Saint Laurent Sac De Jour Souple Knockoff

I personally keep a close eye on Women’s work bags. Having a bag that take you from desk to dinner and fulfill easy transition from day to night can save us a lot of trouble when necessary because sometimes our identity will switch from work to travel, and life. And I believe career women have […]

Yves Saint Laurent Medium Chain Fake Bag Review

Well, when you see the title,you must know that I’m gonna make a review of YSL Medium kate tassel chain bag. I ever said, I love YSL designer bags. I have to say that this is one of the best mirror duplicate YSL bag I ever bought. Because everything of the bag is stunning and […]

Review:Kockoff YSL Classic Medium College Monogram Bag

Hi guys. Today I will share my latest collection: designer knockoff Classic Medium college Bag Monogram College bag. I mentioned my wish before, that is I wanna collect at least one bag of each brand. YSL is my favorite brand because its purses are very beautiful. I love YSL. In fact, there is no one […]

Replica YSL Medium Kate Tassel Chain Bag Review

It’s gonna be very interesting. Because I want to write down the first replica bag I bought in my life. Reasons for My Buying Replica At the beginning, I wanted to buy an authentic Yves Saint Laurent medium kate tassel chain bag. I barely can not take my eyes off when i saw it at […]