Cartier Love Bracelet Replica Review(Real Gold And Real Diamond)

Hello, boys and girls! Welcome to my blog. Today I will be giving a review on my stunning Cartier Love Bracelet replica and sharing some stories behind this gorgeous bracelet. I sincerely hope that you find this post useful and informative.

Designed for both men and women, Cartier Love Bracelet is very popular among young people. Many people love to give it to their loved ones as an engagement gift or a token of love or less commonly as a friendship bracelet between besties. When first released, Cartier used to give several pairs of Love Bracelets to some widely-known celebrity couplesincluding Ali MacGraw and Steve McQueen.

As the ‘modern love handcuffs’, the Cartier Love Bracelet is in the shape of an oval to fit tightly on the wrists of the lovers by using a screwdriver to fasten the bracelet. It is said that some hospitals in NYC store the Love Bracelet screwdrivers nearby just in case some emergency patients need to remove the bracelets (So apparently you need to know something about the popular jewel before you become a qualified medical worker. LOL).

Rumor has it that Cartier used to only sell the Love Bracelet to customers who purchase for their couples, which sounds like such a romantic policy.

Authentic Cartier Love Bracelet

Backstory Of My Fake Cartier Love Bracelet

As a fashionista who has a high-end and high-fashion habit, I had been lusting for a Cartier Love Bracelet since I was a teenage girl. Unlike other jewelry that has demanding outfit requirements, Cartier Love Bracelet is designed to be worn day and night without needing to match any outfit. However, the outrageously expensive price point simply prevented me from taking the plunge on it. Besides, I haven’t delved into replicas back then, so I could only save money for my holy grail.

But after I have already purchased some replica handbags with ace quality, I wondered if the fake jewelry in the replica market were as good as fake designer bags. So around one year ago, I started to do my research on the bracelet online.

I was startled to see how many people have received high-quality fake jewelry that looks so identical to the real deal. I don’t think the term ‘fake jewelry’ is adequate for the jewelry that is made of the same materials as the designer brand. But you know what I mean when I say ‘fake’, I really mean it is replicated.

I have been eyeing on a Cartier Love Bracelet Yellow Gold 18k with 4 diamonds for a long time and god knows how many times I have tried it in the Cartier Store. I think the Sales Associate there can recognize me now. LOL.

However, at first, I was not sure if I like how the color of Yellow Gold will look like after wearing it for ten years. So I decided to dig further into the states of some older love bracelets before I pulled the trigger with the purchase of my fake Cartier love bracelet.

Review Of My Cartier Love Bracelet Replica

Before we get started, let’s take a look at my fake Cartier Love Bracelet.

The box looks so exquisite and high-end like a piece of art! Whether it is the materials or the printed font, I didn’t spot anywhere inconsistent with the authentic box. The perfect box for the perfect bracelet! I am so veeeeeery content with this!

I have been in the market for this bracelet for a while however the thought of forking out over $10,000 for a piece of metal really put me off. Finally, I was simply done waiting one day and decided to treat myself to it. Nevertheless, I was lucky enough to get a top-notch quality Cartier Love Bracelet replica. I hope those of you who are interested in this bracelet will find this review useful. Prepare for a loooong review! LOL.


Over my wrist bone: 14 cm

Above my wrist bone: 14.5 cm

You should go to the Cartier Store nearby if there’s any and try the bracelet on yourself.

It was cold winter when I tried on size 15 which fit but also felt rather constrained and uncomfortable. I also tried it on during summer and it felt even tighter so I guess my wrist swells a little on hot days.  

As a result, I played it safe and chose size 16.

Price: $2200

Payment Method: Wire Transfer

Carrier: DHL

Price of Authentic Cartier Love Bracelet with 4 0.1 carat diamonds: $10,100(included tax)

Quality =10/10

The Cartier Love Bracelet replica looks and feels exactly like what I have tried in the Cartier Store before.

My kitchen scales says that the bracelet has a similar weight of around 30 grams compared to other Cartier Love Bracelets that I saw on the resale website. The weight feels correct as the authentic versions I tried on in Cartier Store.

