Celine Luggage Mini Replica Bag Review

The way to make your dress collocation unique and fashionable instantly is to have a Celine Luggage!

Yes, Celine Luggage is synonymous with personality! This bag is the most creative and unique design I have ever seen. People are always are attracted by an extraordinary bag. When I saw Celine Luggage from people around me at the first sight, I even can not take my eyes off it. I couldn’t wait to buy a replica Celine Luggage Mini.

This is a review of my Celine Luggage handbag which is a fake purses. There are three sizes: Nano, Micro and Mini. This time I made a bold attempt in size choice. (If you read my previous reviews, you will know it’s the biggest bag I have at present.)

Nano is very adorable, but I think it’s too small. So I was entangled with Micro and Mini. I thought I don’t have a big enough bag yet. At the end, I chose Mini. It is the knockoff bag.

It took me 17 days to receive a fake purse. It’s longer than before. Because the black one was out of stock. There were only other colors. But I selected a big bag. So I prefer safe color. After all, black color is easy to match daily outfit. Alright, I could wait.

But waiting was torment. I almost nagged my bag every day. My boyfriend couldn’t stand me. He suggested me to visit another stores, Twinspurse is not the only one who has this bag. And he also laughed at me, he didn’t understand why such an acute person can wait for a bag?

Uh, I didn’t do as he suggested. Because I didn’t find a better website to sell the high quality replicas so far and I thought the bags I purchased from Twinspurse are the best fake designer bags.

I almost contacted their customer service staffs every day and asked them, has my order been shipped? If not, when will my order be shipped? It was fast before. They always answered me patiently, because this item is our best-seller of the celine replica, it’s in short supply, so it’s delayed a little bit.

To ensure item quality, they can’t speed up production. And there are also many customers waiting. Fine! I could wait.

As what they said, good things are worth waiting for.

Finally, I received the bag. The first impression was wow, how a beautiful bag. Now it is mine!!! My boyfriend said I’m crazy. Yes! I am crazy about these beautiful bags.

Come on, let me show you a big smiley face. Huh, it seems that it’s gonna talk to me after I watched it for a while.

The details and stitching are very neat and tidy. I have seen the authentic Celine Luggage Mini. I really don’t think there is any difference. If I didn’t say, I don’ think anyone will doubt mine is a fake purse. It is the best fake designer bag, right? lol, I really like aged-gold zipper metal. It has a retro feeling.

This popular bag has different materials. I made a big difference in the leather choice. Well, people can’t keep the same taste all the time. I bought smooth leather. The leather is easy to get scratches.But I chose black color. Even if it’s scratched, it won’t be obvious. Look at the bag carefully, you will think it’s cute.

Its fixed handle really look like two adorable eyes. It seems that it’s calling you: master, master, come and take me out for shopping, be hurry!!! You will be keen on it after you see it.

The big mouth (zipper) seems to be able to swallow up all the troubles, just leave a simple happiness.

The capacity is great. I put a big wallet, my various cosmetics, mobile phone and a cup. It is really very capable. But I won’t put so much stuff. Because if it’s too heavy, the bag will be deformed. What’s more, my hands do not allow me to do that(because it’s really too heavy). Bag is a consumable. The using way is really vital. Even though it’s just a knockoff Celine bag, but I spent a few hundred dollars, so I will take good care of it.

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