8 Most Popular Designer Brands You Need To Know

So are you a newly-minted fashionista who is inching towards your first designer ‘starter’ bag? Then you’re at the right place as I will be writing a guide on the most popular designer brands.

Firstly, I think that every lady should invest in high-quality handbags. Unlike clothing trend that changes fast, accessories are something that last long. Hence, what matters is that we should only drop cash on pieces that will withstand the test of time.

If you just dive in the fashion world, there are some most popular designer brands you need to know about. You must have heard some of the names as they are so famous and popular. For those who are complete strangers to this fashion game, I’ve rounded up some of the best luxury designer brands that you need to know.

1. Gucci

Maybe you have already seen a Gucci bag with a big Double-G logo on it before. But have you ever wondered why GG, not GC or what not? Well, GG actually stands for the initials of the name of Gucci’s founder, Guccio Gucci, who established the brand in 1921.

Best known for its luxury styles and extravagant textiles, Gucci is one of the world leaders in apparel and accessories. Moreover, Gucci continues to maintain the top spot on the list of the most popular designer brands this year and is well ahead of the rest of its competitors. Also, Gucci has a good reputation for the Italian craftsmanship of the highest quality and attention to detail. Furthermore, it is one of the most sought-after brand around the world because it redefines fashion.

If you ask me which Gucci bag is the most popular one, I would shout Gucci GG Marmont Bag out loud in an instance. Many Hollywood stars also adore GG Marmont. Our favorite celebrities love to keep their lipsticks, cellphones, audition notes, and wallets in a Marmont. I am so hooked on this bag that I ended up with two replica Gucci Marmont bags.  Sounds crazy right?


Gucci Marmont Collection has been a big hit among designer bag lovers ever since it came out. Its ever-more popularity has made it a desirable bag for many It girls and a sought-after piece by celebrities and fashion icons. Have a look at people around you on the street and you will discover someone carrying a GG Marmont across their body.

The GG logo is the main ornament of each Gucci Marmont bag.The structure of the bag has a relaxed feel to it. Therefore, the Gucci GG Marmont Bag looks supple yet exquisite, making it a versatile bag to wear no matter what the occasion is.

Each GG Marmont Bag is an absolute showstopper due to the classic Gucci chevron quilting. Gucci is famous for using rich colours, which even make these perfect bags full of character. This bag comes in black, blue, dusty pink, red, and white. There must be a color that suits you the best.

Anyway, if you find yourself get hung up on Gucci, start with a Marmont bag or explore other styles like Gucci Dionysus, Gucci Sylvie, Gucci Padlock, and Gucci Soho, etc. It will be so much fun.

2.Louis Vuitton

As the second most popular designer brand online, Louis Vuitton(LV) is one of the luxury brands with the longest history. LV represents opulent fashion. Its iconic monogram is so prevalent on the street because it is a status symbol to carrying a Louis Vuitton bag. However, it did come a long way from a trunk maker in the 1800s to a leading luxury designer brand nowadays.

Louis Vuitton products are very famous for their excellent craftsmanship and ingenuity. If Louis Vuitton really catches your fancy, you might as well start by doing your research on their most popular bags such as Louis Vuitton Speedy, Louis Vuitton Alma, Louis Vuitton Neverfull, Louis Vuitton Twist, Louis Vuitton Petite Boite Chapeau, Louis Vuitton Capucines Bag, and Louis Vuitton Noé Bag, etc. I personally love Neverfull the best. I’ve got a Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM replica as my work bag. I know it is everywhere. But I just love the shape and design of it so much.


Hermès was founded in 1837. It is a French high fashion luxury goods manufacturer who focuses on a wide range of products from leather, lifestyle accessories, and home furnishings to perfumery, jewellery, watches and ready-to-wear.  

As the carriage in its logo indicates, Hermes was initially a harness workshop when first established. Yet its products become an expensive status symbol. The two most famous Hermes bags are Hermes Brikin Bag and Hermes Kelly Bag, both of which come with an interesting story. I have wrote about the two bags in the post of my first Hermes Birkin bag replica version.


Chanel is originally a millinery shop opened by Gabrielle Chanel in 1909, while today it is a luxury brand that specializes in high fashion and ready-made clothes, luxury products, and accessories. The young Gabrielle Chanel got the nickname Coco from her time as a chanteuse(a singer). To meet women’s needs, Coco Chanel designed simple yet elegant dress, blouses, suits, trousers and dresses, and jewellery. She redifined fashion of her time by replacing the over-designed and constrictive clothes and accessories in the 19th century.

Is there any girls who don’t fall for a Chanel bag? Chanel bags are so iconic and timeless that almost every bag enthusiast has one Chanel bag on her wish list. Needless to say how legendary the life of Coco Chanel or Karl Lagerfeld is. The comfortably long shoulder strap free women’s hands and the zipped pouch is just perfect for keeping secrets in. If you are on the fence about getting one, go for it. Chanel bag is really worth it. In my humble opinion, the most must-have Chanel bags include the Chanel 2.55, the Chanel Classic Flap Bag, and the Chanel Boy Bag. I have a really top-quality Chanel Bag replica in Dark Beige. It is so gorgeous and I really like its boyish rectangular shape. It goes very well with my jeans and jacket.

