’t received any feedback. I think I have been scammed. How can I get my money back?

  8. Ruth says:

    Hello! can anyone tell me how to spot a fake Chanel bag? I think I’ve bought a knockoff from a luxury resale site.

  9. June says:

    I really love ur bag! Now I’ve added it to my wishlist! Did ur bag come with full packaging? Ur reply will be appreciated!

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