If my memory serves me right, the color of the gold looks identical to what I tried on in the store and those on the official website. As for the scratches, I didn’t deduct any point to it because it is simply the nature of 18K gold. It happens to authentic bracelets too.

The closure of the screw appears smooth and secure. I don’t see a clear call out.

Diamonds (which I think are F diamond) are clear and colorless when placed near my D colored ring.


Accuracy =10/10

Incredibly, I didn’t take off any points for the accuracy of this bracelet.

The font seems to be the same as the authentic ones I saw in the store and on the website. The font size is 100% spot-on. The depth of the font appears to be correct which is neither too shallow nor too deep. The 7 seems accurate, even though I did hear that several sellers don’t pay attention to the correct 7 but that’s not a big deal since nobody will see it. (I mention this just in case some of you are going for a 1:1 version.)

The screws on this bracelet are new-type screws that are attached to the bracelet in a way you won’t lose the screws. The size of the screws looks identical to the genuine bracelet.

The bracelet has the same width of about 6mm thick as the real bracelet. I literally used a caliper to measure its width.

The bracelet has a perfect color which is neither too light nor too yellow.

Diamonds and screw motif appear to be on point to me. The diamonds are colorless compared to my D diamonds. The size of the screw motif is in line with the original version.

I am aware that many people are concerned about the edge. From what I can tell, the edges look sharp, accurate and neat as those in the Cartier Store. If the edges appear to be rounded to you in the photos, it is probably because of the lighting and the shadow.  Not a single rough area can be seen on this bracelet. Wonderful details! The bracelet is in the correct shape of an oval as it should be.

Size 16 feels as comfortable and spot-on as what I tried on in the store, which is just two finger widths above my wrist bone. The Size 15 felt too tight and constrained to even move. This would be inordinately vexing if my wrist swells in summer! I’m glad I chose the size 16.

The screwdriver has an accurate length, shape, and size. I am not certain that the screwdriver’s weight was correct since I never hold it with my hands. But it’s totally tolerable if that’s not as heavy as the real screwdriver. It functions well and screws the bracelet nicely. I mean, it’s just a screwdriver, for crying out loud. LOL.

Seller Communication and Service =10/10

I’m so content with this replica purchase. I will definitely go to this seller for my future 18K gold jewelry. She is so responsive and attended to all my needs. As far as I’m concerned, her fake jewelry is perfect and fairly accurate. Unfortunately, jewelry of real gold and real diamonds usually have hefty price tags. Can’t help! I am so in love with it. The seller also provided some 18K gold plating jewelry, which are not real diamonds and real gold with cheaper price points. Maybe I will try those when my fund fails to feed my lust for beauty in the future. But I sincerely hope this day will never come. I need to work harder. 🙂

Satisfaction = 10/10

I am head over heels in love with my fake Cartier Love Bracelet. The whole shopping experience was so smooth and wonderful. I am so glad to finally get my holy grail with this purchase. It is real gold and totally worth the price. And in no way is this bracelet call-outable. Yes! I am that confident. How can you call out a bracelet when the materials are the same as the real thing with the same shape, size, and color?!

How To Choose The Perfect Combo?

When picking the perfect color, it is important to consider what color it will turn into over the years.

If you have a Cartier Store nearby, you’d better go and take a look at which color looks best on you. If you wonder what the color might turn into after years of wearing, you can turn to the resale website for a look or simply compare these photos I collected during my research.

White gold tends to patina as time goes by. You must ask yourself whether you like your bracelet to look like this color over time. Besides, if you want to re-polish it in 5-10 years to come, would you find a jeweler who could do it? White Gold will lose a layer, so some white gold bracelet I saw on resale websites seem a bit grayish. If you like the white gold and are ok with the grayish color it grows into, you can go for a white gold bracelet.

Pink gold/rose gold is the trendiest color of all but it didn’t come in until two or three years ago. I prefer a classic color. So although it looks stunning and lovely, I wouldn’t go for it. What’s more, pink gold will also fade over the years of wearing. So I didn’t see a lot older bracelets in this color on resale websites. It simply can’t last long.  