5.Christian Dior

Christian Dior is a French luxury goods company led by Bernard Arnault, a French businessman who also chairs LVMH(Moët Hennessy – Louis Vuitton SE), the world’s largest luxury group. What a suprise! LVMH owns both Christian Dior and Louis Vuitton along with many other famous designer brands.

Christian Dior established his eponymous brand in 1946. The company now also has multiple product lines including leather goods, fashion accessories, jewelry, footwear, watches, fragrance, makeup, and skin care products. Although Christian Dior specializes largely in women’s offerings, it also has products for men called Dior Homme and children’s wear called baby Dior. Products are available both in its retail stores worldwide and online.

So the question is, what are the most iconic Dior handbags? As one of the most popular designer brands in Paris, Christian Dior has various handbags that are worth investing your money in. For instince, the Lady Dior bag, the Dior Oblique bag, the Diorever bag, the J’adior flap bag, and the Dioraddict bag, etc are without question Dior’s best sellers.

Among those gorgeous bags, the Lady Dior bag, which was created in 1994, is probably the most widely-known handbag of the brand for the reason that it used to be a favorite of Princess Diana. The bag was initially named “Chouchou”(favorite) and was renamed the Lady Dior Bag as a tribute to her two years later. Therefore, the Lady Dior bag stands for timeless elegance. The topstitched iconic Cannage motif, the rounded handles along with super soft lambskin make this classic bag a fashion icon. Its playful charms and wide shoulder strap are loved by many women.

6.Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent(Saint Laurent) is the second-largest brand owned by Kering. It is a French luxury fashion house founded by Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé in 1961. Also, it’s a fast-growing brand among all designer brands.

Since the ’60s, YSL has been famous for its easy modern elegance with a sophisticated edge. People perceive it as one of the world’s most outstanding fashion houses. It is famous for its modern and iconic women’s tuxedo jackets. Nowadays, YSL designs and retails a broad range of leather products, shoes, jewellery, and ready-to-wear products for both men and women. 

Pink YSL bag and heels at the Met Museum Young Members Night

So what are the need-to-know Yves Saint Laurent bags? Let me walk you through some of the most popular YSL bag styles. So the most sought-after YSL bags include the Sac de Jour, the Loulou, the Vicky, the Kate, the Sunset, and the Leather Tote, etc, of which, Sac de Jour is one of the most popular and recognizable styles of the brand. And with the new colourways coming out season after season, the Sac de Jour bag has expandable sides for maximum storage and perfect compartment inside that keep things tidy.


Prada is founded by Mario Prada in 1913. It is an Italian luxury fashion house that focuses on marketing leather handbags, shoes, ready-to-wear products, perfumes, travel accessories and other fashion accessories. It now has become one of the most notable luxury designer brands in the industry.

Prada bags are such timeless classic that every girl wanted one. If you’ve seen the film 10 Things I Hate About You from the ’90s, you would notice Prada is everywhere in that film. Yes, Prada bags are of cultural significance. 

No matter you dress in classy and upscale styles or alternative and casual styles, you will always find some Prada bags that will cater to your personal style. Prada bags are amazingly durable because they use luxurious Saffiano leather and durable nylon to make the bags.

So what are the Prada bags that most worth investing your money in?

In my opinion, the most coveted Prada bags are Prada Galleria Saffiano Leather Bag, Prada Cahier Shoulder Bag, Prada Small Sidonie Shoulder Bag, Prada Odette Saffiano Leather Bag, Prada Re-Nylon Backpack, and Prada Leather Bucket Bag, etc. 

Prada bags have multiple styles to choose from. However, the most classic bag is the Prada Galleria Saffiano Leather Bag. It is possibly the first bag that comes to mind when anyone think of the brand. This bag is famous for its clean design and roomy interior.

It has a triangular Prada logo at the front. Also, the bag has a reassuring zipper closure, double handles, and a detachable shoulder strap. And the Saffiano leather undergoes a coating process with a wax which is later stamped with the iconic cross-hatch pattern.

This amazing bag literally shows up in every Prada show. So if you’re about to invest in a stable Prada bag, try to get a medium-sized Galleria Prada bag.


Fendi was founded by Adele and Edoardo Fendi in 1925 in Rome. It is an Italian luxury fashion house that specializes in manufacturing fur, leather products, ready-to-wear clothing, eyewear, gragrances, shoes, timepieces and accessories.

Fendi is famous for its fur, fur accessories, and its leather goods. The most popular Fendi bags include Fendi Baguette, Fendi 2jours, Fendi Peekaboo, Fendi By The Way, Fendi Double F, and Fendi Mon Trésor, etc.

So which is the most coveted Fendi bag style? The first bag that occurs to me is the Fendi Baguette. First came out in 1997, people considered the Fendi Baguette as one of the first “It” bags. Just like a French baguette, people usually carry this bag under the arm. As a side note, this bag has come out hundreds of different versions already.

So this is the roundup of the best luxury designer brands and their most popular bags of all time. If you ever want to take the plunge on a specific bag, you should do you research on in advance. Besides, you can refer to my Tips For Choosing Your First Designer Bag. I hope you find this helpful. Anyway, welcome to fashion world and enjoy!






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