Luggage Nano Replica Purse Review

How much do you know about Celine?We all know that Celine is a luxury brand. I also love Celine handbags.That’s why I have a Celine Luggage Mini replica.

Today I wanna do a review for the knockoff Celine Luggage Nano tote,which is also the top replica handbags. But this time is a bit special. Because these two bags are not mine. :'(Last time I bought a Celine Luggage replica(you can click here to view). Afterwards, my two sisters like my bag when they saw me carrying.

They didn’t think it is a celine replica. What’s more, they asked me where to buy and they even wanted to take it away. How could I agree with that? It’s my first Celine copy.It is impossible to let them take away!

Finally, I figured out a good idea,that was I reorder two duplicate replica bags for them.They chose colors on their own. Exactly! They chose the purses and I took the bill. These are the Christmas gifts for them. One of my sister directly selected the same leather and color as mine, but the size is different. Another selected the other bi-color which is also my favorite. I even wanted to purchase one for me. Hmm..

After thinking about it, I can’t do that because I already have one Celine purse. I purchased two celine knockoffs this time, so I got a 30 USD discount from Twinspurse.

As you can see the pictures, compared with these two fake celine purses with different colors, the bi-color white and brown with black handles are more eye-catching. It shows a clear, cheerful rhythm. On the front bi-color junction, there is a distinct black edge extending to the bottom. It shows the beauty of the purse lines.

Both bags are made with smooth leather. The bi-color white and brown Celine comes with the silver hardware and the black Celine comes with the gold hardware. Although the color of the hardware is different, the hardware of both replicas are in high quality.

The bottom of the purse is smooth and it is without feet. There are date codes above the inner pocket inside both knockoff handbags which is the same as the authentic. The stitching is neat and there is a clear logo on the inner pocket.

Comparison of two sizes for my sisters’ purse and the one of mine: Nano and Mini, the Nano size is easily to be matched well no matter you are tall or short, which is different from Mini size. If you were short and carry a Mini Celine Luggage, I think it will be odd. One more thing, Mini size is really heavy. Nano is a smaller leisure bag.

There is a long shoulder strap for the Nano replica Celine handbag. It’s quite convenient and really suitable for shopping. It can be crossed the shoulder and set free your hands. But I prefer to carry this little cute by hand.

Here are the close-up photos of the date code 🙂

Date code

Nano comes with an strap, which can be carried as a handbag or as a shoulder bag.

Which Celine replica tote do you like?I thought bi-color is quite special!

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  1. Bi-color is nice but it’s not dirt-proof.The yammer of a person who has had the experience.My white Celine Luggage is too dirty to clean.If I could choose again,I would choose black color without any hesitation.

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