Yellow gold is the most classic and consistent color which was first launched in the 1970s. I prefer a bracelet that doesn’t fade over time and last as long as possible. Besides, yellow gold has less dreadful scratches than white gold and pink gold. Yellow gold also looks lovely on any skin color, so there’s a reason why YG is the most classic and popular style.

OK, so you have decided on the color. Now should you go for a bracelet with or without diamonds?

To answer this question, you have to ask yourself if you like jewelry with diamonds or not. Despite some people perceive diamonds to be showy and garish, I think 98% of people love diamonds. (Real diamonds, of course.)

I never regret buying a bracelet with diamonds. It is really sparkling and shiny but in a low-profile way without looking flashy. I can definitely wear it every day.

When choosing for your Cartier Love Bracelet with diamond(s), you should opt to buy a convincing one with a believable authentic price tag.

Considered the amount of your income or your savings, is it possible for you to spend $10K or even more on a bracelet. If not, no matter how real your fake Cartier Love Bracelet looks, people will still regard it as fake or simply think that you inherited it from a long lost relative. LOL. In either way, they will have doubts.

But then again, if you couldn’t care less about what others think about you, you can go with your gut and go big or go home.

Yellow gold with no diamonds is the ultimate classic style. If you prefer the screw-only style, go for the yellow gold bracelet with no diamonds. Or you could just stack a few bracelets of different styles which are also very popular looks.  

Popular look of stacking Cartier Love Bracelets together.

Tips For Replica Cartier Love Bracelet

  • Tip 1: If you worry about getting any scratches in the initial stages, you can (it will scratch eventually) add sticky tape to the bottom of the screwdriver so the screwdriver won’t scratch it when the bracelet is screwed. I learned this trick from the Cartier Store in New York. But you should be aware that it will scratch sooner or later. It is the nature of 18K gold that you can’t avoid.
  • Tip 2: If you plan to wear this bracelet day and night, try to wear it on your less dominant hand. Besides, try to cover your bracelet with a sweatband when doing housework. This can minimize many avoidable scratches and protect it as well.
  • Tip 3: If you find any dirty stuff on your bracelet, don’t take the bracelet off your wrist and try to gently wash off with a soft toothbrush and soapy warm water in the shower.
  • Tip 4: Finally, don’t take the bracelet on and off frequently and it would be best to keep it on your wrist 24/7 because the 18K gold screws wear out easily and your bracelet might become loose. Unfortunately, I have got a deep scratch on it when I tried to catch my little girl when she was about to fell from the crib. (Just in time, what a relief!) Try not to feel frustrated about the scratches. There’s always a story behind each scratch. That’s what makes your bracelet unique.

If you’re still reading, congrats to make it to the end! LOL. Thank you for sticking with me. I hope you find this review useful and get your coveted replica Cartier Love Bracelet soon. Share with me what you get! I am happy to know your stories.


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  1. Iris Bowers says:

    hi! your fake jewelry looks pretty true to the authentic piece.
    im lookin’ for budget cartier circle of love necklace, do u happen to know where i can get one?

  2. Arya Holloway says:

    Wow this is absolutely beautiful!! I’ve been debating if I want to order one piece of fake gold jewelry but keep backing out because of how expensive gold has been getting recently.

      • Raquel Cross says:

        Honestly I think 17.5 custom is the best just because I can’t makeup my mind between the two and I like a tighter fit but I don’t want it to be uncomfortable.

    • Meredith Dunn says:

      The great thing about this fake cartier love bracelet are that you really are paying for material that is worth something. You might not fetch $7k+ because it’s not authentic cartier, but you will absolutely get its value in gold which can be melted.

  3. Elsa Pearson says:

    Thank you for posting this!! I have been wanting to buy this bracelet for a while. I might just need to bite the bullet and do it. I love the bracelet, it’s literally PERFECT 🙂

  4. Sandy says:

    WOW! It never occurs to me that they made Cartier replica bracelet with true gold and diamonds. I’m truly impressed.

  5. Noelle Morrison says:

    This is so beautiful. One day I will spruce up the cash (somewhere!!!) and buy a fine fake jewelry piece like yours!

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    omg! this is one of the best replica cartier love bracelet reviews i’ve ever read. this bracelet just made it to my wish list.

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