A Fantasy Replica YSL Bag From DHgate (Readers’ Letter)

Hey, ladies and gents! I recently received an email from one of my readers and she felt the need to spread this disappointing and duped experience in the replica world so that everyone who is considering ordering replica bags can be warned. So here is the email she sent me:

Dear Dhana,
My name is Anna. I am a complete newbie to the replica game. Recently, I have purchased the most awkwardly-looking replica YSL bag from DHgate. I wish you could write something about my ripped-off experience and
tell every customer to be wary of what they buy on DHgate.
I had been hooked on designer bags and one day I decided to give it a trial run by ordering one on DHgate on which my cousin used to order a pair of replica shoes.
I was a total stranger to YSL and simply recalled that YSL had some lovely tassel bags. So I thought maybe I could start by getting a tassel bag for myself.
I had never purchased anything on DHgate before, so I was drawn to one seller with absolutely the most stunning product photos. Just like many others, I took it for granted that the bag I would receive should look exactly like what was shown on the website. 
But to my disappointment, the quality of the bag is a real bummer! At first glance, I thought that this purse looked pretty good. But if I looked harder, it’s just not the quality I had in mind. 
I wish to warn other girls who’re looking for replica bags to stay away from DHgate. It’s a total waste of money and time. This is just an embarrassing bag to carry around. You can see the photos of the bag and the seller’s product in the attachment. Thank you for your time!

Overview of This Disappointing Replica YSL Bag

Long story short, what Anna received was nothing but a fantasy YSL bag. Yep! YSL never came out such style. Everything about this bag is sooooo wrong! 

The chain looks low-end and thicker than either a YSL Kate Bag or  Sunset Bag.

The tassel looks sloppy.  I can’t see clearly how the engraving on the tassel looks due to focusing failed.

The leather looks a bit plastic-y.  The color of the interior looks weird. 

The logo print looks a bit floating. The size of the font is too large with incorrect and rough printing.

Authentic YSL bag doesn’t come with a box or dustbag lilke this. Everything is so wrong!

On a scale of 1 to 10, I think I would give it a 2 to its accuracy.  To be honest, the materials of this bag are not very good. Needless to say, it’s a fantasy style. This bag actually lives up to the standard of a $70 bag. I’ve seen worse at this price point. It’s a $70 bag, what else can you expect? So if you just want a cheap bag with a designer logo on it, this bag is not such a bad choice. But if you aim for something high-end and mirror quality, this is just not for you. Keep looking for something better!

My Opinion On Fantasy Designer Replica Bags

Since a replica bag should at least looks similar to the authentic version, this bag is simply an intolerable copy with a style that doesn’t exist. Frankly speaking, I have no clue what the manufacturer was thinking when he/she produced this bag in a FANTASY style. I thought that was something that happened ten years ago when the replica market was fraught with low-end products.

The sellers shouldn’t dupe their customers by producing bags of fantasy styles. Seriously, if people intend to buy any replica bags, ten out of ten would want something convincing and accurate.

Why do people purchase luxury items anyway? Some people take pride in wearing designer products, believing that they help enhance their social status. Other people simply love the trendy design of luxury items. And some others just mindlessly imitate others. Whatever their reasons   are, they all want replicas with high quality.

So this replica YSL bag is unacceptable for fashionistas like us. Not even in a low-key area. Materials and craftsmanship apart, replica bags should look identical to their authentic versions. I am not saying 100% similarity, but at least the styles match the original versions’. That’s the basic rule.

Replica ladies, please keep in mind that we only hunt for items of the highest quality. Sure, there are many replicas of different quality levels in the market, that’s why we need to always watch out for the worse with our eyes wide open.

For first-time buyers, I strongly recommend you to read my Replica Bags Quality Guide. Yes, it is a bit lengthy, but if you carefully read it over you won’t be annoyed by the quality issues. Don’t waste your hard-earned money. I really feel sorry for those who emailed me about their horrible shopping experience. Girls! DO YOUR HOMEWORK! It always helps. Don’t skip the research part!

Comparison of The Fantasy YSL Bag with Authentic YSL Kate Bag and YSL Sunset Bag

Anna’s replica YSL bag is actually the combination of a YSL Kate Bag and a Sunset bag.

Authentic YSL Kate Medium with Tassel in Embossed Crocodile Shiny Leather:


Authentic YSL Sunset Medium in Crocodile:


Seller’s photos of Anna’s fake YSL bag:


At a glimpse, three bags above look identical to one another in similar black colors and styles. But if you look harder, you can still discern the differences between each other. The tassel on Anna’s replica YSL bag gave people the first impression that it was a Kate Bag.

But when examined the side of the authentic Kate bag, there’s a BIG difference between her replica and the genuine bag. Anna’s was twice thicker than the real Kate bag. What’s more, the chain of the authentic Kate bag runs through the top of the flap while the replica is attached on the outside of the top of the flap. So, good heavens, what has she got? LOL.

Her bag looks a lot like the Sunset bag. However, there was never a Sunset bag with tassel and either the Kate bag or the Sunset bag comes with red lining. So the tassel of her bag is the biggest tell-tale sign of a fake. I have no clue what style her bag is if it isn’t a fantasy one.

So what she received was nothing but a combo of two identical YSL bags. So, ladies, we should do our research on the brand and the styles before we take the plunge on an item. We should all learn something out of our setbacks and avoid the same mistakes from happening again. Surely nobody has a natural gift for distinguishing good fake bags. Like everyone else, I also learned a lot from my mistakes and paid enough for my lessons over time before I received high-quality replicas.

Lessons Learned From This Story

In the replica market filled with crafty sellers, I’m certain that Anna is not alone in terms of what happened to her. As customers, we should always be wary of sellers(even though some are very famous and ‘popular’) if you haven’t purchased anything from them. If you just dived into replica world lately, I have a few tips for you:

Firstly, if you have an insane passion for fake designer merchandise, think it over and do plenty of research on the items you intend to go for. Don’t buy any brand/style you’re not familiar with.

Secondly, don’t rely on the seller to pick the best item for you, because not all the sellers are professional or responsible. Do compare the sellers’ photos with the authentic items on the official websites. (Don’t make the same mistake as Anna did.) It would be best to purchase from trusted sellers with a good reputation.

Thirdly, try to read as many reviews as possible and communicate with other replica buyers for their valuable experience on google.

Or you could keep an eye on my blog posts in which I’m happy to show the reviews of my imitation bags with every one of you. I hope nobody gets duped and everyone receives their holy grails eventually!


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